SUMMARY: "Leon, your plan is stupid. And it won't work. You're so drunk off your face that you can't even remember my name." "I do so. It's... Linda." "Letty, you moron!" "Right, right. Letty, gotcha. Trust me, it'll work. I've even got a name for it. Operation: Seduce Jesse. Yeah, I'm awesome." "...you're an idiot." LeonxJesse. Starts pre-movie. Perhaps slightly OOC.


I never thought I'd get to reach this point in life. To be honest, I didn't think I'd even live long enough for it. That was perhaps my only regret about living life in the fast lane. Go hard, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse… I don't regret where that life led me though. I'll never regret that. Not when it led me straight to you, all 5'6 of you.

Some days I wake and wonder if it was all just a dream, the delusional workings of a brain liquefied by alcohol from the previous evening. But you're always asleep beside me - lying on your stomach, either curled up into an impossibly small ball or being a nuisance because you're spreadeagled across the entire bed, and always muttering mechanics – and I'm reassured for another day that it's real, that we're real. We're both creators in a sense and it's reassuring to know that in a world of fast cars, cheap sex and liquor, we've created something irrevocably real.

I remember your uncontrollable laughter when I told you about my plan that very first night. You were laughing so hard that you nearly cried, clutching at me so that you wouldn't fall to the ground. You agreed that this never would have happened without my plan though, since you're the absolute king of obliviousness.

I can't help but smile fondly as I guide you into the Fort. There's a pitter patter of tiny feet before a small boy launches himself at you. His excited cry of "Uncle Jesse, Uncle Lee!" as you lift him into your arms brings identical smiles to both our faces. Loud laughter drifts out of the kitchen before Brian follows it out, a small form clinging to his leg. Brian smiles widely, clapping us on the shoulders in greeting as he accepts his son back from you. You crouch down and open your arms, favourite beanie askew from little Dominic's enthusiastic arms, as you grin brightly at the mop of raven hair still attached to Brian's leg. The little boy quietly climbs into your arms, hugging your neck as you stand up, a sweet smile growing upon his face. "Hi Daddy." My smile is so wide it hurts as our eyes meet over his little head. We both agree that this is, and always will be, our greatest creation.

Six years ago today, this future was born while I was completely shitfaced and brain dead and staring at a stray spark plug that had found its way into my room… To think, that it all began with a little plan called Operation: Seduce Jesse.

AN: Let me know what you think! This is a tentative idea in the works. Should I continue it or not?