HELLO he went out of the hose and down to parkas

"im at parks"

hes was at prakss

"ok ill b dere suun madn"

but den sumting hapen

"o no feres guys der and CHKCHKCHKCHKCHKCHKCHKCHK"


"o shitz im cumming m7"

he went out to get da guys but dey wasnt here dey waz sum1were eelse an na he was hungry so ehe wens burgerkung. at burgrekong he orderered whooeprs and asda "dam im hunry" an eat bruegerdsz. agter bruger eh went to see a move "aw na i cnat run wid dis food inme" an he watchef the artsit wich was a agay move wer no1 talks or nufing an it call silent but is has musicz film critizs ppl r studip

he gots 2 da place wereh eis m8 woz btut he was died

"if i adnt got huntty mymm 8 wud b alvie"

he cired

da endsa