Vampire Council Agreement


Made this day _ ("The Commencement Date")


Irish Covens Russian Covens

Egyptian Covens Chinese Covens

South America Covens Middle East Covens

Olympic Covens Uley/Black Packs

Australian Covens Denali Covens

Monterrey Covens Amazon Covens

Romanian Covens East Coast Covens

West Coast Covens Antarctic Covens

Asian Coven Japan Covens

Nomadic Vampires Swiss Covens

Dutch Covens Indonesian Covens

Malaysian Covens Canadian Covens

German Covens India Coven

Denmark Coven New Zealand


The formation of the Vampire World Council will be created to help maintain the secrecy of vampires, regulation of covens, and the punishment of wrongs committed within the terms of this contract.

The Vampire World Council will consist of one member (preferable the leader) of each coven will act and vote on different rules set forth by the Vampire World Council.

The current governing body has been destroyed. The need to regulate, and better control the growing numbers of vampires in the world is the reason for creation of the council. To give each member of the vampire coven a chance to have a say in the rules that govern the body of vampires.


The term of the contract is forever, when a new coven is created, they will convene with others to create a head or leader, a place in the world where they reside, and sign the contract agreeing to the terms.


The purpose of the Council shall be to keep the humans unaware of the existence of vampires.

The Council will also govern the covens, and in turn, the covens will govern themselves.

The purpose of this term is to provide the vampires with a better system of government for them.

Meetings Periodic meetings shall be held regularly as determined by the Council, the general rules are that the meets will be held every year for the next ten years. Then, the Council will reconvene to see if the terms still apply or if they can be pushed out or moved further out. Territory

The coven predesigned will have ownership of the territory. The ownership will not turn hands unless a meeting of the council and a decision from them.

The Nomads will acknowledge that they do not own or possess any territory, and are unable to calm to a territory that is already occupied by a coven. However, they can ask to join the coven and the coven leader has desertion to accept or decline their request. Nomads are free to calm a territory not already occupied, and at the next meeting lay their claim to the land and the name.

10.1 All Coven Leaders are aware of different areas of the world not currently residing with vampire are will be able to make suggestions for an available area.

Decision Making

Except as otherwise determined, all decisions shall be made by the coven leader, in the event the leader has come to an untimely end, the council may make decisions for the coven until the council can convene to determine a new leader for said coven.

Documents of Decisions The Documents of Decisions shall contain a complete set of records of the vampires that were destroyed and the reasons why they were, within the coven jurisdiction. Additional Coven Members

Additional Coven Members may be admitted at any time, upon the unanimous consent of the coven, so long as the number of Coven does not exceed ten.

Covens Leaders or Members are not allowed to turn humans. There are only a few reasons that will be allowed, but they must meet with the council before it will be okay.

Removal of a Coven Member

A Coven Leader has the right to remove a Coven Member for any reason they feel appropriate. The Coven Leader must notify the Vampire Council of the removal and why.

Removal of a Coven Leader

The only way a Coven Leader can remove is by the votes and decisions of the council. If a member, at any time, is unhappy with their leaders. They are allowed two different decisions that are listed below in the subclauses.

They are allowed to pull away from the coven and join another coven or deem to be nomadic. They must tell the Council what their plans are.

They are allowed to petition the Council for the removal of the leader. They will not, automatically, be moved to the leader position. The decision will be weigh and thought about at great links before removal is considered.

Removal of a Council Member

Any Council Member may be removed by agreement of the Council. Written notice of a meeting where removal of a Member is to be considered shall include a specific reference to this matter. The removal shall become effective upon meeting of Council heads to determine if the cause is appropriate and a new member will be seated in their place.

Forbidden Acts

Covens fighting over territory at no time will this be acceptable.

Covens will not create an Immortal Children, any coven deemed to be creating an Immortal Child will be judged in front of the panel, and the child will be destroyed. If the creator deems are necessary to die with the child it will be arranged.,

Covens will not at anytime exposing themselves to the humans.

Covens will not for any reason telling the humans about the existence of vampires, shape shifters, or wolves.

Covens are expected to use the new blood bank system, failure to do so would result in death.


This Agreement of Vampire Council shall be binding upon the respective Coven Leaders and members of the respective covens.

The Coven Leaders have caused this Agreement of Vampire Council to be executed on the dates indicated below, effective with the above "The Commencement Date".

Irish Covens, Leader, Siobhan

Egyptian Covens, Leader, Amun

South America Covens, Leader, Maysun

Olympic Covens, Leader, Carlisle

Uley/Black Packs, Chief, Sam

Australian Covens, Leader, Samantha

Denali Covens, Leader, Tanya

West Coast Covens, Leader Rena

Monterrey Covens, Leader, Sergio

Amazon Covens, Leader, Kachiri

Romanian Covens, Leader, Stefan

Russian Covens, Leader, Ivan

Chinese Covens, Leader, Yin

Middle East Covens, Leader, Basimah

East Coast Covens, Leader, Landon

Antarctic Covens, Leader, Jackson

Asian Covens, Leader, Hyun

Japan Coven, Leader, Akiko

Swiss Covens, Leader, Celine

Dutch Covens, Leader, Aleydis

Indonesian Covens, Leader, Jupiter

Malaysian Covens, Leader, Fareha

Canadian Covens, Leader, Adaline

German Covens, Leader, Luca

India Coven, Leader, Kaanan

Denmark Covens, Leaders, Adrian

New Zealand Covens, Leaders, Ethan

Nomadic Vampires