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Summary: Two days after the end of the season 7 episode, "Slash Fiction", Sam receives a call from another hunter, telling him that something had happened to his big brother, completely changing him for the worse. Is Sam willing to forget his anger towards Dean killing Amy to help him? Does includes a few altered references to "The Mentalists" and "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"

Pairings: NONE.

Now, with it being AU, I'm pretending that the whole Becky kidnapping Sam and putting him under a love-spell event of "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" didn't really happen since that made me despise her a lot .-. How dare she treat Mooseman that way! As a fellow Sam-Jared fangirl, I'm ashamed of her :P Also, the demon, Guy, from said ep is dealt with a bit differently as well. I guess I'm saying that this episode didn't really happen then, since it basically was just a filler episode? *Puzzled face* My head hurts now...I hope it makes sense to you, b/c all I know is that I did want this story to happen sometime in between the timeline mentioned above.

I make up the plot as I go along, though I did spend weeks trying to plan this chapter and future occurances out in my mind. Gave me a headache though

I had also come to a decision that the episodes this story takes place between is sometime in either late December or early to mid January *which I'm leaning more towards the latter* since Bobby's death was in late February ;w;

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Supernatural: Eric Kripke :P

It had been just two days since an irate Sam Winchester had stormed off with his computer bag and backpack in hand, leaving his stunned and guilt-wrecked big-brother, Dean, standing alone on a pier in Ankeny, Iowa. It hadn't been long after they had managed to finally handle the doppelganging Leviathans that had been tarnishing the good Winchester name all over America.

Because of those bastards, the real Winchester Brothers were forced to go to an acquaintance of Bobby Singer's, Frank Devereaux, who was a master at counterfeiting and dodging government scrutiny. It was him who had helped the Winchesters get new identities and had ordered them to change their phones often, busted Sam's old laptop, giving him a new one afterwards, and had forced Dean to put the Impala on lockdown- something that the older Winchester Brother griped and moaned about endlessly, especially after Frank had given them their current replacement wheels, a Pontiac Acadian . It was supposedly to be just until this Leviathan problem was taken care of for good.

The whole thing had the brothers under all sorts of stress, trying to remain under police and FBI radar since being framed for all the murders their imposters were responsible for. They had barely managed to get the Ankeny sheriff to persuade the FBI agents who were on their tails that the 'Winchester killing spree' was no longer an issue since he had the bodies of the 'Winchesters' in his possession. All it took was saving him from the same Leviathans who had started the whole mess in the first place.

But, no, that wasn't what Sam was so ticked off about. Just before Leviathan!Dean had his head sliced off by Sam's real brother in the interrogation room the younger Winchester was being held and confronted by the former in, he had revealed a crucial secret that big brother had been hiding from him since Bozeman, Montana.

In 1998, Dean and his father had been in Lincoln, Nebraska, tracking down what Sam had informed them from the library John dropped him off in to take care of the research, was a kitsune that was living and hunting in the area.

Unknowing of what she was, Sam had befriended the daughter, Amy, of said kitsune. He had found out later when he was caught and nearly killed by the mother, saved just in time when Amy stabbed her in the heart. Instead of killing her, Sam had allowed Amy to escape. It wasn't till recently, after Sam had left Dean in Whitefish to take on a case that was similar to the kitsune one he had helped his father and Dean with 14 years ago, that the hunter had found her again.

This time, she was going under the pseudonym of Amy Pond, working as a mortician that allowed her to feed her child without killing anyone, therefore causing no alarms to go off and warning any hunters who could be nearby of what she really was. But Amy had only started to kill again after her son had become sick, and fresh brains were the only thing that would heal him. Because of this, Sam had let her free once more, telling Dean about the whole thing after he had caught back up with him. But, unknowing to Sam, Dean had left to kill Amy himself so there would be no more victims and to protect Sam from possibly becoming one himself.

It was Dean killing his friend that made Sam royally infuriated with his older brother. He didn't know about Dean only killing Amy just to protect him, seeing that he only did so to rid the world of one more murderous monster that deserved to be put down for good. Sam had stormed off without letting Dean explain himself, but he just needed some space to think and vent. .

"I can't even be around you right now…I think you should just go on without me. Go."Those had been the last words Sam had spoken to Dean when he had left. He wasn't sure how long it would be till he could rejoin the hunt with his brother, but right now, it was too soon

At the moment, Sam was in a single room at a roadside inn just outside Muncie, Indiana, which was as far as he could get by hitchhiking with passing truck drivers. There was a case in Lily Dale, New York that he considered on taking. He figured a few days rest and research was in order before he stole a car to take him up there. That had been the original plan till a phone-call made him forget about it.


Sam was on his laptop, reading over the history of Lily Dale, chuckling as he read its reputation of being the most psychic town in America. He knew better that it was most likely a publicity stunt to draw in tourists, what with having been a psychic himself years ago. He knew that the possibility of an entire town possessing psychic abilities was next to near implausible. However, the deaths of two mediums in the town had caught his attention.

Sam was just reading into them when his cell phone beside him rang. Sam picked it up and huffed in annoyance as 'Dean' flashed onto his caller ID. He wanted to just ignore it, but then that would mean that his brother would keep on calling, being the persistent bastard that he was. It was best to just answer and tell big brother to leave him alone till he was ready to speak to him again. So he hit the 'SEND' button to connect the call and growled into the speaker.

"Look, Dean. It's only been two damn days. Give me more time. Do not call back." Sam knew he sounded harsh, but he didn't really care at the moment.

The voice that responded, however, was not the one of his big brother, but of a man, a much younger man. And he sounded a bit nervous and unsure as he replied. "Umm…is this Sam Smith?"

Sam recognized that name as his and Dean's new aliases. Despite his anger towards him, Sam couldn't help but bristle at the fact that a stranger was answering his brother's phone instead of himself.

"Who is this?" Sam's voice took on a tone that was a baritone lower than his usual deep voice. It was a warning to whoever was on the other end that he was leaving no room for games and to start talking immediately before he found a way to murder them over the phone.

"I-I'm sorry! M-my name is Garth Fitzgerald IV and I just found this name as the first contact listed on Dean Smith's phone. Are you his cousin or brother or something?"

"I'm his younger brother. Now tell me what you're doing with his phone or else." Sam snarled, standing up and pacing. He felt his heart beat faster the more worried about Dean he got, all anger completely diminishing. He was starting to feel really guilty for ditching Dean now. Sam knew how reckless his brother could get on a hunt. With no back-up, Sam knew Dean could be killed easily.

"Whoa, calm down. Alright, I was assigned by Bobby Singer to help your brother on a case in Pike Creek Delaware that dealt with a demon killing off those who made deals for good fortune with him."

Sam sighed a breath of relief. He could always count on Bobby to look after Dean when he wasn't.

"Okay, what happened next?" Sam asked, sitting on the end of his bed, staring at the ugly brown carpet as Garth explained.

"Well, of course we managed to get the demon into a Devil's Trap made of blueberry vodka-my idea by the way." Sam rolled his eyes as he heard Garth chuckle a bit before he quickly realized that Sam wasn't in a laughing mood and cleared his throat, becoming serious again."Uh, but the demon threw this powder stuff into Dean's face just as he was exorcising him. Heh, apparently he knew a witch or knows how to use witchcraft.

"Anyways, Dean was able to finish the incantation, sending the demon back to hell. He then insisted that he was fine, even though he nearly hacked up a lung afterwards. We then took the guy it had possessed home and went back to the hotel we were staying at to relax. That's when Dean just...passed out, and well…" Garth stopped there and Sam's heart was hammering faster now.

"And well what?! Garth! What happened to my brother?!" Sam bellowed.

"I think it's easier for you to see for yourself, Sam. It's a bit hard to explain, and I really don't think it's safe to say over this line. Who knows what could be listening." Garth replied nervously. Sam groaned at the rookie mistake of using a landline phone. He then heard a distant voice call out to Garth in the background, who just told whoever was talking to him to go back to sleep. Sam didn't hear the voice again but assumed it had been Dean waking up.

"Garth, I'm heading towards you." Sam checked the clock beside his bed. It was a just after 10 pm. The drive would take him nearly 11 hours, so he should arrive in Pike Creek around 9 am, assuming he didn't stop anywhere and manage to steal a car that had good mileage. He would call Bobby and have him get another hunter to take the case he had been working on. "Where are you now and what hotel are you staying in?"

In ten minutes time, Sam had called Bobby, arranged for the Lily Dale case to be taken care of, giving him the info he had managed to dig up, was packed up, had wiped all traces of him ever being in that hotel room, and was tearing down I-70 eastbound in a black 2008 Mazda RX-8, which would do well in getting him to his destination in no time flat. He was sure that the owner, a teen that he had seen drinking heavily with his pals earlier that day, wouldn't need it back anytime soon.


As estimated, Sam was in Wilmington, Delaware just a little after 9 the next morning, making a beeline to The White House Bed & Breakfast, where Garth and Dean had checked into the day before. Sam parked beside a baby-blue Dodge Challenger. He assumed that Dean had ditched the Acadian sometime during their separation. Sam had to admit, it was a hell of a lot better than that rust bucket. Sam then got out, jogged up to the room number Garth told him, and knocked on the door.

"Garth! Open up! It's me, Sam!" Sam's face scrunched up in confusion as he heard a little squeal of delight followed by the voice of what sounded like a 4 year old girl exclaiming his name.

He heard Garth's voice next, yelling out to the girl to wait. Sam wasn't sure what was going on, but he believed that a hunter like Garth didn't have any kids or babysat, for that matter. Before he could dwell on it any longer, he heard locks being undone and then the door swung open quickly. He barely managed to catch the missile that flew into his arms. The missile was a small girl with shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, huge green eyes, and cinnamon freckles that dotted the bridge of her nose and her chubby cheeks. She had on an oversized AC/DC shirt that was similar to the one Dean owned. Sam started to get an uneasy feeling in his stomach.

"Sammy!" The girl giggled, looking up at him with a broad smile, a gap in between her front teeth, a slight whistle accompanying the 'S' in his name.

Sam's mouth dropped open as he stared back, his eyebrows furrowed in awe and confusion at how this girl knew his name and seemed to recognize him.

He looked up as a tall, lanky man with short, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and the faint outline of a goatee on his thin face appeared in the doorway, wearing black boxers and a grey T-shirt.

"I take it you're Sam?" the man asked, holding his hand out. Sam shook it.

"Uh, yeah. Garth, right?"

"Yup," the man answered with a friendly grin. "Nice to finally meet you."

"Uh, likewise. Who's this? She yours?" Sam pointed at the girl, who now stood back and just beamed up at him.

"No." Garth shook his head, his eyes never leaving the young Winchester's. "This is what I couldn't tell you over the phone. Apparently the powder the demon blew into your brother's face had de-aging and gender-swapping properties. Sam, that's Dean, err...Deanna now, I guess ."

Sam's eyes widened further as his mouth went dry. He looked back down at his big brother-turned-little sister, who just waved joyously at him with a toothy smile.

"Oh my God…" he whispered. This couldn't be happening. Apparently, the infamous Winchester Luck said differently.


Note: Real towns and real hotel. Also, the car that Sam stole is based off of the 2008 Mazda RX-8 (aka DX Mark 10) that Ben Tennyson from Ben 10: Alien Force/Ben 10: Ultimate Alien drives...same model and color. It's also considered the 2nd fastest car in the series, following Kevin Levin's 1976 Dodge Challenger.

I couldn't resist CX

I'm a sucker for de-aged!Dean as well, in case you didn't notice C8 But I added in gender-swapped!Dean for a certain excuse that you'll find out later on X)

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