Title: Surprising Family 1/?

Author: Christen (purplehaysc@netscape.com) and Krystal (krazystar15@aol.com)

Disclaimer: These Characters belong to Gilmore Girls and General Hospital except anyone you do not recognize. (oh and just to tell we picture Sarah Brown playing the part of Carly)

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Carly woke up to Michel's nudging her to get up. She smiled. "Michel, what are you doing in awake this early?" Carly asked.

"This is place is very strange, Mommy I hear weird things." Micheal said worried.

Carly laughed. "Well this is the first time we've ever stayed at the Independence Inn, you just need to get use to it. So are you hungry? I bet they have breakfast here."

"Yes! I'm very hungry." Micheal said getting up.

"Ok let my get dress and I'll meet you in the lobby." Carly said as Micheal left. She got out of bed and went to over to the mirror. She put her hands on her stomach. "Baby, I'll always take good care of you."

Carly got up out of bed and quickly changed out of her lingerie and put on a skirt and a top. She wanted to get out of here fast, away from her memories of Sonny.   She grabbed her purse and started to walk.

Jason got on his motorcycle in a hurry he wanted to get far away from Liz's studio and everything that was going on in there. He had to get out of his mind.

She did not know where she was going. All she knew is she was getting there first. She felt a raindrop fall on her head but she did not care. Nothing could make this night worse then it already was.

He started to feel raindrops hitting his face, he just drove fast to where ever he going.  He drove past someone that he recognized, someone that made him drive back and stop. "Carly?" He asked needing her.

"Jason? Jason, I am very glad to see you. What is wrong? You look very upset." Carly asked worried. Jason did not answer her. He just kissed her. She did not stop him. She just kissed him back. She needed him. She needed someone who really loved her. Someone who would not hurt her like Sonny did.

Jason did not know was he was doing at first. He just knew that he needed her. He needed the women he had fallen in love with all those years ago. He needed someone he knew loved him in return.

Before she knew it, she woke up in Jason arms. She smiled at the scent of him. She loved being here. She loved being with him.  Jason started to move and open his eyes. "Hey you." Carly said smiling. Jason looked a little confused. "Did we…?" He started to ask. "Yes we made love last night." She said smiling.

"I knew there was something wonderful that happened last night." He said smiling. There was a knock at the door. "Please don't get that." Carly begged. "I'll back." Jason said as he headed down stairs. Carly just laid in bed smiling, waiting for him. When she heard Sonny's voice, she came down the stairs to listen.

"Did you see Carly last night?" Sonny asked Jason.

"No, did something happen last night?" Jason lied.

"We got into a fight but it'll be ok I know that." Sonny said hopeful.

"I bet, you two always get back together." Jason said sadly.

Carly watched sadly and she decided she had to get out his pent house.

Michel looked at Carly as she walked up with Micheal. "Do they serve breakfast here?" Carly asked.

"Excuse me my mother is talking to you." Micheal said trying to get Michel attention.

"You little man need to leave me alone." Michel said.

"What exactly is your problem I asked you a question." Carly said getting mad.

"And I'm not going to answer you." Michel said smiling.

"Ok that's it where is your manger I want to talk to your manger!" Carly said furious.

Lorelai came out. "What exactly is going in here?"

"Are you the manger? Because your employ here is being very rude."

Lorelai smiled. "I'm Lorelai Gilmore, yes I own this place, and I'm sorry about Michel, he's always like this."

Carly smiled back. This woman seemed very familiar in a strange way. "I'm Carolina Spencer, most people call me Carly. And why exactly do you keep him here is he's so rude?"

"Well he's like an old shoe you get use to him after a while." Lorelai said smiling. "Is there any way I can help you two?"

"Well we were looking for breakfast." Carly said looking at Micheal who was arguing with Michel.

"Well at least Michel found a friend." Lorelai said smiling.

"That's what he calls a friend?" Carly asked shocked.

"To Michel that's he closest he will ever get to a friend." Lorelai said smiling.