Chapter 1

"FELLA'S...FELLA'S!" Butters screamed as he ran through the halls of South Park elementary towards us...

"Butters, what the fuck?" Cartman asked as the boy came into view..

"I just heard from Kevin Stoley that we're getting another new girl today," the boy panted completely out of breath.

"Another new girl," I shrugged "cool."

"Well as long as she's not like the last one," Cartman said closing his locker and making a head tilt towards Nichole who was giggling with some of the other girls.

Kyle just rolled his eyes "You're such a racist fat turd."

Cartman glared at him intensely "Well at least I'm not a rat..Jew."

Without warning I watched Kyle slammed Cartman into his locker "Stop belittling my people ..Fatass!"

"Will you two just stop it," I sighed as I pushed my way in between the my two friends to break them apart and I then turned back to Butters "so when does she get here?"

"I don't know," Butters shrugged...

The bell rang and it was time for class...the students all took their regular seats and waited for Mr. Garrison start his lesson.

"Good morning class," he greeted "today we are going to learn about the results from last night's X-factor."

"Great," I thought... I was going to use this to my advantage to completely block out whatever he was saying and sit there to watch the clock.

"Can anyone tell me why?" Mr. Garrison asked as he scanned the room for hands " about you Stanley?"

"Huh?" I asked sitting right up in my seat getting a few giggles from Bebe and some of the other girls "but I didn't have my hand up."

Mr. Garrison opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when the door to his class opened and in walked Principal Victoria...

I breathed a sigh of relief as the principal stood in front of the class...

"How can I help you Principal Victoria?" Mr. Garrison asked in his annoyed tone

"Class," she smiled "I would like you all to meet Annabella Smith, she will be joining your class."

Just as she finished speaking a young girl stepped into the class with head down trying her best to avoid eye contact. She had dark brown wavy hair down to her shoulders and she was over weight just like Cartman. Every eye was on her as she made her way into the class...My eyes scanned the room at my fellow classmates and I couldn't help but to noticed that almost everyone was holding back a smirk.

"Your seat is in the back Tubby..I mean Annabella," Mr. Garrison said pointing to an empty seat way in the back.

Principal Victoria glared at him before biding us all farewell...

I watched as she made way back to her seat she tripped over her own shoe lace causing the entire class to burst into a fit of laughter...I noticed tears glazing her eyes as she looked up at me before quickly recovering and rushing to her seat with a completely red face from embarrassment. "Poor girl," I thought as I turned back around in my seat.

At recess my friends and I were taking turns tossing the football to each other.."Dude, that new girl is kinda weird," Kyle said flashing his eyes over to the lonely mass that sat alone on merry-go-round playing with her fingers and mumbling rants to herself.

"She's probably just nervous," I shrugged tossing the football to my super best friend.

"What do you have the hots for the baby whale?" Cartman teased

"Dude, that's not cool," I quickly defended "I don't have the hots for her, I mean who would?"

"And besides you're just as fat as her," Kyle pointed out

"Eh!" Cartman snapped "I'm not fat..I'm big boned!"

"Whatever," Kyle replied rolling his eyes..."Stan...go long!"

I stood there not paying attention as the ball breezed past my face and hitting Annabella right on the head. Her eyes shot up to meet mine and as I turned to yell at Kyle I noticed that he and Cartman has made a run for it.

"Shit," I thought pinching the bridge of my nose...

"Sorry about that," I said as I made my way over to her, she just stared at me with a small smile on her face. She reached down picked up the ball and toss it back. "Thanks!" I called as I caught the ball and ran back to my friends who were now on the other side of the playground.


After recess the school day seemed to breeze right by and before we knew the day was over and it was time to go home. We made our way to the bus waiting for us outside..."Crap," I sighed "I forgot something in my locker."

"Well hurry back dude," Kyle said "the bus is going to leave soon."

"Yeah I know," I replied rolling my eyes...yeah Kyle's my friend but some times he can get on my nervous. I reached my locker in no time, opened it and pulled out a small wrapped bundle. Just as I closed my locker and turned to go back to the bus I came face to face with Annabella.

"Jesus Christ," I breathed when he almost ran into her "Sorry I almost ran into you."

Annabella just stared and smiled at me..."Okay?" I thought as I made my way around her "Well I have to go."

The girl stood aside and watched him leave..."The new girl is weirdo," I told his friends when I returned to the bus "she just stares at me and that creeps me the fuck out."

"Maybe she wants to drink your blood," Cartman said

"Why in the hell would she want to drink his blood?" Kyle asked

"I don't know Kahl," Cartman replied rolling his eyes "I'm not her."

"She's probably thinking how tasty you look," Clyde smirked "I mean look how fat she is, she probably sees you as her next meal."

The bus erupted with laughter and I felt his face go red...I hated to be the target of jokes, even if they weren't only pointed at me. When I got home after spending the afternoon playing video games with my friends at Cartman's I found my mom rushing around the kitchen. "Oh hello Stanley," she greeted

"Hi Mom," I said walking over to the fridge to retrieving a can of coke out of it...

"Stanley I need you to go put something nice on," she said

"Why?" I asked

"Because your father has invited a new college and his family over for dinner tonight," she explained "your father also says that he has a ten year old as well."

"That's great Mom," I replied rolling my eyes not really caring...

"Well they'll be here in less the an hour," she replied "so go change."

"Fine," I sighed before chugging down the last of my coke and feeling the burning sensation go down the back of my throat.

I changed into my Sunday best even though it was only Wedsnday...I had just walked out of my room when Mom came sailing by and swiping my hat off my head leaving me with a head of messy hair.

"No hat tonight Stanley," she scolded

"But Mom," I tried to explained but she wasn't having any of it...

Within minutes of Dad arriving home did out special guests arrive...Mom had me wait by the door to let them in. The door bell rang and when I answered it I got a total surpise...I was yet again face to face with Annabella...

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