Why Kakashi Makes People Mad

Gai leveled one of his usual challenges, Kakashi brushed him off in one of the usual ways. The only interesting thing about today was that Iruka was there to witness it.

That didn't stop Kakashi from doing his worst, of course.

Gai stomped off.

"Why do you like getting him mad?" Iruka asked.

Kakashi chuckled. "Hadn't you noticed? His face gets all red, and he pouts with outrage, his eyes alternately widen with disbelief and narrow with determination…" That's exactly what I would expect him to look like in bed. He conveniently left that part out of his explanation.

"He's a fellow team leader," Iruka said. "A fellow shinobi. And he's guarded your back more times than anyone can count. So why would you want to make him mad?"

Kakashi slanted Iruka a sly smile. "Well…"

Iruka waited.

"It's a secret." Kakashi went back to his book.

Iruka went through a wild catalogue of expressions, ranging from bewilderment to anger to embarrassment. "Now you're trying to make me angry like you did with Gai. I just don't understand you sometimes."

Kakashi smiled happily at his book. Maybe that's because I think you're cute, too. He turned the page. "You mean like when I declared your students my property to do with as I wished when I explained my reasoning for entering them in the Chunin Exam?"

Iruka flushed. "Against my recommendation? Yes. I was wondering about that. So you did that just to make me angry, huh?"

"Yep." Kakashi perused his book.

Iruka's shoulders sagged, and he hung his head.

Kakashi glanced up, interested in this response.

"You don't really think of them as pawns. I'm relieved."

Kakashi felt mildly bad. "I said it was just a joke. At the time…remember?"

Iruka gave him a pouty look that was just as adorable as Gai's. "That seemed a strange thing to say, after declaring my students so much fodder. How was I supposed to know you were really joking?"

Kakashi smiled cheerfully. "You're right. Sorry."

"And there's that mysterious smile again," Iruka complained. "You know when you do that no one can tell if you're sincere."


"You're still doing it."