Watching Gai Train

It was a sunny afternoon, perfect for one of Kakashi's favorite activities since his genin team had split up to pursue their own destinies: observing Gai's team train.

Kakashi leaned against a tree, staying well out of the way as Gai and Lee sparred, practicing taijutsu on each other.

Gai turned and waved. "Rival! You should join us!"

Kakashi held up his hand in return wave, smiling, and then dropped his gaze back to his book. "Thanks for the invitation. I'll watch."

Gai frowned at him. "There is no time for laziness. You are in the Springtime of your Youth! You should be vigorous!" He threw a punch at the air.

"Hai!" Lee said happily.

Kakashi glanced up at the pair of them with a gentle chuckle. "You are vigorous enough for both of us."

And if he trained, he wouldn't be able to watch Gai train while pretending to read Icha Icha. He'd miss all the glorious sweat gleaming off of Gai's muscular frame. He'd miss the look of determination on Gai's face, the way his hair fanned out with each punch and kick. He'd miss all those little details that made tagging along on these training sessions so enjoyable.

"Productivity, Kakashi," Gai chided. "You should be productive on a great day like this, not simply stand under a tree."

"I learn more observing," Kakashi said. "You know it's my way."

Gai relaxed, conceding the point. "So it is." He turned and resumed attacking his student with a fierce flurry of punches. "Lee! See if you can match me! Let us explode together with the fires of passion and burn as twin suns!"

"Hai!" Lee yelled back, susceptible to Gai's inspirational language. Kakashi noticed that his chakra use doubled.

Kakashi snorted quietly in amusement. In the back of his mind, however, he imagined what his reaction would be if Gai used his gift for words for something other than inspiring his students. Like talking his Eternal Rival into a trance of arousal. Kakashi imagined Gai using the same words on him, but softly, in a bedroom setting. Let us explode together with the fires of passion and burn as twin suns.

Kakashi blushed faintly and dropped his gaze back to his book. Yes. He was susceptible to Gai's poetic manner of speaking as well. Pity that Gai would never think to use that skill against his rival, when they'd pitted all their other skills against each other. Some things perpetually escaped Gai's notice. For instance, how much Kakashi wanted to evolve beyond being rivals.

Still, there were these training sessions to look forward to, when he could look all he liked at the man he loved and never be suspected.