Haven: Intuition

"Don't try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition." – Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

His words still echoed in her mind.

"You have the strongest intuition of anybody I've ever met. And you may not know why, but you trust me."

His words were etched in her mind, his gravelly voice brimming with honesty. Warmth.


"I do. I trust you."

Sarah had placed her trust in a man she'd never see again. In a man she'd barely known for a day.

She just knew.

His words came to her in her dreams. In many of the dreams she was having since arriving in Haven.

Sarah had good intuition before she had come to Haven. Her intuition came from her skills as a nurse, from knowing how to help those who'd nearly drowned in the aftermath of their traumatic experiences. But since that day… Since that day meeting him… That day on the beach in 1955... The weight of his lips on hers... His smooth hands on the crease of her neck as the kiss intensified... Her intuition only augmented, burning like the flickering flames of a crackling fire.

She was in Haven for a reason. To help the Troubled.

At night, her mind drifted as her eyes fluttered closed and she welcomed the warm embrace of sleep, a hand running tentatively over the swell of her stomach.

Among a colorful maelstrom of images, the unmistakable monosyllabic timbre of his voice whispered to her through the chaos.

"You have the strongest intuition of anybody I've ever met."

She wanted to run towards the direction of his voice. She wanted to see him. She wanted him to pick her up and twirl her around, his arms tight around her waist.

She wanted to feel the warmth of his embrace. The way his breath pulsated against her skin, the way his face in her hair made her heart skip one too many beats. She wanted to feel his hand close over hers, fingers lacing together as they walked along the beach and the bright rays of the sun started to settle down below the horizon.

She wanted to feel his touch again. The first man she trusted when she came to Haven.

Her first friend.

But even in the dream, he never came back.

And as the sun rose over Haven every morning, she remembered him. The persistent glare and effervescent glow of the rising sun heralded in a new day as her eyes fluttered open, still heavy with sleep. As she drifted back to consciousness, a gentle breeze blew through her window.

"You trust me." A whisper hung on the air.

"Yes," she replied out loud to no one as she opened her eyes.

She felt a slight flutter in her stomach and she breathed in a slow breath. She trusted her intuition. She trusted that the life growing inside of her would somehow be okay no matter the consequences of her own life.

It was the only part of him she had.

"It's okay, little one," she whispered, gazing down at her stomach. "You're going to be safe."


Author's Note: I have to admit, I wasn't too fussed on the whole Nathan/Sarah thing, but after seeing the episode I got inspired. The line about intuition really struck me because I believe that's exactly who Audrey is. I wrote about my feelings based on that line or two. Hopefully it will suffice.