Chapter Two

Urgh! I can't get mind off him all afternoon! I still can't process it! Why now, why must I get this god damned packed information right now?!... I slumped on my chair, my head in my hands. Trying to process the information... My head hurts…

"Ah… You look tensed all over… As usual." My buddy, Dre, called out as he entered with a cup of tea, Jasmine I think… My head was still in my hands as I heard him trotting over to my table, making him at home.

"So, you gonna tell me or what?" he look blankly into my eyes, green to blue, skillfully sliding his coat off without losing contact. "I have a brother…" My voice trailed off. I sound like a mouse caught in a mousetrap.

"What?! Who?!" he slammed his hands on the table making me jump. I broke eye contact… "Christian Grey." My gaze at my knotted fingers. I glanced at the drawer beside my table to take the file. He was watching my every move like a hawk. "Wait… Christian Grey of Grey Enterprise Holdings?!"

"Should be…" I slid the file across to Dre, before taking sips of my tea. I watched Dre as he slowly read through the file, frowning at points.

I hugged myself tightly, glancing at Dre from time to time. "What are you planning then?" I heard him say. His voice is now softer, worried.

"I'll ask dad." I replied, my voice almost too soft to be heard.

A/N: How will Lillia's dad react? Find out in the next update! :)