Chapter Three

"Helena, cancel all appointments for tomorrow and the day after. I'm going down to Seattle." I ordered my secretary, before heading for the lift. "Yes Miss." was all she replied. The lift ride was peaceful, I was alone all the way down. Well.. I am leaving early after all. Sighing, I went pass the reception eyeing Cain who jumped out of his seat when he saw me. "Cain, we're going down to Seattle." I told him as he followed me to the door. "Yes Miss.."

Damn... Father would scream. Well that's his usual reaction. I shouldn't think too much about it. My subconscious glared her I-don't-think-so glare at me. I leaned against the car window as Cain turned in a curb before reaching a gate. He halted to reach for the gate system before punching some buttons as the gates swung open.

I climbed out of the car before shutting the door silently behind me as Cain parked the car nearby. In entering the house, I saw dad talking to a stranger. Familiar... But I just can't match him to anyone I saw before. Well... As I can remember. "Ah... Darling.. You didn't tell me that you're coming over today." Dad surprisingly turned to my direction. "Mr. Page, where is the bathroom?" the man asked my dad as to give us space... I think.

"At the end of the hallway, turn left." my dad replied smiling widely at him before eyeing at me as he pointed for me to sit. "Why are you here at a time like this? You should be working you know." he grinned at me as I shrugged. "I need to ask you about Christian Grey." I muttered, feeling guilty for no reason.

"Why?" he tried to control his anger. "It came up at the latest update of my background profile. And I'm also going down to Seattle to check up on the outlets. I'm thinking of giving him a visit." "Do as you please.. But remember... We are not the same as him." his eyes were flaming. He crooked his head as he smiled wickedly at me. Grey to Blue. Causing me to break into a smile. We both heard footsteps aware that it was that man's or whoever his name is.

"Lillia, this is Joshua, one of my oldest clients. He ran his business as from when he finished his University at WSU before coming back to Cali." as Joshua turned and smirked at me urging me to roll my eyes at him. "Lillia, Lillia Madison Page, Speral plush and sweet production." We shook hands. Smiling widely, I turned around, saying, "I'll leave you at it then." walking out of the mansion.

"Cain, we'll leave at nine." I smiled, before going towards the main lift and punching a password for the lift. The travel up was silent. I was alone all the way up with no other than the background music in the lift. It stopped lightly at level 42 and I climbed out to see Cain holding the door for me. I always wonder how get gets up faster. I passed him entering the living room of my apartment then to my bedroom. I slipped out of my pale purple dress and changed to a pale green tee and jeans and I took my mac before trotting towards the library in the second level.

I looked and replied all my emails before going up and googling on 'Christian'.

It was twelve pass eight when I finished. Taking my iphone, I walked down the stairs two at a time to the living room then the breakfast bar. Sitting down on a stool, I glanced to see my housekeeper, Akia, cleaning the kitchen. "What do you want to have for dinner miss?" she asked, smiling widely at my direction. "Just Mac and Cheese is enough." I replied when my iphone buzzed.

"Yeah?" I snapped, it was Helena,

"Miss, Mr Kyle invited you for a meeting on Monday."

"Alright... And the appointments?"

"I cancelled all your appointments for tomorrow and friday. And we are shifting the weekly meeting to Tuesday as Jackie is out on Monday."

"Alright... Thanks."

"Miss, we are landing soon." the pilot, Kenny, announced through the PA system. I fastened my seatbelt as I took one last sip of my wine before tapping my fingers on the arm of the seat. I hate flights. It always make me feel nauseous.. I have flight sickness."

"Thanks Kenny. It was a tight call." I smiled at the pilot wearily, trying to stop my nausea. My black Audi r8 was waiting outside the jet. As I climbed onto the car, I took out my mac to email Christian. I got his email from the one and only Dr. Kathe.

From: Lillia Maddie Page

Subject: Hello.

Date: August 23 2012 12:57

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

My name is Lillia, could I meet you somewhere?"

Lillia Madison Page,

CEO, Speral Plush & Sweet Production.

Surprisingly, he replied.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: ?

Date: August 23 2012 12:58

To: Lillia Maddie Page

Miss Page,

You may. At my house in Escala tomorrow.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

PS: Who are you?

I almost wanted to laugh, WHO AM I? You don't want to know.

From: Lillia Maddie Page

Subject: Hello.

Date: August 23 2012 12:59

To: Christian Grey

Your Sister.

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