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(From the last chapter)

Jack was brought to Clover Tower by Gray and was informed of his current habitat. Flashy backs and naked scenes happened as well as an idiotic Nightmare and Ace.

To be continue…


The next time spin, Jack woke up in the same guess room, confused and irritated.

He was never really a morning person, at least he didn't woke up in the middle of the night like he would usually do, because Ace kept throwing rocks at his window demanding in his own idiotic way that he get up to 'play' with him…seriously he was 10 years old, there was more important thing than 'playing' out like a child.

Jack frowned as he got up from bed, bags in his eyes. He yawned, and stretched his aching back. He had to remind himself not to fall asleep sideways because his back felt like breaking anytime now.

He thought of what happened the previews day, or cycle and frowned at the remembrance. He slumped back to the bed with a thud.

The mafias, Gray saving him, the 'meeting', the shower and the…jester outfit, he frowned at that part.

Then something about his counterpart…the other Joker.

He never really met the previews Joker, everyone else kept saying it was best that he didn't…of course that was when he was still a faceless, when everyone else still cared for him…now they all hated him, because-

"I'm Joker…" He said, blankly stared at the ceiling. What now...?

KNOCK KNOCK As if in cue there was a loud knock on the door.

Sighing, Joker got up lazily to answer it. Who in the country would it be at this early at night!(This is Wonderland people…)

"JOKER!" he didn't have time to reply when he was tackled down hard straight to the floor as soon as he reached the door handle.

It was Ace. Of course.

"Did you just call me Joker?" he glared at the boy, as he struggled on parting from him.

"Of course!That's your name now silly!" The boy finally pulled away from him, and grinned widely.

"I still have a name you know…" Joker gritted his teeth as he remained on the floor. First it was that Nightmare person now Ace…? And why was it only HIM that had to be called by a role name, why not the others?!

"Aww~ but I like the name Joker! It's all mysterious!" Ace reached out his hand to help him up.

Joker's frown widened as he took the knight's hand. He was still upset.

"And…" Ace continued, his eyes hiding behind his bangs.

Joker arched his eyebrow as the atmosphere around the room went cold and uncomfortable.

"We're going to be enemies from now on…" Joker flinched at his Ace's tone. Did he heard right?

Ace slowly lifted his head to face him, revealing cold red eyes staring right at him.

"Let go you idiot! You'll break it!" Joker glared, struggling as he tried freeing his hand from the boy, who in turn tightened his hold of it.

"Be prepared, Jack, someday we would face each other again, and I'll be strong…" Ace's eyes narrowed darkly.

Joker shuddered slightly at the cold look. What did he do? What was he talking about? Wasn't he the strong one between the both of them since the first day…? And he was the one relying on him on everything…?

"And when that day comes…"Ace continued as he took the red-head's chin to hold his face in place, close to his.




"…I'll kill you…" the tone was dark and twisted and it made Jack twitch in fear.

"ACE!You idiotic knight, I know you are there!" Peter walked into the room uninvited and glared at a now, grinning brunette. "Oh hey Peter!" Ace waved his hand.

Peter glared at the boy, arms crossing against his chest. "We're going…" He gritted his teeth.

Ace blinked, before grinning once again. "Right! Ne Joker? I only came to say goodbye! I'll be in the Heart castle from now on! And I'm the knight!" Ace turned to him. "I'll be the hero from now on!" Ace pulled him by the wrist, pulling him into a bear hug.

Jack held his breath but nodded nonetheless. What was that all about?

"…I'll be the hero like I've always wanted…" Ace whispered softly into his ear, before pulling from the red-head and smiling widely.

Ace and Peter left the room, with Ace grinning and talking with Peter no to avail. The albino wasn't in the mood to speak and looked frustrated.

Joker still stood there, staring at the same spot his best friend was standing on. If he can call him a friend anymore. He was confused. Since when was Ace so…cold? Was it because of the rule that was telling them to be enemies from now on? Or he was really hated from the start?

He felt betrayed and hurt.


"Joker?" startled, Jack looked by the door.

It was Gray.

"Lord Nightmare wants you in his office." The boy said bluntly, and somewhat confused as he observed Jack's face.

"What for?" Joker questioned his face pale as he furrowed his eyebrows at the lizard.

Gray shrugged his shoulder, raising an eyebrow at the boy. "He did not inform me."

After several minutes, Jack followed Gray wearing his jester outfit. What else was he supposed to wear? He was a poor, hungry-he clutched his grumbling stomach, he hadn't eaten in several periods cycle-and he was sad.

At Nightmare's office, both boys walked in casually and stared blankly at what appeared to be a table stack with paperwork. Where was Nightmare?

Joker observed the room uncomfortably. It was messy and dark because the curtains weren't drawn with only a single lamp resting upon a small table at a corner. Maybe the stupid old man was a vampire…he even puked blood that was probably from his victims.

"I have brought him." Gray said, walking his way around the table where sat Nightmare, sleeping at his work desk. "WAKE UP MY LORD!" Gray shouted.

"Hm!?" Nightmare lifted his head and turned to his small assistant, his face pale while blood dripped down his chin. "I was working!"

Both Jack and Gray stared at him with unimpressed eyes.

"What did you need me for?" the red-headed questioned, getting to the point. He wanted to leave the place immediately.

Nightmare sighed as he finished stacking the papers to the side in order to face the small Joker. "Have a sit, boy." He offered, motioning to the chair by the table.

Joker blinked before doing what was been told, though he struggled due to his height. But when he was finally seated, he looked up curiously at the caterpillar. "Well?"

Nightmare cleared his throat, straightening his posture as he looked down at the boy before him. "Joker." He started, earning a frown from the red headed.

Wasn't he Jack just hours ago?

"I believe you know the duty of Joker…" Nightmare brought his elbow to the desk, supporting him as he stared coldly at the boy.

Joker nodded, frowning. "I do"

"I trust that you don't hesitate on your role." The boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Why would he hesitate? It was just a circus job. And prison from what he heard from a long time ago.

Nightmare smiled. "I see…" he sighed almost sympathetically confusing the red-headed even more.

There was a silent in the room before Joker finally snapped. "What do you want?!" Jack stood from his seat and glared boldly at the man.

"Nothing in particular~" Nightmare then gave him a smile.

Gray glanced sideways to his lord in curiosity. He was as confused as the other boy.

Joker's eyes twitched, turning to leave. He just wasted valuable time. Stupid vampire…he glared when he heard the man chuckled just before he slammed the door shut.

Who needs them. Joker found himself standing in front of Clover Tower. Just a few steps ahead and he would be in the woods and to his new home.

The Circus


Joker turned to look the side, just in time to see the same pink haired cat, getting dragged by his territory leader. He almost felt bad for the boy.

"You'll be my slave from now on—WAHAHAHAHA!" Gowland pulled the cat by the tail this time, earning an awful screeched from the said cat. "WAAAAAAAH-NOOT THE TAAAIL!" At that they were gone, in the woods.

"W-wait for me!" Another noise earned his attention as he looked at the newcomers.

A mouse boy jogged his way to—Jack's eyes widened—Blood…-he glared coldly from where he stood, unseen by the other boys.

"B-bloody-kun." The mouse boy panted as he reached the older boy, who gave him an annoyed look.

"Take the other brat and follow me…"Blood commanded, pointing to the blue eyed 'Tweedle' at the ground, trying to reach for his brother.

"Y-yes…" the mouse did as told as he picked up the toddler in his arms, having trouble with it because the said toddler was too heavy for his own weight.

Jack watched as the duo along with the infants left, before he shrugged. He had his own destination after all.

To the Joker's forest.

Nightmare chuckled darkly from his seat.

Gray gazed at his lord, confused.

"Joker is interesting wouldn't you agree Gray?" the man questioned the boy, who shrugged. "This game is bound to be interesting." Nightmare smirked, turning to face the boy beside him.

Gray merely stared back, as the dream demon leaned in, bringing his hand to ruffle his raven locks.

"What was the incident with the March Hare that was so important he couldn't make it to the meeting?" Nightmare tilted his head down to the boy, who shrugged his shoulders at the question.

"He broke the rule." The boy answered honestly.

Sighing, Nightmare crossed his arms. "If that child had something to do with this…" he frowned. "I can only wish you good luck, Jack."

Jack panted, his knees felt like they were about to collapse any moment now. He just HAD to run his way to the woods. How he hated running. He wasn't used to it considering he ran practically for hours from the mafias. He frowned at the thought. He just HAD to remember that didn't he?

He was hungry. Alone and poor. God knows how he hated hunger.

"Dang…it." His knees finally gave up, as they landed on the ground with a thud. "A-at least I'm here now…" His eyes gazed at the large circus tent in front of him. It was colorful. All he needed.




It would be nice if he had a crispy, crispy homemade meat right now.

This was his new home

"Oi! Get your axx up, it's pathetic just watching."

"Who's there!?" Jack's eyes widened, as he fell on his bottom in sudden startle. He looked at the area and frowned when he saw no one.

"I'm right here you idiot!" Jack blinked his eyes at the voice coming from down below.

"W-wha…." In his hands, he held a belt, a white belt that was decorated with black stripes, but what held his attention was that tiny mask that was attached to the thing.

"I'm talking to you!"

Jack shrieked at that sudden shout, he dropped the belt to the ground in panic.

"You scum!How dare you drop me!" the belt shouted at him, the voice was so loud it made the belt shake comically.

"W-who are you?" Jack leaned to get a closer look at the belt.

"Tch, It'll be easier explaining like this." The belt said annoyed, confusing the red-headed boy.

Suddenly the world around him started…melting.

Wait-It WAS melting.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" The trees were melting, the ground was melting the sky was MELTING! What was happening!?

As if on cue, darkness filled his surroundings as he closed his eyes shut.

"Oi…" the same voice from the belt called from somewhere.

Jack gulped. Where was he? He slowly fluttered his eyes and blinked in curiosity and awe.

As if the time itself slowed in a motion, his eyes traveled to the ground and to the huge prison surrounding him. There were broken toys everywhere.

"Are you done day dreaming yet? it's stupid looking like an idiot, Oi!ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!?"

Joker stared at the boy leaning against the cell, arms crossed. He had his own red head, and size, but the only different between them was that eyepatch the boy was wearing.

There was another him…

"Y-You-who are you?!" Joker pointed a finger at the boy, who was glaring at him.

The boy uncrossed his arms and began walking towards him. In his hand he held a bloodied clock, as he swished it in circles playfully at his side. "I'm Joker" he smirked at Jack, now standing in front of the boy.

Was this counterpart that old man was talking about? He thought in fear as he eyed the broken clock.

The boy raised an eyebrow, before bringing his fingers to lift Jester's face closer to his own in suspicion. His other hand held the clock in place as he did so. "You look like me" he said blankly, snapping the jester in thought.

"I-I do" Jack stuttered as he stared back at his look-alike.

"That's stupid. But then again, I look handsomer than you." The boy grinned smugly, freeing his chin and crossing his arms.

"WHAT?! No you're not! We look exactly the same! Are you a faker?!" Jack pointed an accusing finger at the boy.

"Faker?!You're the faker! I've looked like this my whole life!" The boy shouted back, pointing his own finger rudely.









"YOU CUSSED!" the jester gasped at the boy.

"SO?! I'm Joker I can cuss all I want!"

"Word cusser!"


And it went on for 30 minutes before the both of them finally collapse on their knees, panting.

"W-well you're a-a Clock stealer!" The jester pointed at the clock the other Joker was holding.

"Clock stealer-oh this?" the boy smirked as he pointed at the clock in his hand.


"I didn't steal this." He explained.

Jack wasn't buying it as he crossed his arms. "Oh yeah? What kid would own a clock unless they were the clock on their chest?" he raised a smug eyebrow challengingly.

"Let's just say that I was bunny hunting, and this little guy was my first victim." The boy chuckled darkly.

"What are you babbling?" Jack glared at him.

"This thing right here is my first prisoner, because he was breaking the rules."

"What?" Jack stared wide eyed at the clock.

"haaah, it was his fault, he was supposed to attend that meeting with that stupid old man."

"Vampire's meeting?" Jack stared at the boy in disbelief.

"Ya, but then again, he should be thanking me. He was too cowardly to be the March hare anyway." The warden boy stated, his eyes narrowing coldly.


Jack felt all the color in his face leaving. Now that he thought about it, the March hare was missing during the meeting.

He then stared at the clock, so that was what it looked like, those clocks, just like his. He clutched his chest. It made him feel sick. This was the first time he was seeing a clock from a person.

He could feel his consciousness leaving, as he looked down in daze.

Suddenly everything turned dark.

"Oi! GET UP! I'M NOT GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU COLLAPSE HERE!" that was the last thing he heard before blacking out.

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