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(Last chapter)

Jack, aka Joker(Future White Joker) woke from his short slumber after fainting. He was rudely awakened by the Warden boy, who threw boiling coffee on the Jester boy. After some more arguments, the two separated. With the Warden boy missing, Jack explored the Circus by himself and met up with an idiot faceless boy. The boy showed him to his apparent room, containing several used tissues and ect…the chapter ended with the Warden boy inside his little belt, as he called Jack an idiot once again.


Chapter 4

Jack glared at his counter-part from across the room. Arms crossed and looked hungrier than ever as he clutched his grumbling stomach.

The boy stared back at him with a smug grin.

Jack sighed. "Let me ask you one more time, where's the kitchen?" he calmly questioned, eye twitching.

"Like I said, 'I ain't telling.'" The red-headed warden crossed his own arms.

"THAT'S IT!" Jack snapped, running angrily to the warden before tackling the startled boy to the ground and began a tussle. "TELL ME WHERE THE KITCHEN IS YOU SON OF A BXXXX!"

"GET OFF ME AXXHOLE!I AIN'T TELLING AN IDIOT!" the warden boy turned their position, so he was now on top of the boy. He pulled on the red-head's hair while he pinned the boy's legs with his knee.

"I'M HUNGRY YOU FAT FXXX, I HAVEN'T EATEN IN DAYS!WHILE YOU'VE BEEN GAINING WEIGHT YOU FAT PIECE OF SXXX!" Jack took control of the fight once again as he pushed the red-headed to the floor and began punching him in the face.

"And you call me-a deliquent!MOST OF YOUR WORDS AREN'T EVEN MAKING SENSE!" The warden boy spitted, literally as spit landed firmly on Jack's face.

"YOU DIDN'T JUST CALL ME A DELIQUENT—"Jack began to strangle the boy, who began choking.

"You-Fxxxxxx…AXXHOLE!" the warden broke from the tight grip and punched the boy square on the face.

Jack landed a few step back on his back, his arms spread to his side.

"What the fxxx is wrong with you…?" the warden boy clutched his neck, and raised an eyebrow in genuine curiosity.

He got no response.

Silence filled the room after that.




"Say something goddammit!" the warden boy snapped. "FXXX FINE!I'LL SHOW YOU THE FXXXXXXX KITCHEN!" the boy gave up, and Jack lifted his head to stare at his companion with a smirk.



He had won.

"And I want my room changed." Jack said as he walked behind the warden.

"Don't push your luck…"

"It was worth a try…HEY WAIT!I'M JOKER TOO, SO I GET TO CHANGE TO WHATEVER ROOM I WANT!" Jack realized, his eyes wide and his eyebrows pushed together into a frown.

The red-headed warden smirked. "And you realized that just now, you really are an idiot. A DELIQUENT idiot…" the boy insulted, turning to the right, Jack following behind him with a glare.

"Don't call me that…I'm hungry…that's the only reason I would even cuss…" Jack deadpanned.

"True shit…what was that all about anyway? You nearly broke my breathing tube you son of a bxxxx…" the boy questioned, grimacing as he remembered the red-headed jester choking him.

Jack blushed. "I er…tend to act wild when I'm hungry, according to Ace-"Jack frowned suddenly, stopping his track.

Joker raised an eyebrow when he noticed the boy wasn't following him anymore. "What?"

"Nothing…" Jack began to walk passed him. "This is the kitchen huh?" he smiled widely as he inhaled happily. Finally he could eat.

The warden narrowed his eyes suspiciously before he followed the jester boy inside the room.

After he ate, Jack was left alone once again. Where does his counter-part go every time he disappeared anyway? He questioned in his mind. Well he couldn't care less. The boy had done nothing but insult him, so it was nice not having the company.

"Mr. Joker Sir?"

Jack turned from his glass of water to the faceless boy he met a while ago. "Oh, it's you."

"SIR!" the boys suddenly grinned widely and gave a salute. "I'VE ASKED THE LIONS SIR, AND HAVE FAILED MISERABLY TO GET AN ANSWER, FORGIVE ME SIR!" the boy bowed suddenly.

Jack's eye twitched, "What?"

"I-I'm sorry Mr. Joker sir…" the boy brought his head up and frowned sadly. "The lions refused to speak to me…"

Jack gapped. He actually took his advice seriously?! "What?" he blinked outrageously.

The faceless boy looked, and if he had eyes, he would have been crying as his lip quivered sadly. "We only have normal lions sir! I-it's scientifically impossible for them to speak unless they are able to take a human form…"

Jack sighed. "Are you an idiot?" he asked pitifully. "I don't ACTUALLY want you to talk to the lions, I'm not stupid."

If the faceless boy had eyes, he would have blinked. "R-really Mr. Joker Sir? So you only told me to do that because you're a selfish person and just wanted my presence out of your own reach because you think I'm biologically stupid?"

Jack gapped at the boy. "W-wha-I would neve-"

"Of course not Mr. Joker Sir, I was only joking sir!" the boy smiled widely.

WHAT WAS WITH THIS KID?!, Jack narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Maybe the boy (The irony) wasn't as stupid as he had first thought.

Sighing once more, Jack brought a hand to the boy's shoulder. "What's your name anyway?"

"I have no name Mr. Joker Sir!" the boy exclaimed proudly, his fist brought up to his chest.

Jack frowned. "What do you mean?" he let go of the boy's shoulder.

"I was recently replaced sir!" he answered smiling, as he took his hand to his clock.

Jack sighed. "I see…where are your parents?" he regretted asking as soon as that left his mouth. He had a feeling he knew the answer.

"They're dead sir!" the boy kept smiling.

"I see…" the red-headed frowned.

Silence filled the kitchen.

He felt uncomfortable as the faceless boy smiled at him. What did he want with him?

"Mr. Joker sir-"

"Stop calling me that." Jack glared, "I have a name you know…"

The boy hummed. "Then what do you want me to call you then Mr. Joker sir?"

The red-headed jester blinked in surprised. He wasn't expecting that. "Uh-just…just Jack."

"Okay, then, Jack sir." The boy stated proudly.

Jack smiled. "Since you don't have a name, you can make one of your own you know?" raising an eyebrow with a grin.

The faceless boy hummed. "But Jack sir, whenever I come up with names, everyone at the circus would laugh at me…"

"Why?" Jack blinked.

"I have no idea myself sir, I think the names I came up with are great!" the boy answered, smiling.

"Tell me some then." Jack brought his glass of water and slowly sipped the liquid. It couldn't be as bad as everyone said.

"Ummm, my favorite name I came up with so far is Slut sir!" the faceless boy informed. "It's an animal's name and I thought it was cool!"

"Slut? Hey! That's not so bad!" Jack set his drink down. He was expecting something like Snot, or something childish. The name wasn't bad, so why did everyone laughed at it?

"I know right sir!But everyone else seems to think it's funny, especially the adult clowns…" the boy tilted his head and frowned. "Maybe 'cause they're old and don't know how cool the names I come up with."

Jack nodded in agreement. "Yeah, adults are dumb."

"Dumb!" the faceless boy repeated.

"Pfft GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" both boys turned to the door where now stood the warden boy. "Y-You guys are fxxxxxx idiots—WHAT KIND OF FXXXXXX NAME IS THAT?!"

Jack grimaced. So much for not having him as company. "Yeah?!Why don't YOU come up with one—Oh right you can't 'cause you don't got a name!"

The boy glared. "I do TOO got a name!"

"You have a name?" Both Jack and the faceless boy tilted their head dumbly.

"YES I HAVE A GODDAMN NAME!What was I? a fxxxxxx orphan?!I HAVE A NAME GODDAMMIT!"

Jack frowned, "What is it then?"

The warden boy crossed his arms. "I don't have to tell you…" he looked to the side nervously.

Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Jack sir! I decided my name would be Slut from now on!" the faceless boy claimed happily.

"Good for you!" Jack smiled, patting the boy by the back.

"Jesus Christ, are you all this fxxxxxx dumb?" the warden glared coldly. "That name…"

"What about it?" Jack and the faceless boy blinked.

"W-well you know!It's a, IT'S A GIRL'S NAME FOR FXXX'S SAKE!" the boy yelled and grinned smugly. "I would know 'cause that's what my father would call my mother."

The faceless boy gasped. "A girl's name!EEEWWW!"

Jack shuddered. "How do you come up with this stuff? Are you stupid?!" he glared at the faceless boy who frowned.

"But you said it wasn't bad Jack sir!" the boy pouted.



"Shut the fxxx up!" Both boys quieted immediately, turning to glare at the warden. "The dumb jester is right, you're fxxxxxx stupid boy."

"What?!" the faceless boy gasped, and the red-headed clown stuck his tongue.

The periods went by and Jack managed to fit in with the other workers at the circus. It wasn't as bad as he had first thought. All he had to do was tell his ideas and give his opinion on their acts. He never had to do stunts because he was an important roleholer unlike the faceless children. He was a boy; you had to give him a credit for even running a circus. He still needed work though, he wasn't about to be a burden just because he was small.

His only problem to be completely honest was his counter-part.

"Why the fxxx not?!" the warden boy shouted at his ear.

"STOP SHOUTING AT MY EAR-I CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE!" Jack snapped back. "This is your entire fault you know?!"

"How is this my fxxxxxx fault when YOU were the one who suggested we play like we were fxxxxxx slaves?!" the boy splatted back, intentionally yelling by the jester's ear.

"How the hell am I supposed to know that faceless kids weren't allowed to touch that dang keys of yours?!" Jack pushed the boy from him, and dusted his shoulder.

"JUST PICK UP THE KEYS SLUT!" the warden boy yelled at the faceless boy who flinched from his spot by the cell.

Both of them were currently inside one of Joker's cell.

"B-But Mr. Joker sir, it's against the rule for a faceless to touch Joker's key!" the boy said, as he stared nervously at the keys that was lying on the floor. "A-and please stop calling me Slut sir…"



"Stop scaring the kid axxhole!" Jack snapped, slapping his look-alike upside the head.

"OW DAMN IT!" the red-headed complained. "The fxxx's wrong with you-wait, are you hungry?"

"Yah…" Jack clutched his grumbling stomach. "I'm hungry…"

"Oh shit-QUICK GET ME THE FXXX OUTTA HERE!" the boy panicked as he began to pull on the cell bars.

"H-How am I supposed to-"the faceless boy as cut off,

"I don't know! Get something long or something-Like a BROOM!"

"OH! So you can use it to reach the key! that's so smart!" the boy smiled.

"Of course I'm fxxxxxx smart, now get going!" he shooed the boy.

"Right away sir!" the boy gave a salute and went away in a rush.

"HURRY UP BOY!THERE'S AN IDIOT DELIENQENT IN HERE FOR FXXX'S SAKE!" the red-headed warden squished his face between the cell bars in desperation, but when he attempted to get out he wouldn't budge. "Shit, I'm stuck!"

"Move would you? I need the outside air more than you do." Jack glared at the back of the warden's head.

"T-there's a lot of space beside me—take that space…" Joker replied nervously. Like hell was he going to piss off the damn clown when he's in that state. There wasn't even outside air to begin with, but he sure as hell ain't saying that.

"I'M HUNGRY GODDAMN YOU-I want to look at the view outside in that spot!" Jack began to choke the boy.


"A Maniac I tell you-A MANIAC!" Joker pointed a finger at the guilty looking jester, while he held a pack of ice over his aching neck.

"Look, to be more honest, your axx deserved it." Jack said, nibbling on a sandwich. The faceless boy nodded in agreement.

"Which side are you on anyway, Slut?!" Joker teared up slightly.

"The Mr. Joker who doesn't call me Slut sir." The boy answered. "That's a girly name…" he pouted.

Jack smirked.

"I HATE ALL OF YOU!" at that the red-headed warden left the kitchen, slamming the door behind him.

"WE HATE YOU TOO!" Jack yelled back.

"GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" replied Joker on the other side of the door.

"So where were we?" Jack turned to the boy.

"You were going to name me Jack sir." The faceless boy said excitedly.

"Right, so I was thinking like a John or something." He brought a finger at his chin and thought for moment. "Or an Arthur, what do you think?"

If the boy had eyes, he would have blinked. "Those names are for old people sir."

"That's true…" Jack muttered under his breath. "Let's think about it for a while, and then we'll decide what to name you."

"Okay Jack sir!"

"Right now, I have work to do."

"We were thinking we should remove the net, it would be more thrilling for the audience knowing that fact." A faceless woman said, and everyone else nodded.

"Sure but, are you sure you're all expert enough to not make a mistake? We don't want to splat blood during the show." Jack questioned not really paying attention, as he nibbled on a candy bar a woman gave him a few minutes ago. The candy there was amazing! He could eat them all day.

"Of course Joker-sama! All of us here are professional!" A faceless clown informed proudly gesturing to everyone else who nodded their heads. "By the way Joker-sama—"

"Hmm?" Jack responded, licking the last remaining taste of his precious candy bar.

"I've heard there's a foreigner in Wonderland."

Jack blinked, turning to the man. "Foreigner?" he threw his litter somewhere near by.

"That's right." The man nodded.

Foreigner huh?

"What are foreigners like?" he questioned, eyes wide with innocent and curiosity.

A kid stepped up with a wide smile. "I've heard they're really nice and funny!"

"And that they don't have their own clock!" another kid came up.

"What?! They don't have clocks?!" the red-headed boy exclaimed. He didn't know that…

"Foreigners are rare Joker-sama, they have hearts in place instead of clocks so they are usually treated with care." A faceless man explained as a matter of fact. "They cannot be replaced."

Hearts, he heard about those, hearts were irreplaceable so outsiders never came back to life as soon as they die. That's stupid. Good thing he had a clock, so when he died he'll be replaced immediately.

"The new foreigner is a child Joker-sama, about your age as well, maybe you would get along."

"Maybe…" Jack shrugged. He didn't really care, plus foreigners weren't so great if they can't even be replaced. Maybe he would never have a chance to meet one because they're already dead.

"Alright everyone, dismiss." The red-head announced, turning to everyone.

"We'll be practicing Joker-sama, please come see us if you wish." Jack nodded, as he watched them all leave the tent.

"Jack sir?" the jester boy turned to his new friend. The boy was still un-named, although his counter-part took it upon himself to call the boy 'Slut', but that was just an insult.

"What is it?" he raised a brow.

"I-I was thinking if I could participate with the circus?" the boy said nervously, looking down the ground. "If you would let me…"

Jack frowned in confusion. "Weren't you already part of it?"

The boy faced him, and if he had eyes, he would have blinked. "No Jack sir, the others said, I wasn't cut out for it, and that I have no talent…" he frowned sadly.

"No talent?" Jack repeated and the boy nodded.

"I don't know how to balance and I can't carry anything heavy, I can't even look after the elephants and the lions…"

The red-head sighed. "It's not like I know all those either. I'm not exactly born in circus even if I AM Joker." That irritated him now that he thought about it out loud. "Maybe I should start practicing." He muttered, a finger up his chin in thought.

The un-named faceless boy beamed suddenly. "Yeah!We could learn together!"

"That's gay man…" Jack deadpanned.

"Gay sir?" the boy tilted his head confused. Clearly the boy had no idea what the word meant.

"Fine, but don't call it 'learning together', call it 'Doing it together'. Jack demanded, "That sounds much cooler." He nodded at his own words.

"Let's do it together then!" the boy shouted gleefully.

Jack grinned widely. "Yeah!"

And thus the two became good friends.

"What the fxxx is HE doing here?" the warden boy crossed his arms against his chest and glared dangerously at the un-named boy.

"What do you mean?" Jack led the boy to his room. He decided he liked indoor rooms better than an outdoor, so he was currently making one of his counter-part's room his own sanctuary. All it took was a bit argument and a few scratches here and there and the warden boy finally gave up and gave him a room.

"Why the fxxx is HE staying here to sleep?!This is my realm and I don't want idiot kids stepping their foot in as if they own it, it's bad enough YOU'RE here." The boy gritted his teeth.

"Calm down, were having a sleep-over." Jack explained happily.

"Sleep-over!" the un-named boy repeated, raising both his arms in the air excitedly.

The warden boy raised his eyebrow. "What? You mean those slumber parties that girls do? I knew you were fags." He insulted, snipping in disgust as he turned the other way.

"You don't wanna join us Mr. Joker sir?" the un-named boy turned to him confused.




"There better be pillow fights…"

Jack and his new friend smirked. They had won.

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