"Hey Dan, did you win against the vexos?" asked Runo in curiosity.

"Yep, the Pyrus attribute energy is still with me." Dan winked.

"Nice to hear…" said Shun.

"Come on Shun, why don't you pay a little respect for Dan for once." Runo glared at him.

"I did." Snapped Shun, "I'm out of here."

"What was that?" asked Dan raising an eyebrow, but Shun was already gone.

Shun walked out into the sunlight with the wind blowing into his face. "I feel something is terribly wrong, it might be something to do with Element Era…"

As soon as Shun said that, the wind started to pick up and a ray of light almost blinded his eyes. 'What was that?' he thought, and then everyone came rushing out to see what was going on. When the light went away, a huge swirl of different colours appeared out of nowhere and sucked Dan, Runo, Julie, Marucho and Shun in, sending them away from New Vestoria.

They were spinning round and round then the portal split them up in different areas of Element Era.

Dan got sent to the Fire Kingdom, near the volcano.

Marucho got sent to the water kingdom in the sea, but luckily he can breathe underwater because he is an Aquos brawler, one that represents water.

Runo got sent to the Heaven Kingdom where it's up in the clouds.

Julie got sent to the Snowy Mountains, it's very high.

Last of all, Shun got sent to the Grass Kingdom which is in the forest. He thought 'This is interesting, hang on, where is everyone?'

Truth is, everyone wondered the same thing but before they can do anything else there was another binding light and this time a girl came floating down. Shun thought, 'Never seen her before but she looks like in pain or something.' Since when did Shun start caring all of the sudden...