"We need to do something Hermione," Ron said, sitting on the bed with his wife beside him. Hermione was reading a book and did not glance up at him when he spoke.

"About what?" she asked, flipping a page.

"Rose of course! Or have you already forgotten that our daughter brought home that Malfoy boy and announced that they're going out?" Ron said, flabbergasted at Hermione's nonchalance.

"He seemed like a sweet boy. He was really polite at dinner," Hermione replied, still not taking her eyes off her book.

"That was all an act to impress us, and to lie his way into our daughter's heart," Ron replied, crossing his arms indignantly.

"Ron, Rose is seventeen. I'm pretty sure she can make her own decisions," Hermione sighed. "And you're forgetting that our daughter is the smartest witch in her year, I doubt she'd let any boy lie his way into her heart."

"But this isn't just any boy! It's Draco Malfoy's son! I thought Rosie couldn't stand him. They used to fight all the time!"

"Well so did we and look where we ended up," Hermione smiled.

"Not helping 'Mione."

"Ron, really, I think you're over reacting. Scorpius looks to be a good guy and if Rose thinks he's good enough for her, then he's good enough for her," Hermione said, placing her bookmark where she had stopped reading and putting her book away.

"He's a Malfoy!"

"But he's not his father Ron," Hermione said. She patted him on the lap and kissed him on the cheek before turning off the bedside lamp.

Ron seemed to consider Hermione's words for a moment before heaving a sigh and settling into bed with her.

"So how bad was it?" James grinned.

They were all at the Burrow and most of the clan were out in the backyard. Some of them had a game of Quidditch while the rest sat around sipping the iced tea Nana Molly brought out for them. They were done with the game now and were more interested in hearing how Ron and Hermione had reacted to Scorpius being Rose's boyfriend.

"Brutal," Scorpius replied, albeit with a smile on his face. He brushed some dirt off his shirt as he placed the Cleansweep on the ground, joining Rose by her side.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad!" Rose said, taking Scorpius's hand in hers.

"Dad brought out all his Chudley Cannons memorabilia. In the end he couldn't even bring himself to discuss Quidditch with Scorp," Hugo added.

"Did he cringe when you said you were a Puddlemere fan?" Albus asked, clapping his friend on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I figured I should have just lied and said I was into the Cannons," Scorpius shrugged.

"Well I thought dinner went just fine," Rose sniffed. Scorpius gave her hand a squeeze and smiled at her.

"It did," he said softly, wanting to reassure her that things weren't that bad.

Dinner had in fact gone pretty alright that day. Hermione carried most of the conversation, asking Scorpius questions to get to know him better. For that, Rose was extremely grateful to her mother. Hermione even attempted to force Ron to be part of the dinner conversation, directing questions to both Scorpius and Ron. He had merely adopted his previous stance when dealing with Scorpius's presence around the Burrow and grunted in response.

"At least Nana and Grampa were totally ok with it, seemed even happy actually," Lily chirped.

"Yeah well they were always quite fond of Scorp here, weren't they? Grampa always said not the let the war cloud our judgment of people," Fred said.

"And I heard Maman whisper to Aunt Angelina that it was about time you two got together," Dominique grinned slyly. "Something about sexual tension all these years."

"What!" Rose cried out. Then she mumbled something incoherent that sounded like "Veelas."

Inside the house, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry were gathered in the kitchen, looking out the glass door into the backyard at the crowd of their children and nieces and nephews.

Ron had visibly cringed when he saw Rose and Scorpius hold hands.

"Oh Ron, really, you need to get over this silly feud with Malfoy. That was eons ago, even our kids are old enough to fall in love now! Scorpius is a good guy, Al has brought him around billions of times, and I can tell you he's nothing like Draco was when we were their age," Ginny said.

"I'm still not convinced," Ron sulked. Hermione smiled and shook her head as she rested her hand on her husband's shoulder. Ron turned to Harry and said, "What do you reckon mate?"

"Same opinion," Harry said, jerking his head toward Ginny. "Scorpius is a great guy. You should give the kid a chance Ron. We may have raised our kids to be good and accepting people, but they're still a tough lot to crack. If they're cool with him then he's gotta have some redeeming qualities."

"Yeah, he and Al have been best friends for so long, he's been running around our house since they were eleven. We've practically watched the kid grow up Ron, and so have you. Does he seem anything like Draco?" Ginny added.

"No," Ron admitted through gritted teeth. "But I just can't stand the thought of Malfoy gloating at me when Rose marries his son and takes his last name. Rose Malfoy, Merlin it sounds awful!"

"I'm sure even Malfoy has gotten over this childish animosity by now," Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother.

"They're only seventeen Ron, isn't marriage a little far down the line?" Hermione said.

"I knew I wanted to marry you at seventeen, who's to say it isn't on their minds right now?" Ron retorted. Hermione just smiled and looped her arm through his.

"Rose is a smart girl, she'll know what's best for herself," Harry said.

"And you do realise you're the only one in the entire family who has a problem with them dating right?" Ginny pointed out, earning her a scowl from Ron.

"I just don't want that kid to break my little girl's heart," he mumbled, watching as the clan outside laughed at something Scorpius said, and Rose reaching up to stroke his hair.

"Now that we've finally told my family, we're only left with yours," Rose smiled, leaning into Scorpius's chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

They had decided to take a walk on the hills near the Burrow and were now perched at the top, leaning against a tree where they could see the Burrow. The Quidditch game had resumed and they watched as Dom tossed a Quaffle to Hugo.

"Are you scared to meet my family?" Scorpius asked, knowing his family was way more complicated than hers.

Rose thought for a moment before replying, "No. I'll have you by my side, there's nothing to be afraid of."

"I know, but," Scorpius said distractedly. "Father and Mother may take the news alright, Grandfather on the other hand is a whole new story."

Rose had heard about Lucius Malfoy from her parents, and she had read extensively on the wizarding war, so she knew exactly the role Scorpius's family played in it.

"I'm actually a little afraid of what he might do to you," Scorpius admitted, letting his lips brush the top of her head.

"Whatever he does, it could barely be physical or illegal. Times have changed Scorp, your grandfather can't get rid of things he doesn't like simply by using dark magic anymore," Rose reasoned. "And I mean it when I say I'm not afraid because I have you by my side. Since when have the two of us shied away from something just because it was potentially difficult?"

"Yeah," Scorpius said, squeezing her hand. "You're right."

It was the first time since they had started discussing their parents that it was Rose comforting Scorpius instead of the other way round, and it gave them both some sort of consolation.

"And when we're finally done with telling everyone, we can go on living our own lives. You off being an Auror and me as a Healer. It'll be perfect," Rose said, closing her eyes and imagining their future.

Scorpius smiled as he watched her, eyelids fluttered close and a serene look on her face. He very much wanted that future she was conjuring for the two of them.

"I love you," he said.

"Love you too," she murmured, reaching up to touch his cheek.

Scorpius lay back on the bed in the guest room of Rose's house. The day at the Burrow with the entire family had been a tiring one, but he and Rose were both glad that everyone was ecstatic for them that they were dating.

Everyone except Ron that is.

There came a knock at his door. Scorpius smiled, thinking it was probably Rose sneaking over to spend some time with him. Swinging his legs off the bed, he went to open the door, smile fading and eyebrows shooting up when he came face to face with Ron.

"Uh, hi sir," he said. Ron had barely spoken two words to him ever, so Scorpius was wondering to what he owed this late night visit from Rose's dad.

Ron gave a sort of "Hmmm" as a response as he walked into the room. Scorpius closed the door behind him, watching Ron looking as if he was waging war with himself right there. He had an expression on his face that suggested he wasn't quite sure what he was doing in Scorpius's room either.

"We need to talk. What exactly are your intentions with my girl?" Ron finally spat out.

"Uh…I," Scorpius stammered for a moment before gathering himself and puffing out his chest. "I love her Mr Weasley, I swear I do. And I intend nothing less than to use every day of my life to prove that is truer every minute I spend with her."

Ron seemed to consider this for a minute, staring Scorpius down silently. He had to give it to Scorpius though, who neither flinched nor looked away from his gaze.

"Do you ever intend to practice Dark Magic?" Ron asked suddenly, catching Scorpius off guard.

"Uh, no I don't. My family doesn't practice –"

"And you're aware that Rose is a half-blood? And her mother is Muggle born?" Ron interjected.

"Yes I am. That stuff doesn't matter to me, sir," Scorpius replied firmly.

"Will it matter to your parents?" Ron asked.

Scorpius thought about his parents. Draco and Astoria had gotten over the whole pureblood issue ages ago, almost right after the war. His grandfather on the other hand…

Ron could see his hesitance in replying, and said in a sombre tone, "It does matter to them, doesn't it? And if I let Rose be with you, she's gonna suffer just to bear the Malfoy name, isn't she?"

Scorpius's mouth formed a thin line now, unsure of how to answer.

"Mr Weasley, my parents don't have a problem with halfbloods, but I'd be lying if I said my grandfather would be just as accepting. But I want you to know what no matter what my family thinks of Rose, it will not change things between us. With all due respect sir, it's the same with what you think of me, Rose and I will still be together no matter what," Scorpius said.

"Are you saying my opinion and approval doesn't matter?" Ron glowered.

"No sir, I'm just saying I will fight to keep her whatever the circumstances," he replied firmly.

Ron was silent, tapping his foot slowly as he thought about how to proceed.

"What about the fact that she's a Weasley? I can't imagine Mal– I mean your father, taking too well to being acquainted with my family in this manner," he asked.

"Mr Weasley, I honestly don't know what my family's reaction will be. You could ask me all the questions you want and I could try my best to answer them, but the truth is I don't know anything for sure until we actually tell them next week," Scorpius replied.

Ron was silent again for a moment, pondering Scorpius's answers.

"Why do you love her?" he asked.

Scorpius smiled for the first time since Ron stepped into the room.

"What's not to love? She's smart, beautiful, amazing. She challenges me, she makes me want to strive to be the best. She makes me a better man. She understands me, she never judges me. One smile from her would make my day. I could go on forever," Scorpius said.

Ron couldn't help but let the corners of his mouth twitch at Scorpius's account of Rose, though he still tried to appear as serious as possible.

And then he gave some sort of grunt again before striding over to the door and yanking it open. He paused for a moment, turning back to Scorpius as if he wanted to say something. Furrowing his brow, he thought better of it and turned to march down the corridor, closing the door behind him.

Scorpius blinked in surprise, unsure of what had just transpired between him and Ron. But whatever it was, he hoped he had given Ron the answers he was looking for.

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