Chapter 2 -Broken Wings- ((inspired by Lindsey Sterlings "Shatter Me", "Crystallize", Storm battle inspired by Lindsey Sterlings "Take Flight"))

Outside Sarahs little house the storm had kicked it up more then a notch and was in a full out rage, battering anything in its path let alone anything flying thru it. The owl had made his way to the campus only to find nothing but a heavy blanket of snow and glistening silence. The thick snow fall and encroaching ice shards were making it rather difficult to stay in the air let alone fly. Drifting over the rest of the campus, the owl felt pulled over to the rose maze, in the center he landed, thankful for a small break in the in the building storm, the air was misted with intense magic, old, contained and very powerful magic. Jareth shifted and regretted instantly but not due to the cold, but to the impact of the magic, his magic condensed, contained and now released with powerful memories attatched, the very gifts he'd given to Sarah, Who truly knew the potential power of a single bite from an enchanted peach brimming full with a young girls dreams that were then locked up for a long time.

It hit him like a ton of bricks dropping him to his knees, lost in the painful memories, watching her appear in the dress he'd designed for her from her own dreams. Everything from the exotic silver leaf and crystal head piece that graced her done up hair to catching Sarah's eye for the first time across the ball room. And the moment they touched and he took her into his arms, her hand resting in his. Then feeling her warmth spread to his entire being just from the touch of her other hand on his shoulder. Sarah never knew the power she had over him. The magic swept all around him spiroling upward right into the building snowstorm. Jareths memories enhanced by the magic, battered his internal being while the storm pounded away at his external being. While he dance with her on the inside of his head endlessly, the storm threw him into trees and slammed into buildings. Inside and outside a war raged and the goblin king was the unlucky recipient of it all.

The wind yanked him thru the air driven forward by unseen enviromental forces, snow and ice slammed into his body. Countless bruising to the very bone, cuts all over his body, all Jareth felt was sarah in his arms dancing then he felt the shock as she broke away from him and ran, watched her grab a chair and shatter he ballroom, everything exploded and he saw stars, falling glass everywhere and people falling. That snapped him partially out of the magic enough to open his eyes, confusion covered his face upon realizing he was being blown thru the air in the middle of a storm. The wind changed its direction again and started hurling him to the ground. He pulled himself in tight and painfully forced the owl shift, less density was obviously not the best choice. The owl valiantly battled its way thru the storm, but the body had already been severy banged up in fae form. Jareth a bit more in ccontrol this time, tho not by much because the extra magic was cirling around him, pulling at his thoughts. The wind slammed the little owl into more tree branches and trhew him back and forth to itself as if he were a beach ball.

The owl form tired out much faster then Jareth had expected and there was no safe place to go, no seeming cover. Even the trees seemed unsafe, truly any place would work. He fought harder and flew with as much strength as he could muster. Just up ahead he saw lights of a house and fought the wind to get there. Closer, he felt his wings burning inside every limb ached, it was almost to much for him when his claw scrapped the edge of the outside of the roof fireplace hole, he tried to land for only an instant and a chunk of hail hit him hard in the head and knocked him into the chimney itself. The pain blinded him and his wings were in agony like they were being ripped off, he felt his talons scaped the brick walls. He heard and felt a thud an owl screech trill escaped his beak and darkness found him.

The little owl had hit the bottom of the chimney and rolled out covered in soot onto the floor of the living room. Sarah had just finished up her shower queed by the trill of the tea kettle but it had sounded wierd. She grabbed a towel and headed down the hallway to the living room. As she got into the kitchen she realized the tea kettle hadn't gone off yet, she shook her head in confusion and turned off the heat just as it was beginning to whistle. She made a nice cup of coco and wandering back to the living room to make a nice fire. The storm sounded light it was throwing a tempertantrum against her little house. It hadn't been the first snow storm she'd been thru since she'd moved here 6 years ago study to become a vet. She set down her cup in its usual place on the table by the couch, stepping over to the fireplace she nearly tripped over him. Yelping in shock and confusion at seeing a owl inside her living room, let alone a dirty one definately had taken her by surprise. She took a couple deep breaths and ran into her room to throw on sweats and get a couple clean towls and and her water sprintser.

Calmly she walked back into the living room and rolled the owl very carefully into a towl, He was breathing but barely, she was going to have to be even more cautious. Latex gloves on her hands she then proceeded to wash him down carefully in her lap, salt water and a soft cloth cleaned off the soot and discovered broken wings and a fractured leg, as well as countless cuts, scapes, brusing and almost 1/2 of the owls feathers ravaged or gone. It was a male, her books stated from his white markings on his chest and crest he was somewhere around 5 years old, Sarah was in tears by the time she'd cleaned him and bandadged what she could. She nestled him into the couch and knew that she could only go so far in helping the owl, especially with the storm outside. With this much damage and shock to his body he was lucky to be unconscious. As she absent-mindedly stroked his feathers near his ear holes she felt a bump on the right side of his head. Gently getting up she went back to the kitchen and grabbed a cloth covered rice pack from the fridge, after she settled her self back besides him on the couch she gently placed in on the bump. Unconscious and racked in pain the little owl let out a slurred barely audible hiss. She talked in slow soft tones the owl relaxed a bit and It felt as tho the owl almost nuzzled into her touch, internally she felt she was probably just imagining things.

This went on for almost 3 days, and she was truly afraid she was going to lose him, he was not a young owl but there was such an oddly familiar feeling to him, Something tugged at the corner of her mind in that place she'd buried deep almost demanding she open up the internal box in her mind and look at what was infront of her as more then just a barn owl. Taking a deep and angry breath, "fine, he's just an owl, nothing more". She let her mind wonder to the magic drenched moments and memories so long ago when she'd last seen a beautiful barn owl, one very very like the one wrapped in a towel she now held in her arms. The markings were identical so much it made her wince but didn't all male barn owls look like this. Darn why this storm at least she hadn't lost power. She checked his wings so much damage, it would take a while for him to heal, but his breathing had gotten better and he didnt hiss when ever she moved him if she absolutly had to. She heard a loud bang as a tree branch hit her window but didn't break it. It made her think of the owl that had flapped its wings against her brothers balcony doors and as they blew open the owl flew at her face frightening her. The magic from the memories was getting stronger struggling against her wanting to be free. She unconsciously started to raise her arms, and that jostled the owl in her arms his eyes shot open and she realized the eyes staring back at her were mismatched and not black.

She almost dropped him, shaking and striving to keep her emotions in control. She took calming breaths and figured she was tired from owl baby sitting. Maybe she was seeing things, he was probably a crossbreed of barn and snow owl. Reassuring her self thats what it was she stroked his head and talked softly to him, apologizing for moving suddenly. "Shhh, shhhh its ok little guy, there was a loud noise outside, but we are ok it just scared me a bit. Don't worry I won't let anything hurt you." He just stared at her, eyes blank almost empty. But he was awake and that was a good sign. He trilled weakly, then she carefully carried him into the kitchen and gave him bread sopped in water. He struggled with it and it was as if there was almost a distain for what he was eating. Shaking off the feeling she gave him some fruit and that he seemed better interested in but it was still a struggle for him to swallow, She'd need to baby dropper his liquids for a while and add in some vitamin suppliments. Poor thing he was in a bad way, she would help him get better then release him back in the wild. They headed back to the couch and she tucked him in and went off to the bathroom to grab a dropper.

The magic was floating around them both but Jareth wasn't home, the blow to his head made him think he was only an owl. No memory of the goblin kingdom, his kingship or even Sarah was an inkling in his mind. Just a blank slate of waking up with this big thing but it didn't seem to want to hurt him, there was food, warm and so much agonizing pain. He tried to move and couldn't, that made him panick "what if the big thing was going to eat him after all". Screaming loudly tho it hurt because he couldn't move, brought Sarah running back into the living room. "Hey calm down, calm down" She saw him straining and quickly sat down and tucked him into her side. "There, there little guy, your really hurt, I'm trying to help you." Her voice was very soothing and he knew the big creature wasn't going to hurt him, he just didn't know why. After an awkward feeding with the eyedropper, and a bit of a mess. Sarah got the owl to settle down. Sighing heavily she talked to him on and off until he finally fell asleep 10 hrs later and by that point she had almost passed out to. He had a little box tucked into the side of the couch but and she passed out with her head beside the box. Both owl and human sleep deeply thru most of the next day.

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