A full scan of the ship revealed more bodies inside the huge the ship, some died from the uprising, some died when the outer hatch had been opened but many died when the ship crashed on the Martian surface in the 15th century. However, which ever Goa'uld had commanded this vessel had found a way to escape to the doomed vessel, since the ship carried a full compliment of Death Gliders, Cargo ships and escape pods it was becoming unclear to SG-10 how the Goa'uld had escaped since no body had been found of a Goa'uld. Searching the large ship had taken a lot of time since only three officers had remained on the ship, Tom Anders had returned to the Al'kesh to scan for remains of the human captives, remains that where quickly found.

Slowly Captain Alison Macdonald walked the halls of the crashed ship, taking in a damage report of the vessel as she walked down the large corridor until finally she reached a large debris field blocking any further access to deeper portions of the ship. Slowly reaching for her radio she clicked it twice before speaking.

"Carla, Alison. I've reached the end of L-14... It's crushed. I can't get any further"

"I thought as much, report back to my position… we've found a few things you should take a look at"

"Giving orders now Major?" She said with a smile.

"Just come and have a look Captain… Green out"

Laughing slightly Alison turned around and walked back towards the control room where Major Green had begun to review the ship's sensor logs. After ten minutes Alison finally entered the control room as Jarrod and Anders had joined her in the room.

"So, judging by the look in your eyes, I'd say you found something Carla"

"It wasn't me. My… Snake noticed something in the computer logs. It took awhile, but we found this in the computer logs…"

Quickly her experienced hands danced over the console before her as her laptop computer interfaced with the ship's computer and began to display a sensor image.

"This is a computer rendering of the last moments of the ship before it crashed"

"Looks like we where right, the prisoners rebelled and took over the ship" Anders said with respect.

"Exactly… but I found something else. I found out how the Goa'uld escaped"

Smiling she continued to tap away at her keyboard as a large image appeared on screen of the Goa'uld running down the corridor surrounded by many Jaffa, upon entering a large room the door was shut behind the Goa'uld as the video image ended.

"You said he escaped. He entered the room as his guards remained outside" Alison said slowly.

"Exactly, so I had Anders check out the room… you are… not going to believe this. Follow me"

Winking slightly Carla walked out of the small control room and made her way through the ship until she found the door with the remains of the Jaffa guard slumped on the floor. Smiling slightly she kicked the bones of the Jaffa out of her way as she pulled the doors open slowly. As the doors slid back Alison stepped into the room and almost froze to the spot as before her stood a large Stargate, with a connected D.H.D.

"Holy SHIT! Does this thing still work?" She said quickly.

"Lets find out" Jarrod said with a smile.

Quickly Jarrod walked towards the Dialling Device and pushed a control causing the Stargate to burst into life, with a smile he continued dialling Earth, as the final chevron was about to be pushed Alison looked at Carla and smiled.

"You realise that this changes everything? It this thing works…"

"I know. It should, different position in space… different co-ordinates"

Back at Stargate Command, the Stargate began to dial slowly as the Iris sprang into life and covered the event horizon.

"Unscheduled off-world activation…" Called the Staff Sergeant.

"What do we have Sergeant? What teams are off-world?"

"Just two General… SG-10 is still investigating the strange object and SG-1 is on recon on the deep range. I doubt it would be… receiving IDC"

The code came through as the Sergeant and General looked at the screen in shock as the code cleared with the signal of SG-10. Sighing the General leaned into the microphone as he spoke aloud.

"SG-10? This is Landry… respond please"

"Sir, receiving audio and video transmission"

"Show me"

The smiling faces of two members of the SG-10 team looked down onto the screen as the General's eye began to fume, they had been sent on an important mission yet how did they use the Stargate?

"SG-10? Where the hell are you?"

"General, break out the Champagne… we're sending you a data transfer file you should read… quickly"

"What are you talking about Captain?"

"It seems the intel was semi-correct sir, this is a Cheops class ship, fully loaded with gliders, you see sir from what we can tell it crashed on the Cydonia region of Mars, this vessel belonged to a Minor Goa'uld who worked for the System Lord Yu. Fortunately for us he found working under Lord Yu… a pain in the ass, so he set out to build his own empire. He found Earth sometime in the Early 15th Century and took as many as slaves as he could, however they rebelled and killed the crew. The Goa'uld escaped the ship before it crashed here at Cydonia… as you will have guessed by now the ship is equipped with a Stargate and D-H-D. Our Tok'Ra friend has managed to calculate the Gate Co-ordinates for this gate… transmitting them now, come through when you want to sir"

"Are you sure it is safe Captain?"

"General Please! This place is deserted the only life forms… well on the Entire planet is SG-10. The hull itself could use a little work due to the sand storms, and we are damned sure the ship will never fly again but as an outpost… it's perfect sir"

"What are you talking about?" The General said with a smile.

"Sir… this ship is fully loaded with Gliders, Scout Ships… a few Al'kesh and anything else the Goa'uld could squeeze into the ship. It's engines have been destroyed in the crash, with a little work we could get the weapons and shields back online… hell it even has an active Stargate, what more could we need?"

Laughing slightly the aging General looked at the screen and nodded as the transmitted file began to open.

"I'll have someone look over the data, we've got the Gate Address and will contact you in three hours. SGC out"

Five Hours Later…

As expected news had travelled around the Stargate Program of the discovery within their own backyard as car pulled into the long tunnel that led into the base, as the General exited the vehicle he made his way towards the highly classified facility below the large mountain. Finally he entered the elevator and entered his old command once again much to the surprise of those gathered around him.

"Jack, it's good to see you again"

"Why thank you Hank… what've you got? The message said it was urgent"

"Ohh it is Jack"

Quickly he followed his replacement through the corridors of the facility towards the briefing room, as he entered a cluster of familiar faces greeted him as well as some he had never seen before.

"Thank you all for coming… please take a seat. Their aren't enough folders so you will have to share, forgive me. I am Captain Alison Macdonald from the US Navy… attached to the SGC as leader of SG-10 and too my left is Major Carla Green. We are here to brief you on a recent discovery made right here, in our own backyard. The USS Odyssey was on a brief shakedown after repairs, it was over Mars when it's sensors detected something unusual at Cydonia. Using a captured Al'kesh class vessel, General Landry ordered SG-10 to proceed to the planet itself to survey the area, this is what we found…"

With a large smile on her face, she turned and activated the screen behind her. As she looked back at the gathered cluster of high ranking officers before her a schematic of the crashed Goa'uld ship appeared on the screen behind her.

"… It is a single Cheops class warship, we believe once belonged to a minor Goa'uld under the System Lord, Lord Yu"

A groan came from the back of the room as the Captain lowered her head slightly. It wasn't difficult to tell who the voice belonged too as she smiled slightly.

"Forgive me, for all those who don't know. Lord Yu was one of the oldest of the System Lords, someone whom General O'Neill had a great deal of experience in dealing with"

"To say the least!" He called out.

"Of course, forgive me General, but from what I have read, even for a Goa'uld, he was a Prick. All that aside, upon an inspection of the ship we discovered it crashed on the red planet sometime in the 15th century. However, the vessel is fully loaded with Gliders, Tel'tak and Al'kesh…"

"Why are we here Captain?" O'Neill groaned once more.

"Forgive me for saying so General, but I was getting to that. The vessel is equipped with a working Stargate and DHD. Because of it's location in space the craft has it's own dialling address"

Quickly O'Neill jumped too his feet as he looked directly at the young Major sat to the Captain's side as she spoke quickly.

"Aside from some weather damage on the hull, it's airtight. The ship will never fly again as several of the lower decks are crushed… but as an outpost or research station, it's perfect. I've heard of plans to build a base on the moon or something stupid like that. With this ship we have no need to build anything, no heavy transport costs, we don't even need to pull a 304 off patrol routes, and the best thing about it, it's out of the public eye and hidden away from view"

The Major's words echoed around the room like a gun shot while a few smiles began to appear around the room, thinking quickly she stood and placed her hand on her team leader's left shoulder as she stepped past her, her head lowered for a moment, until finally she looked up as her eyes glowed and the Tok'Ra Symbiont spoke with the highest of respect for those around her.

"Forgive me General O'Neill, but the Captain and Major are correct in their assessment of the situation. As you may have guessed by now Major Green is blended with a Tok'Ra symbiont, her life was in danger not long ago… this way the only of saving her life. We have discovered much about the vessel on the planet you call Mars… if you would hear us, this will be an opportunity for all Tau'ri"

"And Tok'Ra no doubt, who are you?" O'Neill sighed heavily.

"I have yet to take a name, however for the time being you may call me… Alanis. I am the second generation of the new Tok'ra race, as you are well aware General O'Neill several years ago our beloved Queen died, along with her the hopes of a future for the Tok'Ra, so the elders began a program of cloning, similar to the cloning process used by Ba'al. However, we used D.N.A from two separate donors to create a unique individual, in effect saving our race from instinction"

Smiling slightly, O'Neill stepped towards the display on the wall as he spoke.

"What does this have to do with us?"

"Not the Cloning sir, the ship on your forth planet…"

The meeting carried on through the night until the early hours of the morning as finally a decision was reached, the crashed vessel on the Martian surface would be utilised as a research and development station, also a defensive station for Earth, all that was left was to select a command team for the outpost.

Story by

Ariston 1