Kieva Lynn presents:

Fros-T the Killbot

Wherein a

Snowman-shaped Killer Robot

Goes on a

Homicidal Rampage.

(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Fros-T the Killbot,

Was a homicidal sot,

With a plasma gun

And a frag grenade,

And two bombs

Made out of coal;

Fros-T the Killbot,

Was deadly as he could be,

And the people claim,

He would kill and maim,

To him it was all the same.

There must have been some evil

In that microchip they found,

For when they plugged it in his head,

He began to mow them down.

Now Fros-T the Killbot,

Knew the feds were on their way,

So he said 'C'mon,

I'm gonna have some fun,

Before I get blown away.'

He tore through the village,

With a boomstick in each hand,

Blasting here and there,

Shooting up the square,

Taunting 'Stop me if you can!'

He bought havoc to the streets of town,

And slew a traffic cop,

He only paused a moment when

The army ordered 'Stop!"

Oh Fros-T the Killbot,

Had to hurry on his way,

But he made them fear,

Saying 'Don't you cheer,

Or I'll come back for you next year!'