"Well, as of yesturday we've all officially assended! Good for you Baby Boy -now you can play with the big boys." Reid really was getting on everyone's nerves today.

You see Taylor was the last of the boys to have turned 18 and from this moment on they were finally a full powered covenant. Hah, now they had to actually watch how much power and for what they were using.

"Give it a rest Reid. We're starting our last year in this school next week and we have to acts as if we haven't changed."

"Always the serious one when Caleb's around, right Pogue?" and with that and giving a friendly wink he got in the car.

The others followed and the conversation flowed.

"Ah, I haven't seen her in what 3, no 4 years –I have no idea what I'm going to be dealing with when she gets home." Taylor started complaining after telling them that his sister was coming back home after 3 years in a school in the UK.

You see the thing is that there was always a first born male and that was it actually no one after that. But for some reason Taylor had a sister Jen. As far as the boys remembered she was his little sister always tailing after her brother. Her brown hair the same shade as his and her eyes brown as well. She was, what, 13 when she left and she didn't seem to poses any powers-yeah, that's what they needed, it wasn't enough that she actually existed but she had to have powers. And luckily she didn't.

"So, what she's coming home after all?! I thought you were joking. Well at least she's grown, I hope, that means that she won't be running after us anymore, right!"

"How old is she, 15/16 maybe? I think she'll have other things to do." Caleb added to the conversation.

"Sixteen, but she has a birthday in November then she'll be turning seventeen." Taylor said. He actually missed his sister, she might have been a pain in the ass but she was HIS pain. His father was supposed to take her from the airport in two days so they could have some sort of family bonding before his last school year started. In all honesty he wasn't looking forward to that.

"So is the demon in female form as bad as she used to be?"

"Which in Garwin talk means 'Is she still fat and annoying?' No offence, you know being your sister and stuff." Pogue did have a way with words when it came to Reid.

"Hah, don't worry and that would be a NO! I mean she is, as always, an annoying know-it-all-pain in my…NECK!" Taylor shouted seeing a teacher walking by. Yes the first day of school was a 'drag' as dear Mr. Garwin would say. "But to answer any more of your questions, she is nice I mean I really didn't expect her to be so changed. She's quite mature. She was a 13-year-ols brat with no respect for my personal life what so ever and now she's this amaizingly smart, awesome and civilized girl." He smirked a little to himself. "She actually asked about you guys and how you've all been doing. Apperently, her and mum have had bets on how everyone would change. It was quite funny when mum had to give her 20 bucks for Pogue being strong. Hahahahah it seems mum didn't see you that way 3 years ago." They all laught and dessided it was time to join Sarah and Kate for class.

They were getting ready to go out at Taylor's house after school when he ruffly push a skinny figure in his room, both of them screaming. The girl might have not noticed them but they sure as hell noticed her. Dressed in skinny dark blue jeans a black top and some black boots, her hair was long and straight-the color the same as Baby Boy's. Her long piano fingers had rings on them. And her one sided backpack had just hit the flore. She was furious and scary to be honest, that was probably the reason no one came to Taylor's aide.

"What's your damage?! You were fine this morning."

"Hmm, you're absolutely right-I WAS fine you idiot!" She said calmly which is why it sounded even more like a threat was coming his way. "What the hell Taylor?" She screamed and shouved him in the chest. "3 years, I'm gone 3 years and I hope that you would change that you won't be the same arrogant tosser I left, that you would be the big brother I've always known somewhere in that back hole you call heart you are, but…" At that moment they all looked at the girl with new eyes. No longer chubby or short the beautiful girl in front of them was Jen. Her eyes watering, her pink lips in a line full of anger and something else. "But No! I asked you one thing, ONE freaking thing to do or better yet NOT do, one thing for 3 years and the moment I get back you do it! You Taylor Simmes are a first class prat." All they could think about is how much she had changed, no longer the quite little girl, now she was a force of nature. "And this morning you were right about what you said…I am a know-it-all who loves being right and hates being wrong, well, guess what I LOAGTH being wrong about you, Brother. This time you really proved you are an asshole."

Then she did the most unusual thing-she curcied "Bravo, brother, you have officially exieded my expectations, you have outdone yourself." Then her eyes narrowed and she moved forward to Baby Boy. "This is my first and last chance to stay home, Taylor, if you do anything else to sabotage it, remember, that it doesn't matter if I'm in the UK or the other side of the world, I will rain doom down on your stupid covenant head. Got it?!" Then she turned away and her eyes stopped on Caleb.

"Oh, guys is that you?" And just like that her rage turned in to the, most genuen smile. Her brown eyes shinning. "You've changed so much! Maybe we can catch up soon, that is if my brother isn't too biussy screwing any of my friends."

"Jen, you, I can't belive it's you. You've grown so much." Pogue hugged her and smiled.

"My, my Perry, aren't we strong. Hah, I'm glad to see you again. Caleb, is that you?" She was really surprised to see the way they've all turned out. "No way!" Giving her a half hug he said something in her ear that made her smile even wider. "If you guys are here that means…" She turned around to see a very rebeliouse looking blond boy. "Reid!" Jen jigged to him and hugged him thight. The thing was that even though she was his best friend's little sis he was never close to her, hell, at a younger age he found her quite annoying, if he could recall. But now she was a complietly different person. Her hair was longer, her body was different (in a good way, but he would never say that one out loud-she was Baby Boy's sister), her sent was divine.

"J-J-Jen" he was shocked by the hug. "Nice to have you back" She pulled away and looked him up and down curiously. And then there was a very frustirated sound.

"No, why didn't you go with black hair?! Now I own mum the 20$ I got from her for 'The Perry' bet. Damn you Reid Garwin" She said with a smile that left everyone super shocked.

"You know Jen, we were just headed for Niki's, wanna come with us?" Caleb asked and reseaved a very killer sort a look from Baby Boy. But unfortunately it was too late.

"Sure I'd love to. See you there. I'm so glad I saw you guys, I've missed you." She said as she left.

"I dispise you" Apperently someone wasn't very happy his sister was acompaning them. But Reid didn't register any of that he was too shocked by the she had acted to even listen to what was happening around him. Turns out time does change people.