I could feel it coming again, that senseless feeling of despair, the loss of control over everything including my own mind. My fingers grasped the sides of my bed that I lay on as my heart strained against my chest, trying to break free and take over. I could feel the black veins crawl up my arms from my fingertips and I screamed out in pain. My body was crippled with agony and my vision clouded with a red haze. There was only one thing that I could think about, a name that screamed out in my head. Rhydian, Rhydian, Rhydian. Over the pounding beating of my heart I could hear my Mum and Dad frantically trying to break the door open which i had locked.

"Maddy! Maddy! We're coming in sweetheart, hold on!" called my Mam. I was at the edge of transforming, I could feel it. The pull you receive on a full moon as a Wolfblood is meant to be strong, but in my experience it had never been quite like this before, and at this early in the day. I had only transformed three times, all of them with Rhydian alongside me. Oh how I missed him. It had been about a month since he chose his families wild pack over mine … over me. This was the first full moon without him. That thought made me scream again as it triggered another deep pull on my heart. My inner wolf was trying to break free and take control. I could feel warm hands on my head and my arms and whispers in my ears.

"Hold on Maddy, can you hear us love?" my dad said. I tried to find my mouth and open it to reply but a pained moan escaped my lips instead.

"Listen to me Maddy, when you have recovered, I will tell you what you are going through. I know it hurts but you have to fight it. If you transform now, you will be uncontrollable and will do anything to get what you want" my Mam said.

"R-R-Rhydian!" I screamed to them.

"I know Maddy, I know" hushed my Mam.

"Here love, take this" my Dad said. I hadn't realised he had gone. A cold glass clinked against my chattering teeth as a freezing sweet fluid flowed into my mouth. As a swallowed, I could feel it immediately making me feel better. It dulled the pain that was surging through my body and although the senseless pull still remained, the rest of my body was numbed and I slowly felt myself drifting off. Just before I was taken under, I heard my Dad whisper to my Mam.

"Why did it have to be him"