Thank you for all of the amazing reviews from all of the amazing people 3 This is just a tiny chapter to keep the story going whilst i write the next one for you ;D I am only going to carry on writing this if it gets more reviews x


I knew I was close to finding Maddy because the pain in my chest was barely there. The only thing that kept me going was the pulling sensation in my heart. I only had a few minutes left as a wolf; I could feel the weakness coming back in the sudden slowing of my run. I only hoped that when I transformed back, my injuries would disappear and I would still be able to find Maddy. I was trying to work out which direction I would need to go when I heard it. It was a load, torturous howl of agony and defeat that came from somewhere not so far from where I was now. I recognised the howl immediately, as the pain in my chest came back ten times as worse as it was before. I surged forward and sprinted in the direction I was heading, the fastest I had ever run in my whole life. Maddy was in pain, Maddy needed me.