Thirty Three- Some News?

Trunks groaned as he came to. He blinked his eyes a few times, adjusting them to the pale light. He felt beside him, frowning slightly when he found it empty... Pan was already awake then. He sat up slowly, grunting at a few sore muscles on his ribs and chest. Most of his, and Pan's armor laid out sprawled on the floor. Both of them had been so tired yesterday that they had striped down to their underwear before crawling into bed.

Groggily, he got out of the bed and slipped on a shirt and a pair of sweats before stumbling down the stairs. The delicious smell of food caught his nose and he gave a light sigh of contentment. Most of the Z-Fighters and Saiyans were already awake and sitting at the table by the time he entered the kitchen.

"What time is it?" Trunks asked as he sat down beside Pan.

"Two in the afternoon," Bulma answered, leaning against the counter as Chi-Chi and Videl cooked.

"Wow," Trunks mused. "Didn't know I slept this late."

"We all did," Pan yawned. "Go-nii is still sleeping..."

"Not for long," Gohan told his daughter. "He just hasn't smelt your Grandma's food yet."

Just as Gohan said, two minutes later, Goten came running into the kitchen and sat beside Bulla, and across from Trunks. He looked at his niece, and raised a brow, "what crawled into your hair last night?"

Pan sent him a glare, not even attempting to mess with her wild hair. "Do you want me to go Super on your ass? Cause I can now."

"Language, Panny," Gohan chuckled at his brother's slight look of horror.

"I forgot you could go Super now," Goten admitted. "It's actually, kind of a scary thought-"

"Wait!" Videl turned sharply, her eyes wide as Chi-Chi gasped. "Panny is a Super Saiyan now?!"

"Um, yeah..." Pan blushed lightly. "It happened last night..."

"Gohan, why didn't you tell me?!" Videl demanded.

"I'm sorry..." The man's eyes widened. "It slipped my mind... But Hun, you should have seen her... I'm so proud," he gave his daughter a loving smile.

"Thanks Papa," she smiled back.

"Yo, Pan, did you see Hina's face when she saw you?!" Goten laughed, "that was priceless! She was scared shitless!"

"Goten," Chi-Chi scolded softly.

"Sorry!" He called sheepishly. "But it's the truth..."

"I don't get much of a chance to fight her though," Pan frowned. "Cause Trunks stabbed Sryuo with his light saber..."

"I want a light saber," Goten pouted.

"It would be cool," Thaniel spoke up from beside him.

"Trunks, just how did you do that?" Bulma asked, raising a brow as she picked up the sword handle that was resting on the counter.

Trunks opened his mouth to speak, but then he closed it and scratched his head. "You know... I'm not sure," he admitted. "Sryuo was pissing me off, and I forgot all about my sword being in my hand, so when I went to shoot a blast at him... It surrounded my handle, broke my blade and more or less became a blade of it's own."

"That's so badass," Goten whispered in awe. "I gotta try that!"

"Goten!" Chi-Chi glared at him.

Krillin chuckled softly as he sipped on some coffee. "You guys are acting as if we won," he told them softly. Yes, they definitely had the advantage, but the Tuffles had escaped.

"Well none of us died," Trunks smirked, placing his chin in his hand. "And, it was obviously a Saiyan victory. Let's celebrate a little. Those bastards will be toast next time!"

"Trunks, language!" Bulma scolded.

"Yeah!" Goten gave his friend a high-five before giving Thaniel one as well.

Bulla snickered, "I still can't get over what Pan yelled to Hina."

"Ah," Artemis laughed, "what was it again?"

The girls cleared their throats before saying it together, "no, bitch! I'm the real Pan!"

"Language!" Chi-Chi, Videl and Bulma scolded all at the same time.

"You guys should have seen Ventruio's face when Pan pulled down her hood... Talk about priceless," Trunks snickered.

Gohan gave a soft laugh, "surprised, were they?"

"Ventruio definitely was," Pan told her father with a grin.

Bulla frowned, "you know what's sad?"

"No!" Pan pointed a finger at her. "There will be no sad talk! I only want to hear happy things!"

"Chocolate makes me happy," Res sighed dreamily.

"Pizza!" Nodded Rei.

"Hamburgers!" Res added.

"Cotton candy!" Smiled Rei.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Goten laughed at the twins. "They're my new best friends, sorry bro," he looked at Trunks.

"No problem," Trunks smirked. "Thaniel has it covered," he said, giving the Saiyan a high-five.


Sryuo gasped, his eyes shooting open and the pain suffocating him. He grabbed his chest as he groaned in pain.

"Sryuo," Hina's gentle voice called. She leaned over him, wiping his face with a damp rag.

"Hina?" Sryuo whispered in shock as he looked at we face. Along the left side of her face was a red slash that had four stitches in it. No doubt, it would be a scar... "What happened? The Saiyans?" He sat up, only hissing in pain.

"Lay down," Hina told him softly, gently pushing him back down on the bed. "You need your rest," she said, pushing some of Sryuo's dark green hair out of his red eyes. "After Trunks stabbed you, I grabbed you and sent an order for everyone to retreat... Father wasn't happy about us losing, and he plans on attacking again... Sryuo... Let's leave."

"What?" Sryuo knitted his eyebrows together in confusion.

"Let's leave... Without my father. There's an extra ship in the basement of this one. Most of the army already follows you more than him anyways. We can get them to listen to us, and we can go back to Creatos, to be with the Creaons. You know they'll welcome us back with warm arms without my father..."

"Hina..." Sryuo whispered. The idea was pleasing... Ventruio was ruthless and vindictive, but Sryuo himself wasn't that much different... To go back to Creatos would be nice... His mom lived there, as did half of his family, but his mind wondered back to a certain Saiyan. How was it that she could invade his mind so simply? Maybe it was all the time he spent watching her... Maybe it was because he knew the type of character she was.- so strong-willed and independent. Had he really fallen in love with her... Or did he just want to dominate her...?

"Pan..." He whispered her name before he could stop himself.

Hina closed her eyes, her tears stinging her eyes, but she refused to let Sryuo see them. "Can't you tell you'll never have her?" Her voice shook, surprising Sryuo. "She's in love with Trunks, Sryuo, they're mates for crying out loud! As many hours as my father has made us study about Saiyans, you should know just how strong a bond can be..."

Hina opened her eyes and sniffed as Sryuo watched her. His eyes widened when he saw a tear roll down her cheek. "My father has turned us into monsters, Sryuo..." She whispered. "This isn't us... Who we use to be. This is my father trying to control us, but we can be different. We can be free... Together."

Sryuo looked away from Hina as she lowered her eyes to her lap. She was partially right; Ventruio had controlled most of their lives since they turned thirteen. Sryuo had known Hina his whole life, and growing up together, she had been his best friend... But he didn't love her... Not the way she loved him, or the way he even the way he felt about Pan. He knew Pan was mated, but she wouldn't stay out of his mind. Sryuo knew though, no matter what he did, Trunks would never let him have her... He would never be able to claim Pan as his as long as Trunks was alive.

But Hina loved him, she would do anything for him; she could take care of him like she always had. They could gather the group of Tuffles that were more loyal to him rather than Ventruio, and leave- just like Hina had said. Then, once he was fully healed, and after years of training he could come back, and get what was his.

Slowly Sryuo sat up, "Hina?"

The Tuffle wiped a tear away from her eye before looking at him, and speaking softly. "Yes?"

Ever so softly, Sryuo leaned down and kissed Hina on the lips. The Tuffle Princess' eyes widened in surprise; she couldn't believe what was happening! After coming to her senses, she closed her eyes, leaning into the kiss. When they pulled away, Sryuo grabbed the back of her neck to draw her to his chest, "I'm sorry for not seeing something that I've had in front of me this whole time... You're right, let's leave," he whispered, playing with her hair." Let's get away from your father, and go back home... We can start our own family, and be free."

New tears filled Hina's eyes- tears of joy and shock. "You mean it...?" Sryuo nodded, and Hina flung her arms around his neck, crying in joy.


"I can't believe how bad the city is..." Pan commented as her and Trunks stood in what use to be his office. The whole Capsule Corp building was damaged, and Trunks didn't even have a window to his office any more... It had been five days since the fight, and people roamed the streets of West City, the place that use to be their home.

"Yeah," Trunks sighed as he walked over by Pan. He shook his head, "I still can't believe how they just disappeared like that, and now we'll have to rebuild the whole city."

"This just means we can build the buildings better than they were. I just feel sorry for all those poor people who have no homes..." frowned Pan.

"I suppose, since Goten and Bulla are searching for the Dragons Balls, we'll call Shenron."

"Wish number one, bring back all the innocent people who were killed by the Tuffles," nodded Pan. That was a good start; too many innocent bystanders had gotten caught up in the fight...

"Wish number two, rebuild the city with the best defense," Trunks course, he would help with that part too. CC was working on a new type of metal that was more resistant to all forms of destruction.

"Wish number three..." Pan began, but she stopped.

"We could erase their memories," Trunks whispered.

Pan sighed as she looked at him. "Trunks, every time something bad happens we erase their memories... These people deserve to know what happened... They deserve to know that someone wants to take over their planet, and they deserve to know about us, the Saiyans, and how we want to protect earth- our home. What's not to say that some of them want to join the Z-Fighters, and help us protect it...?" She asked.

Trunks shrugged, scratching his head. "I never really thought about it. I guess, I always assumed that it was a good thing they didn't know, so they wouldn't freak out..."

"They probably will freak out," Pan told him. "But at least they'll know the truth. The truth is better than being lied to."

"We'll talk to the others about it, it's not just our secret to share," he promised her.

Pan nodded, "we probably should wait to wish on the Dragon Balls too."

Trunks nodded in agreement. "It would be best to wait until after all this mess is over."

Suddenly, there was a small power level that Trunks noticed instantly. He looked at Pan, and it was clear from her expression that she felt it too. He grabbed her hand, using Instant Transmission to take them to where the power was. They arrived in an open field, and not ten feet away was Hina, who was holding Sryuo's hand. Trunks growled as he stepping in front of Pan and placing a hand on her waist.

"We come in peace," Hina assured him. Trunks pursed his lips together, but there was still a glare in his look.

"I am here to apologize for my race's actions... My father has twisted my mind since I was a teen, and I forgot who my true self was, we both did," she glanced at Sryuo, who gave her a soft nod for her to continue. "We've come here to tell you that we're leaving earth with a group of the other Tuffles. We're going back to our old planet. I must warn you though, my father plans to attack again. You must kill him, he won't stop till he kills all of the Saiyans..." Hina's smile was faint, "I hope you two have a great life together, and please- just kill my father... You won't have peace unless you do." She turned around, and Sryuo followed her lead. He glanced back only for a second to look at Pan, then they were gone.

Trunks looked down at Pan in shock, "Did that really just happen?"

"Yeah, I think so," she whispered. "We have to tell the others."

Pan smiled, swinging their hands. "Then let's go Boxer Boy!"


Everyone was relieved to hear that Hina, Sryuo, and a group of Tuffles would no longer be a treat, yet there was still Ventruio to worry about... They still had to be on guard, because there was no telling of what he would or could do...

A few days later, after everyone came to an agreement, Trunks gave an announcement to the world via satellite. He told everyone about the Tuffles, and how they wanted to take over the world. Then he told them about the Saiyans, and how his family and the Sons were part of the race... He made it very clear that to the Saiyans, earth was home, and they would protect it with all their might... There was shock from the world, but after realizing that they had lived on the planet in peace with the Saiyans for many years and that the Saiyans had just save them all... accepted it. They were happy to have a superior race on their side incase of another attack.

"Guys!" Bulma ran into the living room where everyone had been siting. "The city is being attacked! And it's not just Weat City again, but the other coordinate cities! As well as Pepper City, Bridgetown, Gingertown, they're all being attacked by Tuffles!"

Trunks glanced at Pan, a slight smirk on his face. "Want to do another trick?"

Pan smirked, "Let's do it!"