Thirty-Three- Some News?

Trunks woke up, blinking his eyes a few times to adjust them to the pale light. The spot beside him was empty, letting him know that Pan was already up. Slowly, he sat up in the bed to see the main parts of the armor suits from his and Pan's scattered on the floor. They had been so tired last night they basically striped down to their underwear before going to sleep.

Still getting use to be awake, Trunks got out his bed before slipping on a shirt and a pair of sweats over his boxers. The sudden smell of food caught his nose and he sighed as he made his way down the stairs. As he entered the kitchen he saw his father, Goku, Gohan, Videl, Bulla, Artemis, Thaniel, Othello, the twins, most of the Z-Fighters and Pan all sitting at the table. Seemed like the smell of food had woke them up too...

"What time is it?" He asked as he took the empty seat beside Pan.

"Two in the afternoon," Bulma answered, leaning against the counter as ChiChi an Elvie cooked.

"Wow," mused Trunks. "Didn't know I slept in that late."

"We all did, Goten's still sleeping," said Pan.

"Not for long," smiled Gohan. "The smell just hasn't reached him yet."

Sure enough, two minutes later Goten came into the kitchen and took the seat across from Pan that was beside Bulla. He looked at his sister and smiled, "What crawled into your hair last night?"

Pan sent him a glare, not even bothering to try to pat her wild hair down. "Goten, I'm not afraid to jump over this table and go Super on your ass."

"Language Pan," scolded ChiChi.

"Sorry-" Pan began before she was cut of by her mother.


Pan looked at her mother her eyes wide. "Yeah, it happened last night..."

"WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!" Screeched ChiChi.

Goku, covering for Pan, laughed nervously. "Sorry Hun, it must have slipped my mind with everything else that's happening. You should have seen her though, it was amazing. I'm very proud of you Panny," he looked at his daughter with a smile.

Pan blushed lightly, "Thanks Papa."

"Did you see Hina's face when she saw you?" Goten laughed. "Priceless!"

"Yeah, I really didn't get a chance to fight her in my Super form, because Trunks stabbed Sryuo with his light saber."

"I want a light saber..." Goten muttered to himself.

"Trunks," Bulma picked up his sword handle that was on the counter. "Just how did you do that?"

Trunks opened his mouth to say something before it went blank. "I honestly don't know. Sryuo was making me mad, and I forgot about having my sword in my hand. So when I shot a blast out of my hand, it surrounded my handle, broke my blade, and more or less became a blade of its own."

"That's wicked," smirked Goten. "I gotta try that."

Krillin laughed lightly as he took a sip of his coffee. "You guys act as if you won."

Trunks looked at him, "Why not celebrate a little? None of us died, and it was obviously a Saiyan victory."

"YEAH!" Goten gave his friend a high-five.

"Oh!" Pan took the ring off her hand and handing it back to Bulla. "Thanks for letting me wear it."

Bulla snickered. "Ah I loved it when you rammed her out of the window. 'No bitch, I'm the real Pan!'"

"Language!" ChiChi and Bulma said at the same time.

Trunks smirked. "You guys should have seen Ventruio's face when Pan took her hood down, now that was priceless."

Gohan laughed softly. "I bet they were surprised!"

"You know what's sad?" Bulla frowned.

"No!" Pan pointed a finger at her. "There will be no talking about sad stuff, I only want to hear happy things!"

"Chocolate makes me happy," Res spoke up.

"Pizza!" Added Rei.

"Hamburgers!" Res continued.

"Cotton Candy!" Smiled Rei.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Goten looked at the twins. "They're my new best friends, no offense bro," he told Trunks.

"Not a problem, Thaniel's got it covered," Trunks gave Saiyan a fist bump; something he had taught him last week.


Out in space a few days later, Sryuo woke up panting in a cold sweat. He grabbed at his chest in a panic motion like he was trying to grab something.

"Sryuo!" Hina said from a chair beside his bed. She quickly got up and moved to sit beside him on the bed. She grabbed his arm and he looked at her in shock.

"Hina?" He whispered when he saw her face. Along the left side of her face was a gash that had four stitches on it, it was the same cut Pan had done to her, and it would be a scar. "What happened to the battle? Where's the Saiyans?" He sat up only to hiss in pain.

"Lay back down," Hina said gently, pressing on his shoulders. "You need your rest. After Trunks stabbed you, I rescued you and sent out an order to leave the grounds and to return to the ship. My father wasn't to happy that we lost, but he plans on attacking again soon," she finished, looking at the pillow beside Sryuo's head. She stared at it for a long time before finally looking at Sryuo again, "We can leave you know."

"What?" Sryuo asked, in a mixture of shock and confusion.

"We can leave, we can leave without my father. There's an extra ship in the basement of this one. Most of the army follows you more than him anyways. We can get them to listen to us and we can go back to Creatos, to be with the Creaons, you know they'll welcome us back with warm arms without my father."

"Hina..." Sryuo said slowly, he wasn't really sure of what else to say. "Pan..."

Hina closed her eyes as rejection and jealousy hit her with a big sting. Hot tears filled her eyes, so she refused to open them. "Can't you tell you'll never have her?!" She hissed causing Sryuo's eyes to widened. "She is in love with someone else Sryou, they're mates for crying out loud! As many hours as my father has made us study about the Saiyans, you should know just how strong a bond can be. After watching Trunks and Pan, I believe their bond is one of the strongest..."

Hina opened her eyes to see Sryuo watching her. She sniffed slighty, and his eyes widened when he saw a tear fall from her right eye. "Look at the monsters my father had made us into Sryuo..." she whispered. She shook her head, "This isn't us; this my father trying to control us; we can get away. We can be free... Together."

Sryuo looked away from Hina as she lowered her eyes to her lap. She was partially right, Ventruio had controlled most of their life since they turned thirteen. Sryuo had known Hina his whole life, they grew up together, and she had been his best friend... But he didn't love her... Not the way she loved him, or the way he loved Pan. He knew the female Saiyan was mated, but since chasing her in the alley that one fateful day, he couldn't get her out of his mind. He knew though, no matter what he did, Trunks would never let him have her. He would never be able to claim Pan as his as long as Trunks was alive.

But Hina loved him, she could love him until he could have Pan. She would take care of him like she always had. They could gather the group of Truffles that liked him more than Ventruio, and leave- just like she said. Then once he was fully healed, and after years of training he could come back. He could get Pan.

Slowly Sryuo sat up, "Hina?"

The Truffle wiped a tear away from her eye before looking at him, and speaking softly. "Yes?"

Ever so softly Sryuo leaned down and kissed Hina on the lips. The Truffle Princess' eyes widened in surprise; she couldn't believe what was happening. After coming to her senses she closed her eyes before kissing Sryuo back. When they pulled away Sryuo grabbed the back of her neck to draw her closer to him. "I'm sorry for not seeing something that I've had in front of me this whole time... You're right, let's leave. Let's get away from your father, and go back home. We can start our own family, and be free."

New tears filled Hina's eyes; tears of joy and shock. "You mean it...?" Sryuo nodded and Hina flung her arms around his neck, crying in joy.


"I can't believe how bad the city is..." Pan comment as her and Trunks stood in what use to be his office. The whole Capsule Corp building was damaged, and Trunks didn't even have a window to his office any more... It had been five days since the fight; people roamed the streets of West City, the place that use to be their home.

"Yeah," Trunks sighed as he walked over by Pan. He shook his head, "I still can't believe how they just disappeared like that, and now we'll have to rebuild the whole city."

"This just means we can build the buildings to be sturdier. I just feel sorry for all those poor people who have no homes..." said Pan.

"I suppose, since Goten and Bulla are searching for the Dragons Balls... They could help us."

"Wish number one, bring back all the innocent people who were killed by the Truffles," nodded Pan.

They had thought that mostly everyone was gone, but they were wrong. More people stayed behind then they had imagined, and because of that- those people were now dead.

"Wish number two, rebuild the city with the best defense," Trunks added.

"Wish number three..." Pan began, but she stopped.

"We could erase their memories," whispered Trunks.

Pan sighed as she looked at him. "Trunks, every time something bad happens we erase their memories. I'm tired of doing that; these people deserve to know what happened. They deserve to know that someone wants to take over their planet, and they deserve to know about the Saiyans. What's not to say that some of them want to join the Z-Fighters, and help us protect it...?"

Trunks shrugged, scratching his head. "I never really thought about it. I guess I always just figured that it was a good thing they didn't know, so they wouldn't freak out..."

"They probably will freak out, but at least they'll know the truth. The truth is better than being lied to."

"We'll talk to the others about it, it's not just our secret to share," he looked at her.

Pan nodded, "I don't think we should wish on the Dragon Balls right away though."

Trunks nodded in agreement. "It would be best to wait until after all this mess is over."

Suddenly, there was a small power level that Trunks would be able to notice anywhere. He looked at Pan, and it was clear from the expression on her face that she felt it too. He grabbed her hand quickly before using Instant Transmission to where the power was. They arrived in an open field, not ten feet away was Hina who was holding Sryuo's hand. Trunks growled as he stepped in front of Pan.

"We come in peace," Hina told him. Trunks stopped his growl, but he looked at them with caution.

"I am here to apologize for my race's actions... My father has twisted my mind since I was thirteen, and I forgot my real self, we both did," she glanced at Sryuo, who nodded for her to continue. "We've come here to tell you that we're leaving earth with a big group of the others, and going back to our old planet. I must warn you though, my father will attack again. You must kill him, he won't stop till he kills all of the Saiyans." Hina's smile was faint. "I hope you two have a great life together, and please- just kill my father." She turned around, making Sryuo turn as well. He glanced back only for a second to look at Pan, then they were gone.

Trunks and Pan shared a look. "Did that really just happen?"

"Yeah, I think so," mused Trunks. "We have to tell the others."

Pan smiled before swinging their hands. "Then let's go Boxer Boy!"


Everyone was relieved to hear that Hina, Sryuo, and a group of Truffles would no longer be a treat, yet there was still Ventruio to worry about... They still had to be on guard, because there was no telling of what he would or could do. A few days later, after everyone agreed Trunks gave an announcement to the world via electricity. He told the world about the Truffles, and how they wanted to take over the world. Then he told them about the Saiyans, and how his family and the Sons were part of the race. Trunks had made it very clear though that the Saiyans saw the earth as their home, and they would protect it with all their might. The world for the most part was shocked, but after realizing that they had lived on the planet in peace with the Saiyans for many years they accepted it. They were happy to have a superior race on their side incase of another attack.

"Guys!" Bulma ran into the living room a week later where mostly everyone was. "The city is being attacked! Not just Weat City again, but the other coordinate cities! As well as Pepper City, Bridgetown, Gingertown, their all being attacked by Truffles!"

Trunks glanced at Pan, a slight smirk on his face. "Are you ready for another trick?"

Pan smirked, "Let's do it!"