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"Freddie!" Mrs Benson called excitedly from down the hall.

"What now mum?" Freddie asked, hoping his mother wouldn't embarrass him in front of Carly and Sam.

"You got into Technological Study college!" Mrs Benson said, a huge smile reflective on her face.

"What?!" Freddie exclaimed, grabbing the paper in disbelief.

"Oh my god Freddie, well done!" Carly congratulated, hugging her friend.

"Well done for getting into your nerdy school." Sam half complemented.

She took the paper from his hands, it read: Dear Fredward Benson,

We have received your application form, and as a result we'd love you to come and join us in Technical Study's College. We'd love to see you on the 23rd of December in New York, where the college is located. Thank you, look forward to seeing you,

Arthur Combiner.

"The college is in New York?" Carly asked, in a more serious tone than usual.

Sam shook her head. "What?"She said, motionless

"Yeah isn't that great?"He said.

"Yeah it sure is, if you wasn't leaving behind me, carly, gibs and icarly!" She said, storming out of the Shay household

"Carly?" Freddie said.

"Its a great opportunity for you, don't worry Sam will come round." She said patting his shoulder

"Who needs friends?" Mrs Benson said, squeezing her son.

Sam sat on the window seel looking out at all the stars.

"Hi." Freddie said

"Hey." She replied

"Are you mad at me?" He asked.

"I'm not mad at you, of course I'm going to miss you and your nerdieness , but this is what you've always wanted." She said, getting of the window seel.

Freddie smiled slightly.

"What?" Sam asked

"I can't believe you, Sam Puckett, have actually just said that, not once in all the time I've known you have you said something nice."

"So?" She said.

Freddie lent over and kissed Sam's rosebud lips.

Sam tried to hide the smile that was tugging at her lips,but she couldn't.

"What was that for?"

"You being Sam Puckett."

Sam kissed Freddie's cheek.

"Night." She said.

"Night." He replied, stroking his right cheek, which Sam had just kissed.

"Heya babe." Candice said.

"Candice!" He said, his eyes widening and his heart sank.

"Do I smell perfume?"

"Uh..Its my mums."

"Awr bless, how was your day?"

"Um great, I got into the college I applied for."

"OMG!EEEK!WELL DONE!Why didn't you text me babe?"

"Sorry I forgot..." He lied

I don't know how this chapter turned out, I know it was short, but the other chapters will be longer and better :) Promise!