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Carly knocked heavily on Sam's door.

"Sam I know your in there!"

"I'm not opening the door!"

"I bought bacon.."

"You have five minutes."

Sam unlocked the door.

"Bacon first."


" 'Cause, I'm hungry."

Carly handed her the bacon.

Sam looked a mess, her make-up had run all down her rosy cheeks, her dress was torn and her hair was scruffed.

"Oh Sam, I'm sorry Freddie has a girlfriend."
"It's fine, I know a way to get my man. I'll just date a good looking techie nerd who loves bacon.."

"Then that would get Freddie jealous! Right, good thinking Sam."

"Yeah but there aren't any good looking techie nerds that love bacon, are there?"

"Well just tell a white lie, say you have a boyfriend called Bob or something, but he lives in Canada."
"Good work Shay, but Bob? I'm not calling him Bob."

Carly laughed slightly.

"Um hey Sam, would you wanna go to dinner with me and Candice?" Freddie asked.

"Ur I'd love to, but I have a date." Sam lied.

"Oh really? Who, when, why, where?"

"7:30, he loves bacon and is super cute, Skype, why jealous?"

"You didn't say his name and of course I'm not jealous, Pppshh I mean why'd I be jealous?"

A smile tugged at the corners of Sam's lips, she knew when Freddie was lying.

"Ur his name is.. it's Bob!" Sam lied.

"Oh right. Well um have fun." Freddie said.

"Freddie why aren't you eating your hamburger? I separated the lettuce from the cheese, how you like it." Candice asked.

"Sorry, I just feel a little sick, I think I'll just head for the dinner babe." Freddie said, giving Candice a peck on the cheek.

I hope you enjoyed:) In the next two/three chapters more seddie will be shown and Freddie has to decide weather to board his plane :) Sorry this is short, I'm very tired and have a heap of homework and exams to do, but I will be updating hopefully everyday :) x