Ten-year-old Sherlock playfully hit his twin brother, John, in the arm. "Ow! That's it!" John cried out, his voice full of false menace. He made as if to grab his brother. Sherlock dodged out-of-the-way, laughing. John smiled and flew forward again. Once again Sherlock got out of the way. Nether boy saw that they were playing so close to a small ledge. John tripped and went over the ledge with a yelp.

Sherlock ran to where his brother was. "John! Are you alright?" he asked, not even trying to hide his worry. "Yes, Sherlock. It was not that far of a fall." He answered, playfully pushing his brother away. The brothers continued pushing each other. Then they saw the carriage coming towards them. Before any one could do anything, some men leapt out and grabbed John. "Let him go!" Sherlock snarled. One man pushed him away, and the carriage left, taking John with it. "Don't worry brother, we will meet again!" he called to the carriage. He did not know how many years later.