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This case is supposed to be easy. I thought as I struggled against Lestrade's hold. "Mr. Holmes, it's too dangerous! We have to wait for the fire brigade! Someone help me hold him back!" I had enough. Enough pretending and enough of this waiting! "The fire brigade could go to blazes!" I snapped. "My brother's in there!'' I felt his grip loosen with surprize and jerked free. I was halfway across before he recovered himself enough to yell, "Oy, get back here!'' I kept running. I had to save John. I will explain to the inspector later. Right now, rescuing my brother is much more important.

Where was he? "John! Where are you?!" I had to find him. Just then, I saw a tall form begin to stumble towards me then fall. "John!?" I called. The man's head came up. It was him I knew it. I raced toward him. "John! Are you alright?'' I moved to help him up, but he tried to push me away. "Sherlock, I'm alright you, however, should not be in here. Go I will be right behind you, as always." I shook my head. He was crazy if he thought I was going to leave him, and I told him so.

He began to argue then started coughing. How long was he in there? "I am not leaving you." I grabbed him and practically pulled him out. As soon as we were out of the warehouse I made sure he really was alright. "Thank you, brother." he whispered. Then, Lestrade came, and he looked MAD. "You two" he said slowly ''have a lot of explaining to do.'' Uh oh. We were in big trouble.