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So I decided to think on how I was going to start the chapter and my mind came to Yamato. But also on Brown Phantom Blood line challenge and seeing that Sacred Seed was part of it. Yes I am taking his challenge and AsterBlake333 said it was fine that I adopted the story BUT told him I was goign to change a few things around.

I like to be a little orignal on my part BUT. AsterBlake333 gets credit for for the name of the jutsu's but also the idea of giving Naruto the abilites just like Yoko Kurama from Yuyu Hakusho.

Also if anyone wants to know why I am calling it Leaf's Bandit.

Well Yoko Kurama is known to be the Legendary Bandit top A ranked demon master theif. So for Naruto, lets just say kitsune abilites to be a thief must come first and the real party comes next chapter.

warning...WARNING I might have gone a little over board the only reason why is becasue Naruto as a child hasnt seen all the evil of adults can do. So I hope I dont offend people but seeing how I already crossed that line in some of my other stories like Yellow Yoko Hokage and Yellow Yoko. The first few chaps will be dark and little bloody.

I also added a few people to help along the story but also give a few surprises later on to add more fuel to the fire.

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Naruto, waiting for his turn to fight, looked to see who he is going to fight. He saw Sasuke and smiled, thinking if he beats him he will be popular "Naruto come with me. I need to talk to you inside" said Mizuki, covered in orange paint. Naruto blinked and smirked seeing he fell for his prank, before Naruto can speak he is dragged by the arm by Mizuki.

"I will be right back Iruka. Continue the matches" said Mizuki. Iruka nodded watching Naruto being dragged off by Mizuku seeing that he is a victim of one of Naruto's prank. When they reached inside the academy room, Mizuka glared at Naruto "You little brat do you know what you did to me? Or how much trouble I am in?" hissing at Naruto.

He let out a nervous smile "Hmm sorry" scratching the back of his head.

Mizuki gave Naruto a grin "Alright Naruto, as punishment you have to clean up the mess" giving Naruto a paper with an address on it. He looks at Mizuki and raised an eyebrow seeing this is his punishment. Seeing that Iruka gives him detention or worse "Go pick up the supplies to clean up the mess. I will count it as a good mark" replied Mizuki.

"Really?" questioned Naruto.

Mizuki nodded and grinned 'He ruined my plans but giving him the brat should reward me for my failure'. Watching Naruto leave, Mizuki looked outside and saw Kiba on the ground while Sasuke held his collar 'I wonder what good will come out with the demon finally gone?' thought Mizuki. Wondering why Sasuke didn't do the reconciliation seal he shrugs his shoulders wondering instead how life is going to be without Naruto.

With Naruto.

Looking at the paper he looked at the old building "This is where Iruka and Mizuki get their supplies?" speaking to no one in particular. Walking inside the shop he noticed it had a weird smell. Looking around he sees a lot of strange weapons and clothes. "Hello?" calling out loud he noticed a old man with a cane coming from the back.

"What is it child?" speaking nicely but way too friendly, like a grandfather tone. He looked at Naruto and raised an eyebrow to see him of all people 'So he sends the boy instead of the Uchiha? How interesting'. Watching Naruto give him a note he let out a chuckle "Ahh Mizuki sent you". Walking closer to Naruto he sees his smile and grin. 'I wonder if he will survive.'

"Yeah. I pranked him earlier so my punishment is to clean up the mess. It's better then Iruka sensei's punishment" grinned Naruto. Watching the old man chuckle, Naruto noticed his smile and nod. Pointing him to go to the back where a box of supplies is at. "Ok be right back" smiled Naruto. Running towards the back the old man let out a sinister chuckle.

Walking to his counter he pushed a button. Walking to the door he closed the door behind Naruto "Hey what's going on?" shouted Naruto. Banging on the door he sees a white gas coming out the vents "Let me out!" shouted Naruto. Panicking he looked around to find another exit "Come on" quickly running around he found a window.

As he tries to climb the bookcase he fell on the floor 'Why can't I move?' passing out on the ground.

Soon the door opened and the old man looked at Naruto laying on the ground "You my boy will be a new subject" laughing to himself.

Next Day somewhere in Hi no Kuni.

When Naruto woke up, he smelled something awful, looking around he noticed a dark and cold room. "Where am I?" Slowly getting up but he stumbled back to the ground while only taking two steps.

"You are locked up" hearing a voice behind him. He sees an old man leaning against the wall and sitting on the ground wearing what looks to be an oversized shirt from top to bottom. Seeing his dark brown hair with white gray in it with his dark black iris with green pupils. Seeing how old he is Naruto wonders if he is the same age as the Hokage or older?

To the man's right he sees a few children around his age and a little older. "Where did you come from?" asked the old man.

Naruto looking around looked to the iron bars "How did I get here?" trying to remember the last thing he did. He was at an old building getting some supplies to clean up a prank he did at the Academy.

"It's pointless for the child. I doubt he will survive a day" said a female voice. Naruto turned to her noticing her clothes were all torn up while it barely covered her breasts or any part of her body. Continuing looking at the woman he noticed her to be around her early twenties "He will be like the other children" pointing to the bodies at the other side of the cell. Naruto turned to the location almost wanted to throw up his food from yesterday.

The children in the other cell looked almost dead. One girl looked to the ground not moving an inch of her body but still barely breathing. "What happened to them?" asked Naruto feeling nervous seeing them like that.

"The same thing that is going to happen to you" replied the woman. Getting up she walked towards Naruto looking at him from top to bottom "You should just lay down and not move, maybe you might get lucky making the guards think you are dead". Naruto watched as the woman walked around him and looked back at the children. "But seeing how short you are and skinny you won't last a hour at most".

Placing her hands on her hips showing her body, Naruto looked away making the woman giggle "How sweet, he isn't curious. How sad that a child like you is going to miss a lot in his future" smiling seductive at Naruto the woman continued to walk around him.

"Enough, leave the boy alone. Later on the guards are going to have their way with you" said the old man. The woman scolded and looked at the old man then turned to Naruto with a smile "Boy where are you from?" asked the old man.

"Konoha" answered Naruto.

A few chuckles and snickers were heard around the cells. The woman smiled and leaned against the wall while sitting on the ground. Spreading her legs giving Naruto a partial view of her womanhood "Ahh I had my fun in Konoha. The man there always know how to make a girl happy at night. I never had any disappointments".

"Huh? I don't get what you mean?" asked Naruto. The woman giggled at Naruto's innocence looking at him she raised her leg up in a seductive matter "Ahh you poor boy. It seems you won't know what I am talking about". Before she can continue, everyone heard a large door open. Some of the children soon started to whimper while the woman looked to see who it is.

The old man turned to Naruto "Do as I do" dropping onto the ground, Naruto did the same thing. Looking through the corner of his eye he sees a few man wearing white coats or various coats. "Don't move" whispered the man. Naruto nodded wondering where he is and hopes the Hokage finds him soon.

"There" pointing near the old man. A guard took the old man away making Naruto nervous "And the boy?" Said the doctor to the other doctor. Naruto saw three doctors with unique features.

One doctor has a scar from his left side of his face going down to his neck as a complete straight line. His hair is a dirty brown with black pupiless eyes, around medium height with a well built body.

The second docotor has ear rings and piercing's around his face and ears. He has white hair tied in a pony tail with a small and skinny frame to his body.

The last one made Naruto a little nervous. It was his hard stern face that made Naruto nervous. His facial expression promised nothing but pain, his cold dark green eyes and hair made Naruto nervous.

"Take him too. I want to see if his clan legacy is true. From what he said it might be true" said the third man. The guard nodded and walked towards Naruto and when he got close enough. Naruto jumped up and bit the guard in the leg. "AHH! Damn kid bit me" holding his leg. Naruto quickly saw the door and made a run for it.

The doctor with the green hair watched Naruto make a run towards the door "Children today" making a hand seal. Naruto felt his whole body on fire while he shouted out in pain. Dropping to the ground the doctor turned to Naruto with a smirk "Clever as a Kitsune. He waited for you to get near him and made his move. He will be very interesting but the question is how long will he last?" smirked the doctor.

Naruto looked to his arm to see an odd looking symbol on it 'What is this?' Feeling the guard pick him up the symbol continues to glow blue making Naruto pass out from the pain.

All three doctors nodded while one smiled evilly "He wants to try something on the boy. Something that he failed a long time ago back when he was in Konoha" said the second doctor.

The third doctor raised an eyebrow "I see he decided to try it on the boy. I am surprised he answered us back so quickly." Watching the other doctors nod, he looks to the door and decided to take his leave, but before he does he looked at the guard smiling at the woman "Animals" snorted the doctor. Stopping he got an idea and turned to the guard "Before you get yourself more dirty by touching her I want you to get me a few things".

The guard sucked his teeth nodded seeing his fun has to wait a little longer.

With Naruto.

When Naruto woke up he was strapped down to a table standing in an incline. Looking around to see many jars filled with eyes, tongues, hands, and a few internal organs as well. "Beautiful isn't it?" Naruto turned to the doctor sitting down on his chair writing something down. "Tell me boy what do you know about yourself? Age? Height? All that".

Naruto kept quiet making the doctor chuckle, getting up he brought out measuring tape "Perhaps you don't know". Naruto watched the doctor take his measurements "That wasn't so hard" letting out a chuckle. Naruto watched the doctor with a confused face "Now this is where the fun part starts" reaching into his white lab coat.

Naruto watched him take out a long syringe "What are you going to do?" stuttering a bit. The doctor walked to Naruto and smiled, as he got close to his arm he stopped making Naruto let out a short relief. 'That was close' thought Naruto.

"Just kidding" smiled the doctor. Quickly stabbing the needle into Naruto's arm "Now let's take some blood samples shall we?" slowly pulling out some blood from his arm. Naruto struggled to get free "Moving makes it worse" chuckled the doctor. Seeing the vial almost full he pulls it out of Naruto's arm and walks to his desk.

"That hurt" cried Naruto, wanting to rub the pain away from his arm. He noticed the doctor smile "You're nothing but a big meanie. When the old man gets here you are going to be in big trouble" shouting at the doctor. Naruto notices him chuckling making him confuse, everyone in Konoha respects the Hokage and wouldn't dare laugh at him or the position he has.

So what makes this guy different?

"Stop laughing!" shouted Naruto.

The doctor stopped lauging and turned to Naruto with a dark glare making the blonde nervous. "The Hokage won't find you. In fact it's his fault this is going to happen to you" smiled the man. Naruto's eyes widened thinking what he said, quickly shaking his head denying all this the doctor chuckled. "You see the Sandaime Hokage long time ago failed to stop someone who is very bad in Konoha. In fact everything that happens here is because of the Sandaime Hokage being weak".

"LIAR!" shouted Naruto. All of his life he heard how strong the Hokages were and the Yondaime being the strongest one of them all. He listened to the old man tell him stores about the Yondaime. "The old man isn't weak and he wouldn't allow someone bad to go free" shouted Naruto. Watching the man let out a loud evil chuckle like he knows more. Naruto felt scared but also felt nervous thinking he wasn't lying.

"I think it's time for you to sleep" getting up he walked to Naruto. "I need to study your blood in silence since I want to see what makes you so special. It has to do something with your clan but what?" When the doctor finished that, Naruto's eyes widen to hear this "Ohh you don't know about your clan? Didn't your old man Hokage tell you about it?"

Before Naruto can speak the doctor stabbed another needle into his arm making him sleep. "So you don't know. This will be fun." Naruto trying to stay awake wanted to know what he said is true. If he is really from a clan doesnt that mean their are others like him a family.

Next Day

When Naruto woke up he rubbed his arm "Damn doctor" mumbling to himself he sees the old man again. "Hey old man I didn't get your name" watching him turn to Naruto he shook his head. Hearing the giggles he turned to the young woman "What's your name?" asked Naruto. The woman smiled at him then rolled her eyes with a seductive playful smile.

"You don't need to know her name Naruto..."

"Uzumaki" finished Naruto.

"What?" said the old man. He turned to Naruto shocked to hear his name 'Uzumaki? But I thought everyone died during the end of the last shinobi war. The only one that was alive in Konoha was-' stopping he looked at Naruto shaking his head. Thinking it's just a coincidence "Tell me Naruto do you think your parents will send help or anyone?" watching Naruto look down "I mean they will be worried seeing you are missing"

Hoping something that will happen the old man watched Naruto shake his head "I don't know who my parents are. I am an orphan like Hokage jiji, I mean the Sandaime said" looking down the old man also frowned seeing this happen. But then Naruto's head shot up "The doctor might know. I mean he said something about the clan I am from. But if he knows why doesn't Hokage Jiji?" replied Naruto.

Naruto wondered what is going on and noticed the old man smiling at him "Do you know anything about the Uzumaki clan?" asked the old man.

Naruto turned to him shaking his head "No but do you know? Please tell me" begged Naruto.

The old man saw something in Naruto that he hasn't seen in years 'Family. This boy is an orphan but carries the Uzumaki name. Hiruzen if I somehow escape this hell I will return to Konoha and mark my words I will have a word with your former teammates, Danzou, and their deception' thought the old man bitterly and angry The old man turned to Naruto with a smile "Ahh the Uzumaki clan, they were known and feared for their Fuinjutsu. A powerful clan indeed, VERY powerful. In fact during the last war their enemies combined forces to eliminate them. But in the end it took much more to destroy them and Uzu no Kuni, a beautiful place an island that is east of Hi no Kuni" said the old man.

Everyone turned to him shocked that he knows all this. The woman in her mid-twenties turned to him raising an eyebrow "How do you know all this and how would you know he is what he claims to be?" wondering what is going on. She has been imprisoned for almost five years while the old man was here before here and many others.

The old man chuckled and lean against the wall "Because I came from Konoha. I was a shinobi from that Village before I was captured" said the old man. Naruto's eyes widened hearing this while the man nodded "Yes. I wonder how much Konoha has changed, in fact it's going to be two decades since I was captured. Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage, we are the same age" smiled the old man.

Naruto is shocked to hear this while the old man nodded "Wow you know the old man as well?" smiled Naruto.

"Indeed. I am surprised he didn't tell you about your name. In fact the Uzumaki clan and Senju clan are one of the three founders of Konoha" smiled the old man. One of the captured shinobi hearing this snorted getting his attention but also everyone.

"I thought the Senju and Uchiha founded Konoha?"

The old man shook his head while Naruto sat near him wanting to hear more "Well it's true the Uchiha and Senju made Konoha but the Senju went to their cousin clan the Uzumaki and asked for help. In fact most of the jutsu came from the Uzumaki clan in helping create Konoha, the Uchiha clan just sat back and started trouble or in other words old embers of war with that fan of hate they have".

Everyone watched his cheerful attitude turned to hate. Naruto didn't notice it in fact he was busy listening about this "But how do you know all this? I mean if you did come from Konoha why didn't they teach us in the academy? We learned all the boring stuff but notthin about all this" The old man turned to Naruto not knowing the answer. He has been locked up for almost fifteen to twenty years. "Even here the doctors calls me demon and fox" mumbled Naruto.

The old man felt his heart skipped, he turned to Naruto 'Calling him a fox, could he be like Mito-sama? But if he is then what happen to... NO this doesn't make any sense at all.' The old man looked at Naruto "Tell me Naruto what day were you born?"

Naruto looked at him with a smile "October ten. The same day Kyuubi attacked" answered Naruto with a frown after the smile. The old man just stared at Naruto shocked to hear this. "Do you know more about the Uzumaki clan and Fuinjutsu?" asked Naruto. The old man nodded and moved closer to Naruto giving him a warm smile and Naruto returned that smile as well.

Naruto stayed next to him and listened to everything he has said about his clan 'My clan are important to Konoha and Sasuke isnt the only important person as well'. Thinking to what happen at the academy he wonders if anyone noticed him gone yet.

With the Doctors.

All three doctors are in a room talking while the third doctor that took a vial of Naruto's blood looked at his colleagues "The boy is indeed an Uzumaki. His blood results show more promising work then that old Senju we have" said the third doctor.

The second nodded but asked why didn't Mizuki send Sasuke as the plan called for. Even with Naruto some plans that Orochimaru wanted will be delayed for years but other plans with the Uzumaki and Senju will be interesting.

The first doctor placed a few letters on the table "Worse" both doctors looked to the letters and nodded. "Sasuke Uchiha is the last survivor along with Itachi his brother who is branded has a traitor. So only one Uchiha remains in Konoha whatsoever" answered the first doctor.

The second nodded seeing if Sasuke went missing everyone will be out searching for him. "From what Mizuki sent us the Kyuubi container is almost ignored except by a short handful. So no one will notice until he is long gone". Seeing that no one thinks twice about what happened to Naruto they have a window of opportunity until someone goes looking for him.

All three doctors nodded before hearing a knock. The third doctor turned to the guard "We got some animals that you wanted". All three looked at each other shocked to see he gathered them soo quickly.

"Good" turning to the first doctor he let out a evil smile "You have a week to perfect your experiment. He wants results and with this kid we may just get those results once and for all". All three nodded and looked at the vial of blood while some thought of what good it can come out for them.

Next Day Very Early

The old man had been up all night thinking of everything. 'He has Kyuubi sealed inside of him? Could his mother be Kushina? Has to be I mean she came to Konoha before she became a genin. Mito-sama told the clan elders who she was picking. Years after one of our elders passed away due to age I took his position around the time when Kushina-sama was in her late teens. I wanted to bring her in the Senju clan but Tsunade was doing fine with her. What went wrong?'

Thinking of the past he remebers Kushina how she kept her duty to her clan while his clan also keep their duty. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath hearing someone moving he turned to his right to see "Orochimaru?" glaring at the man. He noticed the look he is giving to Naruto while licking his lips.

"So good to see you Mori" letting out his kuku chuckle. Mori glared at Orochimaru making the snake chuckle more. "Now this is a treat to see you protecting your family just like last time when you were ambushed. One of the last of the Senju clan killed."

Mori grinned and looked at him "I swear to you Orochimaru or should I say doctor. That henge you did is awful because if you do anything to harm Naruto I will make you pay even if it costs me my life" hissed Mori. The first doctor ended his henge and took a stepped back form the iron bars knowing what can happen. Leaving in the shadows Mori turns to Naruto sleeping 'I will do what I can'.

"Do you know him?" asked the female. Watching everything she wonders what he is hiding from everyone and with him threatening a doctor 'Why are you soo concern for him?'.

Mori turned to her with a glare "Tell me when did you start working at the brothel houses? Thirteen maybe fourteen when you started your menstruation cycle?" Watching her giggle she nodded but also frowned a bit "Don't get any ideas" said Mori in a stern voice.


Naruto looked around and sighed seeing he is bored, he started to make a hand seal to mold his chakra 'Come on' trying hard. Mori watched Naruto trying to mold his chakra "Why doesn't it work?" pouted Naruto.

"The seal on your arm" answered Mori. Everyone turned to him wondering what he knows "It prevents the flow of chakra in your system and also uses your chakra to cause you pain. That was the reason why you failed to escape" Naruto looked at his arm and remembers one of the doctors making a hand seal which made his body hurt.

"Hmm can it be removed?" asked Naruto. Mori nodded but can't remove it without the right formula or unless his chakra burns the seal off which will be very painful to do. "So I take it you don't know any safe ways?" replied Naruto.

"There might be but only in time. I can show you and also help you in becoming a shinobi of Konoha" smiled Mori. Naruto appeared near him in a yellow flash making him get an anime sweat. Naruto jumped up and down and appearing in different parts of the cell asking him what he can learn. 'I think I might have gotten over my head?' letting out a nervous chuckle.

"So what can you teach me? Any real awesome jutsu to beat Sasuke-teme?" pumping his fist straight forward. Mori raised an eyebrow seeing he doesn't like Sasuke at all but also hearing what happened to the Uchiha clan. Was there something going on that? Hiruzen made sure nothing bad would have happened.

"I know a few things that will help you Naruto. I will teach you the basics that I know when I was an academy student. So it will be harder but you will be stronger then your academy friends" smiled Mori. Turning to his left hearing a snort "You speak like we will escape from this place. You of all people should know that won't happen" said a man.

Later with the second doctor.

He is staring at the animal that the guard brought in "Such a magnificent animal". Walking around the cage he sees the silver fox whimpering in his cage, seeing his slitted golden eyes. The doctor can't help but wonder what a beautiful kitsune he has in his mist. "Tell me where did you get him? Such a beauty of an animal. It's almost a sin to cut him up and use him for experiments."

The guard coughed into his hand while the doctor saw his bandaged hand. "I have a friend at Shimo no Kuni who captures animals. I got this for a bargain and a few more. But he told me this one was around an old abandoned shrine. A village lost over a decades ago because of a snowstorm" answered the guard. The doctor nodded and stared at the kitsune.

"Wonderful" said the doctor smiling. Turning to the guard he told him to bring in the new test subject "This will be a treat" the guard nodded and went off to get the test subject.

When the guard came back while holding Naruto up in the air by his collar and giving him a fox grin. The doctor dropped his head and shook it "He bit you again didn't he?" the guard dropped Naruto on the ground making him whine and mumble.

"Damn brat" snarled the guard.

Naruto stuck his tongue at him then turned to the silver kitsune staring at him. Seeing a few others with different colors and sizes the silver one just gazed at Naruto "What's with the kitsune? Did he bite you too?" grinned Naruto. The doctor was getting tired so he grabbed Naruto's goggles and threw it towards the wall breaking them. "HEY!" shouting at him.

The doctor glared at Naruto making him quiet turning to the guard.

"Place him on the table" smirked the doctor. Naruto hearing this paled not liking hearing this. Since the last doctor took some of his blood he is starting to hate all types of doctors. "Stop squirming!" shouted the doctor. Naruto still squirmed and blinked at the doctor and continued "Tell me boy what do you know of the Inuzuka clan?"

Naruto hearing this thinks of Kiba and remembers seeing a girl a little older then him with three puppies and his mother with a huge dog. "Not much besides they like dogs?" answered Naruto. One he finished he started to squirm trying to escape from the table.

The doctor watching made his eye start to twitch "They are called ninken. Their partner dogs" watching Naruto stop he turned to the kitsune making the doctor laugh evilly. "Oh no boy you won't have a kitsune as a partner, on the contrary. We are going to try something else. You see the Inuzuka clan have a keen sense of smell but also hearing. Like their partners the ninken so what makes this happen? So we are going to try something different but with kitsunes but also with you"

Naruto hearing this turned to the kitsunes all in cages "Meaning what? I am not an Inuzuka so I can't do that. I don't have a partner kitsune to do that either so what does it have to do with me?" asked Naruto. Watching the doctor move towards a red fox he took some of its blood and drains it into a few vials. As the blood filled the vials he turned to Naruto and smiled.

"This is where the fun begins" said the doctor. Naruto watching this wonders what he means before turning to the red fox the doctor snapped his neck making the fox go limp in the cage. "You killed him!" shouted Naruto.

Yelling at the doctor he noticed the doctor's twisted smile "This is just the start my boy and trust me they will all have the same fate"

Naruto watched has the doctor took a vials of blood from five to nine different kitsunes. Some kitsunes with red fur, light blue fur, white fur, some with cross colors with blue, white. "Stop it, why are you doing this to them?" shouted Naruto. Each kitsune that was killed, Naruto couldn't help but hate the man in front of him. Every time the man placed his hand around a kitsune's neck he closed his eyes and heard the snap of the kitsune's neck. "Why?" shouted Naruto.

Still with his eyes closed he heard a thump hit the metal.

"Ahh child I was waiting for you to ask me" smirked the doctor. Walking to his table with different vials of blood he turned to Naruto smiling but also marveling at his work. "You see some kitsunes here are different from the others but also have a unique trait from the others" pointing to the dead kitsunes in the cages. Naruto sent him a glare "One kitsune can hear over hundred thirty five feet or see up to two hundred and seventy feet" the doctor walking towards the cages and stop. "One kitsune can climb trees better then the others. One kitsune can withstand the arctic cold yet the other prefers the high desert temperature. So many different types of kitsune with different traits for their environment. They are starting to become my favorite animal to work on but also" letting out a grin.

Naruto got scared but also nervous seeing the doctor standing in front of the silver kitsune that has the same blue iris like Naruto's eyes but a golden slitted pupils. The doctor looked at the kitsune then to Naruto "But another thing about their sight. Many believe kitsunes are colorblind but in fact that is an old wives tale. From my research I got from yesterday they aren't, but instead the results are shocking. They can see in the dark but also infrared". The doctor smiled happy that his research went well.

Naruto tilted his head wondering what he means. Seeing the guard walk in he stepped near Naruto and strapped his head with the belt to the table "You boy missed the deaths of the others so this will be interesting for you". Smirking he placed a piece of wood inside Naruto's mouth making him mumble. "Watch this boy" said the guard.

The doctor looked to Naruto and smiled "But some kitsunes like this one have binocular vision. This kitsune here can run up to twenty-five to thirty miles per hour. Such a wonderful animal, what a shame that it will die". Once the doctor took a vial of blood from the kitsune he reached over to the kitsune's neck. Naruto watching this wanted to close his eyes but was forced open to watch it. "Now say goodbye".

Naruto wanted to turn his head away and shut his eyes but he couldn't. Instead he watched the doctor tighten his grip around the kitsune's neck and a snap or crushing of bones was heard with a yip cry from the kitsune. "Why?" mumbled Naruto. Tears following down his eyes looks at the dead kitsune in front of him. Seeing a few of them in the cages not moving. He turns to the doctor crying "They didn't derserve that" cried Naruto.

Remebering how the people of Konoha treat him calling him demon but also kitsune. He never actually wanted any harm to happen to them "Ahh now the fun starts and with all this I will combine all these traits. A powerful kitsune that can challenge their predator, a kitsune that can run up to trees with very ease. A kitsune that is stronger and faster. A perfect kitsune." smiled the doctor.

Naruto watched as more doctors with white coats coming out 'What? Where did they come from? All of them?' thought Naruto. Turning to the doctor he smiled seeing his aids finally coming out to help him. Happy that they all gathered the information they needed the real fun starts.

"Take him back to his room. The next six months will be gruesome for him. Let's just hope he survives the testings" smiled the doctor. Naruto turned to the guard knocking him out cold. "But I also wonder what Orochirmaru has up his sleeve. He is working day and night on the Mokuton but lacks a genetic code and is trying to find it with some plants?"

And Done.

Binocular vision is vision in which both eyes are used together. The word binocular comes from two Latin roots, bini for double, and oculus for eye.[1] Having two eyes confers at least four advantages over having one. First, it gives a creature a spare eye in case one is damaged. Second, it gives a wider field of view. For example, humans have a maximum horizontal field of view of approximately 200 degrees with two eyes, approximately 120 degrees of which makes up the binocular field of view (seen by both eyes) flanked by two uniocular fields (seen by only one eye) of approximately 40 degrees.[2] Third, it gives binocular summation in which the ability to detect faint objects is enhanced.[3] Fourth, it can give stereopsis in which binocular disparity (or parallax) provided by the two eyes' different positions on the head give precise depth perception.[4] Such binocular vision is usually accompanied by singleness of vision or binocular fusion, in which a single image is seen despite each eye having its own image of any object.[4] Other phenomena of binocular vision include utrocular discrimination, eye dominance, allelotropia, and binocular rivalry. Stereopsis (from stereo- meaning "solid" or "three-dimensional", and opsis meaning appearance or sight) is the impression of depth that is perceived when a scene is viewed with both eyes by someone with normal binocular vision. Binocular viewing of a scene creates two slightly different images of the scene in the two eyes due to the eyes' different positions on the head. These differences, referred to as binocular disparity, provide information that the brain can use to calculate depth in the visual scene, providing a major means of depth perception. The term stereopsis is often used as short hand for 'binocular vision', 'binocular depth perception' or 'stereoscopic depth perception', though strictly speaking, the impression of depth associated with stereopsis can also be obtained under other conditions, such as when an observer views a scene with only one eye while moving. Observer motion creates differences in the single retinal image over time similar to binocular disparity; this is referred to as motion parallax. Importantly, stereopsis is not usually present when viewing a scene with one eye, when viewing a picture of a scene with both eyes, or when someone with abnormal binocular vision (strabismus) views a scene with both eyes. This is despite the fact that in all these three cases humans can still perceive depth relations.

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