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Konoha day before the Chunin exams.

Training ground eight

Much to Kurenai distaste she is watching Naruto and Anko show both Shino and Hinata a few things that she didn't want neither of them to learn. "Ok that's enough for today we been training since six in the morning".

Anko hearing this turns to Naruto who shrugs his shoulders. Ever since they returned from the suppose mission Naruto and Hinata has gotten much closer which right now is a crucial time for Hinata. The clan elders of her clan has been trying to invite as many suitors to Konoha but half of the suitors don't want to come to Konoha or cant come in to Konoha.

The reason is why Naruto. It seems some rumors spread on what one suitor try to do to the wife of the Fire daimyo. That he walked through all of Konoha in his dirty underwear while no one could have helped him until he left Konoha walls. It was a walk of shame but also a message showing how well Naruto is with the Fire daimyo and his family.

But also rumors started to go around about Naho able to summons small foxes that plays well her. Something that other Daimyo's wonders where those rumors started.

"I guess training is done" said Naruto. Walking towards Hinata he takes out a pill and gives it to her and than another to Shino. Seeing there confuse faces he rolls his eyes. "Its a special pill that I created. It has plenty of proteins, vitamins but also amino acids you need" answer Naruto. Hinata popping the pill in her mouth soon bites down tasting something sweet.

"Peaches?" said Hinata.

"Yea I decided to use some fruit as well. Some sweetness to it which I found out peaches work great with" answer Naruto. Getting nods from both of them, Naruto turns to a large flower that is gurgling "You already ate" scolded Naruto. Watching the flower look down the plant soon started to shrivel up.

"Naruto I must thank you. This test will be a new highlight for what I have plan in my training. I will see you two at the genin exams" bowed Shino. Leaving to go home he wants to see how well his queen is reacting to Naruto's chakra. Seeing that Naruto's chakra is in the plant he sent his queen to pollinate the plant only to find out his queen also absorbed Naruto's chakra.

"See you later" said Naruto. Walking next to Hinata she gives Anko and Kurenai a bow and leaves with Naruto. As they walk towards the Senju compound they take the back way to avoid any looks from the civilians.

"Naruto-kun there's a funny looking box following us" whisper Hinata.

Watching Naruto groan he stops and walks towards the box and kicks it. "Enough you guys. I'm not a babysitter". Seeing the Konohamaru corps come out of the box Naruto soon starts to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Come one you got to show us how you use that plant" beg Konohamaru.

Naruto turning his back and walks towards Hinata as the two leave the three academy students behind. "Naruto-kun please" ask Hinata. Poking her fingers together she watches Naruto stop and clap his hands together making a gust of wind and flowers surround them and leaves in a poof of smoke.

Training ground

When they appeared he turns to Konohamaru who has his fist pumped in the air ready. AS Naruto walks towards a tree he makes a hand seal "Shokubutsuton Shoku Yō Shokubutsu". Soon the tree wraps itself around Naruto's arm with razor sharp teeth appearing in its mouth. "Ahh would you look at this its hungry for snot nose brats" smirking looking at the children the tree soon starts to gurgle.

The Konohamaru corps pale and soon started to run in different directions making Hinata giggle. "Naruto-kun lets go find them before they get into trouble or hurt themselves" giggle Hinata. Naruto nods making the tree return back to normal as they make their way to find Konohamaru and his friends. They come to the gate watching Konohamaru bump into someone.

"Oh you stupid brat"

"Who are you calling stupid brat" shouted Konohamaru.

Naruto watching this raised an eye knowing he has seen the boy from before.

"Kankuro what are you doing?". Watching a blonde girl appear Naruto snaps his fingers.

"Nothing this kid bumped into me, Temari" shouted Kankuro.

"I know you three..wait you are missing someone" said Naruto. Walking towards them he waves Hinata to stay back while he grabs Kankuro hand and removes it from Konohamaru neck. Making the older boy wince in pain "Also that is the Sandaime grandson puppet boy" watching Kankuro freeze, Naruto turns to Temari. "And the girl who sleeps in a brown night gown you're grown" chuckle Naruto.

Temari eyes widen to see who it is but soon blushed and covered her body trying to hide herself a bit. Naruto pushing Konohamaru away from them as he reaches into his pocket taking out a seed in case of a fight breaks out.

"Its you. The kid who broke into our home almost four years ago" said Temari as she is about to open her fan. Naruto quickly channels his chakra into the seed creating a rose whip. "I see you grown but also wonder if the rumors are true" smirk Temari. Hearing the rumors on what he has done and who has he fought.

"All true" smirk Naruto. Bringing up the rose whip he channels more chakra into it making it a rose sword. Looking at the two Kankuro took a step forward but got hit in the head by a rock. Naruto watching this move his sights to Sasuke sitting on a tree branch. "Oh teme fine take the weaker one since the kunochi is out of your league" chuckle Naruto.

Before anyone else moved "Temari, Kankuro what are you two-" before Gaara finished his sentence. Gaara eyes widened to see someone who escaped from him trying to prove his existence. "You!. I remember you the one that escaped that night. Mother will enjoy your blood"

"Gaara hows the tanuki. Kyuubi is anxious to see him" whisper Naruto. Making the older siblings flinch Gaara eyes narrow dangerously and looks towards his brother and sister making them nod. AS they soon walk away he looks at Sasuke and turns his back on him ignoring him making Sasuke raise an eye.

"I will enjoy your blood" hissed Gaara taking one last look at Naruto. With them entering Konoha for the chunin exams, Naruto turns to Hinata with a worry look.

"We should stay away from him during the exams. He's dangerous he's like me but cant control his inner demon" whisper Naruto. Expecting Hinata to leave instead she walks near Naruto and grabs his hand gently while smiling. But before they left, Naruto quickly turns ahead to the road feeling a few large chakra signatures he hasn't fault in a while.

"Konohamaru get the Hokage" said Naruto. Narrowing his eyes on the scarf wearing boy everyone looks at Naruto confuse. "Or you run home and prepare for the Raikage and his team coming to Konoha" hissed Naruto. Taking a step forward he quickly flared his chakra a few times trying to get the anbu attention. 'Come on you idiots'.

Focusing more of his chakra he soon started to glow red while a sudden pressure of wind soon started to form around Naruto.

"What is going on here" appearing on the ground is Neko.

"We have the Raikage along with his brother a team coming towards Konoha. But also two of them have something in common with me" said Naruto. Walking forward he creates a shadow clone while Hinata stood there frozen to hear who is coming to Konoha. "Lets go" grabbing her hand they leave in a wind of pollen leaving behind a clone. The anbu hearing this quickly turns to the genin team standing near Sasuke.

"Genin take the academy students home immediately" order Neko. Turning to the clone who is standing in the same spot where Naruto created him "Stay here and don't do nothing stupid" leaving in a poof of smoke.

Team seven blinks and looks at Naruto while Sakura about to take the genin home was stop by Sasuke. "I'm not going anywhere. I want to see who this Raikage character is. I don't think he is cracked up to be a kage if the dobe here paralyzed him" mutter Sasuke. Remembering the day when Asuma read his profile from the bingo book.

Sasuke planted his feet on the ground refusing to move.

"Konohamaru go home or I will feed you to my plants" threaten the clone. Glaring at them with his slitted eyes the Konohamaru corps quickly got the message and left. Team seven on the other hand still haven't taken Naruto's warning. "Oi kaa-chan, ero-sennin nice of you to join" mutter Naruto. Watching them land across from each other.

"Gaki that chakra you release alerted almost all the anbu" said Jiraiya. Looking around seeing the anbu appearing in the shadows but also making a perimeter watching Naruto's movement.

"I was on a winning streak until you started to use his chakra" groan Tsunade. Turning her head she watches Neko and Hiruzen appear "Sensei mind telling me what's going on?". Seeing the anbu all around she soon quickly turns her attention to the road ahead sensing the chakra coming towards Konoha. "Great every time I win something bad happens".

Cursing her bad luck she turns to Naruto remembering when he met him seeing she was on a winning streak.

"Tell me about it you got the worse luck" mutter Naruto. Standing near the entrance, Hiruzen sighs wonders how Naruto gets him into these positions. "They're here".

Team seven turns to the group of shinobi walking to the gate. 'That guy is the Raikage' thought team seven. Seeing a tall very muscular man in front of everyone wearing kage robes. Sasuke couldn't believe the size of the man, turning to Naruto who hasn't moved from his spot.

'He fought against him and walked out of Kumo alive?' gritting his teeth together. They watch two tall light skin males walking behind the Raikage with three genins following them while a blonde woman walks with them.

"Lord Hokage this is unexpected" said A. Looking around seeing the anbu around the area he also notice his two former students. AS he continues to look around he comes to Naruto's location while narrowing his eyes dangerously on him. Wondering if that was his chakra he sense early he continues to look around the area of Konoha.

Hiruzen clearing his throat "Hmm yes indeed this is unexpected. I did receive the slips for your brothers team to enter the chunin exam". Seeing Naruto still hasn't moved from his spot.

"Yes but I am here for another reason I need a second medical opinion of a problem I have" said the Raikage. Looking at Tsunade the blonde hair woman raised an eye while Jiraiya shrugs his shoulders. Not getting anything from his spy networks. He wonders when did the Raikage leave Kumo to seek Tsunade medical experience.

"Still cant feel your muscles" chuckle Naruto. Making his presence finally known he turns to Kumo shinobi while the genins glare at him. "It's so nice to see a familiar face" chuckle Naruto. Walking towards team seven he looks at Sasuke who is shaking but not in fear but in anger. He continues to walk towards Jiraiya and Tsunade side who both have smirks on there face.

"Don't be mistaken I still can move fast enough to beat you in a blink of an eye" threaten A. Taking a step forward to Naruto he watches the blonde chuckle while powder soon started to fall down around them. A quickly stops moving looks at Naruto while everyone is covered in pollen.

"I got you so scared that you are afraid of regular pollen" chuckle Naruto. Seeing the three genin move forward he watches a man with sunglasses stops them from going any further. "Smart move Eight but don't you think bringing Two with you is a little too much. I got no problem spading a small kitten, Kurama is itching for a rematch".

Tsunade , Hiruzen and Jiraiya hearing the numbers quickly looks at Bee and Yugito seeing the Raikage brought both jinchuriki's to Konoha.

"It would be a shame Gyuki, Matatabi that you came all this way for nothing. My vessel only makes a antidote if he chooses" everyone hearing Naruto's voice get deeper and darker. Team seven wonders what is going on while Tsunade flinches to hear what Naruto said.

Raikage wasn't happy what so ever. "But on the other hand I can convince him to give it to the slug sennin. I think a matter of pride is something the kit would love to see happen" hearing the chuckle coming from Naruto.

"I'll drop it off at the hospital later" said the clone leaving in a poof of smoke. Bee and Yugito wonders how well connected he is with Kyuubi that he can talk through a clone no less.

Hyuga compound

When they appeared in front of the gates, Hinata and Naruto slowly made towards the gates. "Lady Hinata" said the guards. Letting her through the gate the guards quickly blocked the entrance "Go home boy before-". The guards quickly started to choke while plant veins lifted them from the ground and sent them flying.

"We got no time for this" said Naruto. Hinata slowly nods and walks with Naruto. When they entered the house the elders glared at Naruto while he rolls his eyes and continues to walk with Hinata to Hiashi study.

"Tousan" knocking on the door softly and calling for her father. Naruto waits for a answer "Tousan" knocking on the door once more the door opens revealing Hiashi with a stern look. Hinata poking her fingers together looking nervous.

"What is Hinata I'm extremely busy" said Hiashi. Narrowing his eyes onto Hinata making her shrink back scared.

"The Raikage is in Konoha with a team for the chunin exams along with two Jinchuriki and a top jonin. With your permission Hiashi-san, Hinata-chan would be safe in the Senju compound. I don't think you need to worry for Hinata-chan safety under my care or Tsunade's care. Since you might have to watch all over the clan and keep an eye on things here" spoke Naruto.

Hiashi and a few others hearing this stops in there tracks. Looking at each other Hiashi turns to a few members. Hearing what Naruto said can be true he doesn't want to risk losing a member of the clan. "Spread the word I want the clan under curfew and not to leave the compound unless missions. I will speak to the Hokage at once" giving out his orders. He turns to Hinata but looks at Naruto narrowing his eyes on the boy.

"I want a word with you boy" walking back in the room. Naruto walks in but stops giving Hinata a nod to go pack. When Hiashi sat down he watches Naruto close the door behind him. "What are your intentions with my daughter" ask Hiashi.

Naruto hearing this raise an eye while thinking of what he said. "She is a good friend" answer Naruto. Seeing Hiashi not move Naruto stood from his spot not moving a muscle.

"I find that answer unacceptable. You been a thorn to the Hyuga elders for a while but also a problem to me. Hinata is spending less and less time here at home and more with you. That concerns me and the elders the most. I want is best for Hinata so I signed a betrothal contract to her marrying a important person that is close to the fire diamyo family" said Hiashi.

Bringing out the betrothal contract out showing Naruto the signature. He smirks happy that his family will be a member to important member of the Daimyo family once again. Naruto stares at the contract wondering what Daimyo son did he pick to have Hinata married to. Swallowing the hard lump in his throat but also glared at Hiashi for signing Hinata off to marry someone she doesn't know. Taking a deep breath he takes a few steps towards the clan head.

"He told me that this boy lineage is very powerful and gave me his word. I will do everything I can to keep Hinata away from you. I will protect her and make sure she has a future" said Hiashi. Watching Naruto stand in front of him glaring the clan head, Hiashi can see the slitted pupils slowly getting wider and longer. "I know what you are and what you have in you. You think Hinata would be safe and protected if you care for her. Let her go" said Hiashi.

Naruto stood there tightening his fist drawing blood. "Her betrothal will be here when the Fire daimyo is here for the final part of the chunin exams. I will grant your request but know this". Activating his byakugan on Naruto glaring at the blonde sliver streak teen. "I will consider your request to allow Hinata to stay at the Senju compound. But this conservation never leaves the room nor she will know about it until after the chunin exams because if she does. You will never see her again nor hear from her" said Hiashi.

Naruto stood there gave a light bow angry to hear what Hiashi said. Looking at the betrothal contract he clicks his teeth together hating to put Hinata in this position.

"I will meet the young man and he will sign in it in front of me before the exams start. To ensure Hinata's future I wont have you ruin anything for her nor the position she is in. You heard of the rumors I'm sure of it" said Hiashi. Frowning the clan heads takes a low breath and shakes his head.

"Rumors are rumors. But tell me this if they are true what could have made Hitomi do it. To break her marriage vows to you unless the marriage was made for the Hyuga clan to gain influence. I did my research on Hinata-chans mother. Her grand mother was married into a branch family of a daimyo family that died a few years later during the last shinobi war. While her daughter Hitomi only came to Konoha to be a kunochi seeing she was a Hyuga so it made it convenient. So tell me was it your father that made that betrothal for you and her' spoke Naruto.

Hiashi eyes widen to hear this while he glared at the boy in front of him. Wondering who told him this information he cant help find it all accurate. Hitomi came to Konoha and became a kunochi but to also get to know her future husband but like Neji says fate dealt a different hand. "But when you first met her it was Hizashi who met her first" smirk Naruto.

Hiashi got up and charge at Naruto slamming him against the wall lifting him off the ground by his collar. Naruto continue to stare at him "She got to know Hizashi really well and when she met you. She continue to come to the compound to see Hizashi not you". Dropping Naruto on the ground the clan head took a step back and looks away.

"LEAVE" hissed Hiashi.

Naruto smirk but looks at the betrothal contract once more 'One thing at a time'. Taking a deep breath "I wont tell Hinata-chan about the betrothal contract what so ever. But don't be mistaken I wont give up on Hinata-chan" said Naruto. Leaving the room he walks to the front of the gate seeing Hinata ready to go.

"Naruto-kun is everything ok" ask Hinata softly. Wondering what her father wanted to speak to Naruto about she is worried that he might have said something to him.

"All according to plan" smirk Naruto kissing Hinata on the cheek they leave in a swirl of flowers.

Senju compound Night time

Tsunade rubbing her head checking the pollen but also plants that Naruto used. Turning her head seeing Naruto and Hinata eating dinner together while Shizune is feeding Tonton while Naruto's clones are cleaning up. "Dam it gaki did you really have to use five different plants. The antidote you gave me only works for two and he still cant feel half his muscles"

Screaming at him he shrugs his shoulders and continues to eat dinner with Hinata. Wondering why she is doing this, Hiruzen reminded Tsunade of the bad blood between there village. If she does this it would show a trust between the villages "Oi is she sleeping with you or the guest room" teased Tsunade. Watching Hinata turn red, Naruto continues to eat his dinner.

"With me" answer Naruto. Standing up he takes Hinata's clean plate while the young Hyuga girl blush. Tsunade eye started to twitch but soon stopped wondering what he got himself into.

"Well don't knock her up yet" mutter Tsunade. Mixing another powder together she watches the results "Yes three down and two to go" smirk Tsunade. Seeing she is getting closer and Naruto's powder aren't impossible to cure.

Naruto turning to Hinata with a nod. "Bathroom is upstairs to your left Hinata-chan" smile Naruto. Seeing its already late and the chunin exams are tomorrow they are going to need some rest.

"Thank you Naruto-kun" as she got up to leave to the bathroom. She bows to Tsunade and Shizune giving them a goodnight.

"Naruto you are aware that the Fire daimyo is bringing someone to the third part of the exam for her?" said Jiraiya. Walking in the room he looks at Tsunade waving her hand already know about situation with Hinata. "What is going on here I mean you invite a girl to sleep over here. She is a promise woman to another man, Naruto" said Jiraiya.

Warning Naruto before he does something he regrets or with Hinata. Tsunade stops and sighs seeing where Jiraiya is coming from. "He's right Naruto. Hiashi is the clan head. If he signed the betrothal contract to have Hinata wed a man. You don't have no say in the clan what so ever nor does she. Even though she should but sometimes its the best for the clan. Its something that comes with the title heiress" mutter Tsunade bitterly about the last sentence.

Thinking about her clan long ago and how she was heiress. She is grateful that her family never placed her in that position but she has seen some friends being in those places.

"I know what I'm doing" said Naruto. Walking away from the adults he walks towards his room, walking in he comes to a complete stop seeing Hinata naked in his room. Closing the door behind him quickly he looks away blushing. "Sorry I didn't know you used my bathroom" said Naruto.

Hinata froze in her place to see Naruto walk in on her. Quickly grabbing a towel she covers her body and blushes "Its ok I thought it wouldn't be a problem". Seeing Naruto stand in front of her. "Naruto-kun" mumbling his name. She looks away trying to use the towel to cover her body.

Naruto turns to her and continues to blush "Yes Hinata-chan". Caressing her face with his fingers he moves the wet hair away from her face and smiles. Seeing Hinata blush getting darker he kisses her on the fore head he moves to her ear. "Its ok Hinata-chan you look beautiful I don't know why you want to hide yourself from me" using a husky voice.

Hinata tightens the towel around her body even more making Naruto chuckle. Wondering what so funny she looks down and realizes that the towel is showing her curvy body but also pushing her breast up almost popping them out. "Ah" looking away embarrassed. She feels Naruto's arms slowly wrapping around her body.

Looking up seeing how close he is they move closer closing the gap between there lips. Hinata with her hands in front of her chest soon moves her arms around Naruto. Dropping the wet towel on the floor she feels Naruto's hand slowly moving down her back while he kisses her neck. "We shouldn't be doing this. Not yet not like this I don't want to cause you trouble" moan Hinata.

Wanting Naruto to stop she cant help bite her bottom lip feeling the pleasure that he is giving her. Feeling Naruto taking a step forward Hinata takes a step back but felt Naruto's arms holding her while slowly guiding her down onto the bed. Naruto staring at Hinata's naked body in front of him.

"Please Naru-kun" whisper Hinata. Naruto looks at her confuse wondering what she means. Does she want him to stop or to continue "Please" raising her body a bit off the bed she kisses Naruto on the neck while Naruto slowly moves his head on her breast making her gasp. "Ahh" moaning in pleasure feeling Naruto cup her breast.

Naruto soon starts to rub her breast bringing his tongue down on her nipple he soon starts to suck on her nipple. "AHhHhh" moaning slightly louder Hinata bites down her lip trying not to moan too loudly. Looking down on Naruto sucking on her nipple she cant help but blush thinking someone else but more a baby sucking on her nipple.

"Hina-chan" groan Naruto pressing his body against her wet naked body against his. Wrapping his arms around her body once more, Hinata turns over to his side and moves on top of Naruto. Rubbing her cheek he moves his hand down to her breast but stops seeing Hinata blush. "Something wrong" trying to control his breath and voice level.

"Naru-kun don't move please" almost begging him not to move. Naruto nods and feels Hinata soon starts to rub her woman hood against his member through his clothes. "AHhh" moaning feeling his hard member pressed against her pussy. She feels a pressure build up while a new sensation soon starts to build with in Hinata.

"Hina-chan' moan Naruto. Laying on his back feeling Hinata rub herself against him he feels how wet his shorts and boxers has gotten but also how hot Hinata's pussy is. Grabbing Hinata's butt he pushes her down harder and faster rubbing against his member.

"AHHH" letting out a loud moan but keeping her mouth close, Hinata collapse on Naruto chest feeling a pressure being released.

Naruto rubbing Hinata's back kisses her on the fore head making her blush. Feeling how wet his pants are he smiles at Hinata who blushes in embarrassment "I wont let you go Hinata-chan. I will protect you with my life" kissing her on the lips once more. Hinata nods and soon snuggles on his chest letting sleep take over.

Next day Chunin exams.

Between what happen to Naruto and Hinata last night you would feel uncomfortable or awkwardness between the two. But instead it brought them closer and to Hinata it was something she was looking forward. Seeing Naruto care for her and being much more open, Hinata feels a change.

Once arriving at building they turn to Shino who nods "Morning Naruto, Hinata I suspect you heard of the rumors who is in the village".

Naruto nods while Hinata stood closer to Naruto. "I know Shino and I will protect Hinata-chan with my life but I wont forget you as well. I got to know you and I think of you more as a best friend and close ally". Seeing Shino nod he stood in front of the two.

"And I would protect you two with my life. You may not know this Naruto but you two have become more than friends and I hope you two will continues to view me as family" said Shino. Seeing them look at each other with glance they see how uncomfortable they are making Shino.

"Shino we will never forget you" said Hinata with a smile. With team eight walking towards the chunin building, Naruto stops and caught a few senses hitting his nose. Smirking he takes out a scroll and gives it to Shino, Hinata. Walking towards a empty room and staying in the first floor.

"The answers for the first part. I did my homework and found out how this test is going to be. I will tell you more as we progress during the exam. Stay close" said Naruto. Seeing he did his homework first both , Shino and Hinata took the answer scroll and quickly looks at some of the answer. To Hinata she is shocked to see the questions while Shino himself wonders a few things.

"The first part of the exam is to get information while not getting caught. We all have a abilities that helps us I on the other hand have certain skills that is trained to get it. Hinata with her byakugan , Shino with your bugs all useful to gather information. That is the first part of the test and no matter what don't give up" lecture Naruto.

Seeing the two nod they soon walk out of the first floor room and started to walk towards the staircase. "Naruto-kun" call Hinata. Seeing him nod he turns to Shino who nods as well seeing a group of genins trying to take the exam.

"Keep moving and I know what you mean Hinata-chan" as they were about to go up. He notices Neji seeing them go up the stairs while the genjutsu on the door was broken. Getting the genins attention a flower appeared on the door frame making them all talk. The two disguise shinobi look at each other but soon stops seeing the flower wither up and die.

AS they got upstairs they notice Kurenai standing in front of the door. "Where is Anko sensei?" ask Naruto. Kurenai sighs and shrugs her shoulders while Naruto chuckles.

"I want to say good luck you three but also don't get upset if you cant make chunin the first time" smile Kurenai.

"Don't worry about it us its them you should be worried for" said Naruto. With him leading team eight they walk pass Kurenai making her worry.

'No Naruto its Shino and Hinata I'm worried for. They haven't seen what you have' thought Kurenai. Watching them enter through the doors she turns to Kakashi who is chuckle. "Something funny?" ask Kurenai.

Inside the room.

When team eights walked in they saw many genins from other villages but also a few genin from Konoha. Naruto looking around found the genin team from Suna but there was a team he didn't expect to be in Konoha chunin exams. "Oto" mumble Naruto.

Getting Hinata's attention "You spoke about them. They were the shinobi that kept you locked up" whisper Hinata. Seeing Naruto nod he turns his attention to Shikamaru and his team.

"Troublesome you guys are taking the exams as well" said Shikamaru. With his hands in his pockets he notices the door opening revealing team seven but also team Gai as well not looking happy. "This exam just got even more trouble some" seeing Sasuke limp inside the room. Naruto turns his attention to the genin walking towards him.

"What" hissed Naruto. Everyone in the room turns to Naruto hissing at the kumo genin standing in front of him. Many of the genins never felt so cold in there lives others felt that winter came early to the land of fire. Others thought a war will break out in the room.

"Don't you dare think we forget what you did to A" shouted Karui. Everyone in the room turns to Naruto walking forward standing by himself glaring at the Kumo genin.

"You're Raikage is a liar and coward that he has to hide behind politics and use his shinobi life to get what he needs" hissed Naruto. Omoi taking the lollipop from his mouth and soon starts to walk straight to Naruto. Before he spoke "Keeping sucking on that candy cause I'm shove it down your throat than rip it out and feed it again to you" threaten Naruto.

The last member of the kumo genin sighs and grabs her two teammates collar and pulls them away. Naruto watching this smirks and turns his head towards the other genins. Giving a stern narrowing gaze everyone in the room ignored Naruto while others are scared of him.

"You are attracting too much attention to yourself" said Kabuto. Walking to the front he catches the rookies attention "You must be the rookie nine but also Gai's team from last year gradation". Walking towards Naruto trying to give him a friendly hand shake the blonde sliver teen glared at the sliver hair teen instead.

"So is this your first time taking the exam" ask Shikamaru. Trying to ease the tension in the room, Kabuto shakes his head getting the rookies attention but also team Gai.

"No its my seventh time" answer Kabuto.

"Seven times?" repeated Naruto quietly getting Shino and Hinata's attention "He must have wanted to fail but why unless?". Watching Kabuto take out some ninja info cards. Naruto sees where this is going looking at Kabuto his eyes widen 'That smell all over him its the same as Orochimaru'. Looking around the room calmly he notices Hinata looking at him.

"Naruto-kun is something wrong?" standing next to him. She has never seen Naruto look around the room so frantically like a hunter being prey by something much bigger than him.

"Yes. Shino if something happens to me take Hinata and run don't turn around to help me run" order Naruto. Shino hearing this raises an eye but turning back to Kabuto seeing that Sasuke wanted some names. He listened to some of the genins names wondering how dangerous they are but Naruto wasn't worried about them which concerned Shino the most.

"The last is Naruto Uzumaki. Lets see he left Konoha when he was young due to his blood line awakening. He goes through a few names Yoko shinobi, Hana no Kitsune but the biggest name is The Hanahata no Shinigami. Missing nin C rank ninja as first but now. Low B rank Konoha nin. Get this it says here he fought against the Raikage and paralyzed him with a pollen while fleeing Kumo and destroying a building!" read Kabuto.

Everyone in the room turns to Naruto laying against the wall while he smiled at everyone. Some of the genins didn't like the twisted smile he was giving others couldn't believe to hear that Konoha. Has a B rank genin in there ranks but also known to be a thief around all the elemental nations. But to also to hear he fought against a kage of a village and live.

"I'm flattered that you've heard of me, but as you can see. I have become much worse since I return back to village so please anyone feel free to test your abilities against me. Do so but don't hold me responsible for being eaten or the death of your teammates" answer Naruto. Looking at the competition Naruto walks towards Kabuto making the sliver teen confuse.

"Get down" said Naruto. Grabbing his Fujin he stops three shinobi coming at Kabuto and when the sound jutsu collided with the wind jutsu stopping it dead in its tracks shocking the oto nin.

"How" confuse how his attacked failed. Naruto merely chuckles and continues to walk towards the oto shinobi trying to attack Kabuto.

"Sound travels through the air meaning changing the air molecules around I can change the vibrations making your jutsu useless against me" chuckle Naruto. Glaring at a kunochi a guy with tubes in his hands and another oto wrapped up. "So enlighten me why do you want to attack a sliver snake here" hissed Naruto. Looking at Kabuto he watches him flinch a bit.

The three sound genin glance each other wondering what to do next. Seeing he can stop there attacks they know Orochimaru wants them to collect as much information on Naruto. Seeing the experiment long ago escaped he wants to see how well the seed has grown into flower.

Than the doors are blown up with smoke coming out of it. Everyone in the room turns to a tall man wearing black with other shinobi behind him. "Alright whose responsible for all the flowers and tree veins attacking us when coming up the stairs" shouted Ibiki. Ripping a tree vein off his shoulder he looks at Naruto "Of course Anko's student" mutter Ibiki. Trying to walk in the room the other proctors soon drop down on the ground sleeping.

"Oh come on" shouted Ibiki. Taking a kunai he stabs the tree vein making it drop on the ground dead. But when he did that more and more veins soon started to come out of the hallway making its way towards the room. Some of the tree veins soon started to lift some of the sleeping proctors while a large mouth appeared in the middle.

Everyone in the room saw its razor sharp teeth with its large bulb head. "Gurgle" slowly making its way in to the room the tree veins soon started to move into the room where the exam being held. Some genins took out a kunai ready to fight the large man eating plant.

"Shokubutsuton Hana no jutsu" said Naruto. Making a one handseal the large plant soon started to shrink in size while the tree veins all around the room fall off the wall to the ground and started to wither up. Everyone watching this sees Naruto walking towards the proctors chuckling seeing them asleep. Ibiki on the other hand watches Naruto stop in front of the plant size bulb.

'What is he doing?' watching Naruto stick his arm out. Everyone watches the plant move towards Naruto some genin held there breath wondering if Naruto lost his mind. "What!" said Ibiki disbelief. Seeing the plant move around Naruto's arm and resting on top on his hand 'He's able to control the plant'.

The genins close to Naruto took a step back afraid while others in the back watch him in fear. But when Naruto turned around to face the room many of the genins in the room never seen anything like it but it was his slitted eyes. Many thought it was a doujutsu but others thought he was using a genjutsu. But everyone would have agreed this chunin exams is going to be different.

And it was Naruto who is going to make the chunin exams different.

"WAKE UP" kicking some of his proctors making them groan. Ibiki turns to Naruto than to everyone in the room staring at Naruto "Get in line for a number and if you don't. I'll feed you the gaki's plants over there" shouted Ibiki. Stabbing the wall where a small bulb size plant appears everyone hears it crying in pain while the petals drops on the floor while blood slowly dripped down on the wall.

Many of the genins rushed to the front of the line trying to get a number. But it was bad timing seeing some of the proctors weren't ready for the mob of genins stomping them on the ground. Ibiki watching this turns to Naruto 'I got to give the kid credit he knows how to put on a show. Half the room probably pissed themselves to see the plant. Others got nervous to see the walls drip with blood. Classic' chuckle Ibiki.

Watching Naruto walk with his team he notices him take out something out of his pocket. Turning to proctors giving out their numbers he turns back to Naruto seeing him giving his teammates there numbers. 'How?' walking towards the desk he picks up the clipboard and sees the numbers and names on it. 'I was sure there was no names on it' letting out a breath of frustration.

'Whats this?' noticing something move along the paper he slides his fingers on the paper. Looking at his gloves he notices something on it 'Pollen but when did he...unless'. Looking at Naruto seeing he is sitting next to Hinata while Shino is behind them. 'So the rumors about him breaking into people homes and shops across the nations were true. So other words he probably knows what is going on' thought Ibiki.

Watching team eight he cant help smirk seeing someone started the exams early. "ALRIGHT GET IN YOUR SEATS" shouted Ibiki. Walking to the chalk board he looks at his proctors all nodding.

"Naruto-kun do you think the proctors knows what you did" ask Hinata. Seeing the proctors all stare at Naruto she cant help look down into her lap. But it was Ibiki gaze that made her nervous. She was listening to the rules while Ibiki never took his sights off of Naruto or Hinata.

"Hinata-chan don't worry. We have Shino behind us while you are in the front with me. Your baykugan can see everything around us, Shino can cover us from behind but also information. Me being in the front and on this side I can cover us but also get information with my pollen clones" answer Naruto. Listening to Ibiki talk about the points system he looks around and sees most of the team all separated.

"Now the test starts NOW" shouted Ibiki. Watching the genins soon start to work on the test paper he walks to one of the proctors "I want you to pay very close attention to Anko's team. Especially the kid with the green thumb" order Ibiki. The proctors nod while some started to rub there eyes making Ibiki raise an eye.

'These questions are ridiculous how do you expect genins to solve them?' thought Naruto. Looking around the room he comes to Kabuto and comes to a complete stop. Remembering what he said this is his seventh time taking the exam, Naruto looks around the room. Wondering if there are more genins in the room that took the test before. 'Is it possible they planted a few genin with the answers so they can copy it from each other?'.

Looking around the room he sees many people cheating and copying. Looking at the proctors Naruto turns to Ibiki and soon realizes something. If they did plant genins with the answers are those genins chunin already? "Hinata-chan tell me how many questions have you answered?" ask Naruto.

"All of them Naruto-kun" whisper Hinata.

Naruto nods and leans back with his chair getting Shino attention "The same question Shino".

"As well" answer Shino.

Naruto nods and takes a deep breath seeing one team being thrown out of the room. Reaching in his pocket he takes out a small bag and dips his finger into the powder. 'Now this is where things are going to get fun' smile Naruto. "Shino I want you to eat the chakra strings" said Naruto. Bringing the powder cover fingers to his nose he sneezes loudly getting some attention.

Shino hearing request before the sneeze nods. Seeing the chakra strings coming from a girl with buns Shino wonders what Naruto is planning.

"Bless you" said Ibiki watching Naruto snort and nods. He cant help wonder what is he up to "Forty one get your team and leave" said Ibiki. Seeing the team getting up he notices something odd. Turning to a girl with buns he notices her arm but also hand is moving oddly?.

"CRASH" everyone saw the ceiling light with mirrors crash on the ground in front of her between the spaces of the desk. Tenten let out a nervous chuckle turns to Neji who did not like what he saw.

"No one move. We will clean the mess later on" said Ibiki. Turning to the proctors he nods while five more teams soon started to leave. Seeing the light just fall from the ceiling allot of the genins are getting nervous.

'Great there goes my way of cheating and Lee's' thought Tenten. Looking at the ceiling she sees some bugs flying over head 'Wait a minute' watching them fly towards Shino. He points to Naruto who smiles at Tenten 'That jerk he did it purposely' rage Tenten.

"You" shouted Ibiki throwing a kunai at a genins desk making him flinch "Get your team and get out you got too many strikes". The genin refusing to leave soon started to throw a fit. One of the proctors had to forcefully remove him from the room.

Naruto watching this took a deep breath and channels his chakra into the wooden desk. Moving the veins through the floor he wraps the veins around the chair from a team member from Kiri. "AHH" shouted the genin being thrown off the chair into the floor.

Naruto quickly pulled the vein back before anyone saw it. "You get out now" said Ibiki. Wondering who threw him onto the floor he looks around the room seeing allot of genins nervous. "Pathetic. I barely see any chunin here I see bratty kids scared to make a move. Only a few of you will make it others here don't have it. Some of you cant even look at me straight in the eyes" shouted Ibiki.

Many of the genins are getting nervous while others are confuse to what is going on. Seeing the proctors removing and throwing genins out of the room with there teams leaving the room. Some of the genins notices they have a few minutes left to the test while they got to wait for the last question.

Naruto whose been waiting patiently turns to Hinata who is nervous. "Its all a tactic Hina-chan. Don't be afraid" whisper Naruto. Grabbing her hand underneath the table Hinata nods and takes a deep breath.

"Last question and seeing allot of people left. I guess I'm feeling generous today so I will give you a option" getting the genins attention. They all listen to Ibiki wondering what option they are going to get. "You can take the tenth question or you can leave and good luck for the next time. Because if you fail this question you wont be able to rank up in your career" said Ibiki.

Everyone in the room got nervous to hear this while others raise an eye hearing this.

"What" screamed Temari standing from her seat. "You cant do that some of us aren't even Konoha shinobi you don't have that authority on the other villages" calling his bluff she watches Ibiki about to speak.

"He does" spoke Naruto first getting everyone's attention he leans forward and folds his hands. He stares at Ibiki and at the proctors with a harden expression "You don't understand the severity of this test. He is giving you a choice to leave because if you get this question wrong. His report will go to the kages of your village but also to your superiors as well."

"Meaning they will see what kind of shinobi you are. Even if you do become chunin to become a jonin it will be even harder perhaps impossible. So he is giving you a choice to leave the room now. To leave to have a future because if you don't take it" Naruto chuckles while Ibiki narrows his eyes seeing what kind of game Naruto is playing.

Seeing he is also trying to eliminate the competition he notices some of the other rookies staring at Naruto. Seeing he isn't moving they look towards each other nodding themselves to stay.

"Are you going to listen to this thief instead of me. I'm giving you the option in your life to advance to make something of yourself instead of that sitting there" Ibiki pointing to Naruto who has his arms folded not scared of him. "So its NOW or NEVER" shouted Ibiki. Watching some other genins from other villages getting up he notices the Kumo shinobi not leaving.

Noticing some other teams he notice a genin team from Konoha leaving but it wasn't Kabuto team or the rookie twelve. "This is your last chance because if you don't leave or reconsider. Your whole future hangs in the balance meaning you will stay stuck with the rank of genin till you die" shouted Ibiki.

Pressuring more of the genins a few more teams got up and left the room while Naruto watching this chuckles. "Poor excuse of shinobi. I guess someday you will understand rank means nothing" chuckle Naruto. Glaring at the top Torture and Interrogation of Konoha Naruto waits for him to continue. With the last of the genin team leaving.

Naruto looks around and counts about thirty teams still left behind. Shrugging his shoulders he turns to Ibiki who has many people on the edge of there seats.

"You all pass" smirk Ibiki. Everyone in the room continues to stare at Ibiki while lets out a grin. "The last question was a do or die question. if one didn't answer, one's entire team failed the Chūnin Exams, but if one answered incorrectly, one would remain a genin forever" explained Ibiki. Some genin couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"But why make us go through all that?" ask Temari. Getting nods from other genins she turns to Ibiki but also the other proctors who remain silent "If the last question is the most important than why did you waste our time with the other nine questions". Some of the genins nods wondering the same thing as well but before Ibiki spoke everyone hears chuckling coming from Naruto.

"The first part of the chunin exam is a written part, but it was not a test of our knowledge. But rather a test of information-gathering and willpower. The first nine questions were supposed to be obtained by cheating. Where us genin must use any techniques to find out the correct answer without being caught. For instance Kabuto here and the other kid who fall knew the answers" said Naruto.

Ibiki hearing this turns to Naruto shock that he knows about the chunin exams. Wondering if Anko told him but couldn't seeing he knew who to target while Anko doesn't know the people who knows the answer. "Correct" said Ibiki. "In the field sometimes getting the right information is important because during the mission you don't know what can happen".

Everyone hearing this nods but Ibiki was more curious on how Naruto knew this. "So when did you figure this out?" ask Ibiki.

"Like a thief will share his secrets. I prepared ahead in case something like this happen meaning I did my research. Gathered my information and searched the area for what I needed" chuckle Naruto. Ibiki hearing this raise an eye while he watches Naruto unseal a scroll from his arm making his eyes widen. Walking to the desk he grabs the clip board.

"The missing scroll. The numbers. The pollen the genjutsu everything you planned ahead" said Ibiki. Everyone turns to Naruto shock that a genin was able to get all the information on the chunin exam ahead of schedule. "I guess you got what it takes to be a chunin" chuckle Ibiki. Once he finished a bag was thrown into the room shattering the glass while Kunai shot out unfolding a large banner.

Team eight watching this soon groan knowing who it is. "Next part of the chunin exams is Me Anko"

And cut.

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