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This is for all the Mr Harvey Haters out there. It killed me when Harvey wasn't caught at the end of the film (yes, I know he died a horrible death, but I would've preferred him being locked in jail) so, I did a re-write.

This takes place when the detective is questioning Harvey, and he's forgotten to hide Susie's charm bracelet. One-Shot.

Harvey's Capture.

"Nope. I was here all day, I may have run a few errands that day but, yeah, was here all day" George Harvey said to the detective as he tried to keep his eye on the officer who was circling his Doll House. He was so close to the bracelet...

The detective was talking again, but Harvey wasn't listening, as the officer had just noticed the light glinting off the bracelet's little silver house.

Harvey tried not to react when the officer picked up the bracelet, a look of confusion on his face. His face smoothed out slightly when he realised, and he looked over to where Harvey and the detective were sitting.

"Detective, can you come over here for a second please?"

Harvey's fists clenched when the detective excused himself and walked over to the officer. The blood ran from his face as he too took the bracelet in his hand. He looked at it for a moment, and then looked up at Mr Harvey.

"Mr Harvey" he said, his voice hard and accusing "Could you please tell me how you came by this bracelet?"

"I-I-" Harvey stuttered, floundering around in his head for an excuse, a reason, anything to explain why he might have an exact replica of the Salmon girl's bracelet.


"Mr Harvey, this is an exact copy of the bracelet Susan Salmon was wearing. Can you explain why you have it in your house?"


"Mr Harvey, did you have anything to do with Susan Salmons disappearance?"

Harvey stopped. His body appeared to be frozen to the sofa, his face was as white as a sheet.

All at once, Harvey sprang up from the couch and tried to bolt out of the door, but the officer and detective were too quick for him. They grabbed his struggling arms and pinned him to the front of the car, cuffing his hands behind his back.

"Mr Harvey, I'm arresting you on suspicion of abduction and possible homicide, you have the right to remain silent however anything you do say will be used as evidence in court"

Harvey tried to struggle, tried to get free, but it was no good, and he was soon bundled into the police car.


Harvey was found guilty.

They managed to dig up everything, the teenagers, the young girls, the women, everyone he killed came spilling out in court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and no hope of parole.

They were there as the police lead him to the van that was to take him to jail. The neighbors, the schoolmates, the loved ones.

And right at the front, right there holding pictures of their fourteen-year-old daughter and sister, were the Salmon family.

"YOU BASTARD!" Jack Salmon roared amid the screaming mob "YOU FUCKING SICK BASTARD!"

"MURDERER!" Abigail Salmon wailed, tears streaking her face "YOU KILLED HER! YOU FUCKING MURDERER!"

"You'll burn in HELL for what you did!" screamed Lindsey, Susie's younger sister, waving a picture of her in Harvey's face. He flinched at her smile slapped him in the face.

They finally loaded him into the back of the van, and they took him to the jail where he would live out the rest of his days.

Miserable, scared, and alone.

So, that was Harvey's Capture. Let it be known that I love The Lovely Bones, it makes me cry every time, it just killed me that Harvey was never brought to justice.

So, read and tell me what you think, you can be brutally honest, I swear I won't mind :)