"Grimmkitty!? GRIMMKITTY!? GRIMM-MOTHERFUCKING-KITTY!?" Yelled Grimmjow, "Who the fuck thought up Grimmkitty? Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Number 6 Espada, sexiest fucking Hollow in the world is called Grimmkitty? Do I look like a kitty to you?"

"Well, you doturn into a cat... with cat ears and a tail..." mused Ichigo, sniggering to himself.

"Shut the fuck up you son of a bitch!" yelled Grimmjow, throwing the computer screen at Ichigo, who dodged it easily.

"Hey, does that still work?" asked Ichigo, trotting over the screen and plugging it back into the computer; It had a dent in the middle of the screen surrounded by damaged pixels, but the surrounding areas still worked properly, "I wonder if they have any nicknames for me. They probably call me "Number One Protector", like my name means..." he said, grinning at the thought.

He typed his question into the search engine, clicking on the first option.

"Ichiberry?" asked Grimmjow, his sudden bad mood dispelled as he chortled at the nickname, "Hahahahahahaha Ahahahahahaha Ahaha! You're ahah, you're called, ha! Ichiberry! Hahahaha! That's even worse than Grimmkitty!"

"What!? How is that worse than Grimmkitty!? They're mocking your ability to turn into a Panther! They're mocking your strongest form!" Grimmjow's jaw clenched, his eyebrows knotting together; those sons of bitches were mocking his strongest form!

"Is that any better than messing with the name your beloved mother gave you? Knowing that it means 'Number One Protector', but switching the meanings because it's cuter that way! Hah! How cute Ichiberry!"

Ichigo's eyes flashed in rage at the mention of his mother. How dare those motherfuckers screw with the only thing he had left of her!

"I don't see how a berry is cuter than a kitty!" Ichigo shot back, his face reddening with fury.

"Fucker come over here and say that again!" Roared Grimmjow.

Fine! You're fucking asking for it!" bellowed Ichigo, moving swiftly to grab Grimmjow by his jacket. Grimmjow responded in turn, wrapping his fingers around Ichigo's throat, ready for battle.

Both turned in shock as the door slammed open, revealing a very short and very intimidating figure.

"Damnit! What the hell do you two think you're doing at three in the morning!?" demanded Rukia, her eyes lit with fury, she stopped, taking in the hostile situation, "Oh for Christ's sake, let go of each other, you're like children-"

"Rukia," interrupted Ichigo, Rukia cut off in surprise: never would she have expected Ichigo to interrupt her at a moment like that, "I'm sorry, but this is something we have to settle by ourselves. Don't interfere."

Grimmjow met Ichigo's eyes, nodding in agreement, and without a word they released each other, walking casually past Rukia, bound for Urahara's training area, where they intended to fight to the brink of death, a worthy sacrifice, for this battle would be the battle to determine the most important thing of all: The loser's nickname would officially be the stupider of the two, and that person would have to bear that shame for the rest of their life.

... sometimes I wonder about myself...

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