"Eehhhh? Aizen-sama, what part of this face looks like a fox?" whined Gin.

"All of it. I don't however see any butterfly features on my person," replied Aizen, his voice sulky, hidden only slightly by the haughty, condescending exterior that was his everyday voice.

Gin narrowed his eyes, and though many might doubt it possible, he managed. "Well, you do grow butterfly wings when you release."

Aizen held fast his cool façade, the annoyance flittering below the surface. He sat with his back turned to his silver haired comrade, seated before a computer, a popular device of the "real world" that he'd been interested in.

He hadn't realised that people watched their lives like a movie, nor that they'd have created such imbecilic nicknames for them all. Of course some were quite fitting, Grimmkitty and Ichiberry suiting the buffoons they belonged to. Fox-face was an interesting choice for Gin, but not altogether incorrect. ButterflAizen however, was the kind of name Aizen would kill to erase.

"I believe them to look more like the wings of an Angel, perhaps a God; I see no butterfly resemblance." He responded evenly.

"...Um... except for the fact that they look exactly like butterfly wings..." trailed off Gin.

"Which part, pray tell, looks like a butterfly wing?" asked Aizen, eyes flashing as he turned to face the former Captain.

"Which part of my face looks like a fox?" asked Gin, making a point.

"Gin, surely you see it, you have a pointy face, beady eyes, you look... cunning. Deceptive. You look like a fox."

Gin gaped at his leader, "beady eyes!? Aizen-sama, I don't have beady eyes!" he insisted hotly

"You never open them. It may lead one to believe that they are beady based on default."

"You mean you assume I have beady eyes because they're-they're..." he struggled for the right word, "squinty" didn't seem to help his case, "because they're usually closed!?" he finished lamely.

"You disagree with my analysis?" challenged Aizen.

"Fine! Which part of your wings look like a butter fly's? All of it! The symmetry, the little drippy thing at the bottom, the lack of feathers! They look exactly like white butterfly wings!" burst Gin hotly, forgetting his place, "You don't believe me?" he asked the aggravated man, "Fine, type in: ButterflAizen to that Google Images thing."

The brunet turned to the computer and typed the words into the bar, pressing each key heavily and slowly in his lack of experience with keyboards.

"See?" asked the silver haired man, "look, you've got the drippy bits at the bottom and everything! Oh and look there! Someone's put your head on Butterfree!"

"Gin, explain to me what this "Butterfree" is," demanded Aizen.

"It's... a Pokémon..." started Gin feeling like an idiot. He'd come to learn of Pokémon when he first snuck off to the human world for some fun. With not much to do in Hueco Mundo he'd become addicted to the games.

"A Pokémon?" drawled Aizen smugly, sensing he had a grasp of the upper hand.

"It doesn't matter. That Pokémon is a butterfly Pokémon, and they've put your face on it because you look like a butterfly in your released form."

Gin turned to the computer screen once more, giggling at the image of Aizen drawn as an entire butterfly.

"Simply because the majority of the human population are uneducated trash who create immature and unrealistic opinions and nicknames about me does not make them correct in any form of the word." Aizen explained, his haughty voice drawing the words in that serious, deep tone of his.

"Moving on, shall I provide you with evidence that you look like a fox?" he offered rhetorically, clicking to type into the search box: "Fox-face"

He scowled when the only images that popped up where of foxes... and a few of an orange haired girl who, frankly, looked nothing like a fox.

He tried again, ignoring Gin's snickers as he typed: "Fox face Gin" into the box.

This time the page filled with different images, studded with Gin's face among them, "Do you see? Your face came up."

"Because you wrote 'Gin'! There are no images with me looking like a fox though!" he cried triumphantly.

"Yes there is, right here" pointed Aizen to the image on a silver haired boy with silver ears and a tail.

"Aizen-sama... I think that's a cat..." mumbled Gin, only half protecting himself as he stared at the image. Why the hell was he dressed like a cat?

"But look at this other drawing of you wearing a fox mask." Insisted Aizen, hard pressed to admit that he was desperate to prove the creepy man wrong.

"...But why does the fox mask look like a Pikachu...?"

"A what?"

"Uhh, never mind. I mean that it doesn't look like a fox!" Gin grinned smugly, his thing mouth stretching across his face creepily.

Finally it came to him, the come-back he needed, "Ah, I understand." Said Aizen quietly, all-knowingly, as though he possessed the answers to life.

Gin glanced at him suspiciously, the corners of his mouth dropping to form a suspicious scowl, "Understand what?"

"Hmm?" asked Aizen, glancing at Gin as though he hadn't been paying attention, though they both knew full well he had, "I apologise, I simply meant that I understand why there are few images with you as a fox, that is all."

Gin opened his eyes slightly, the look menacing as his eyebrows furrowed, "Why do you think that is?"

"That's obvious," he stated, conveniently forgetting that he'd thought of it mere moment ago, "because your normal face looks so much like that of a fox that they don't need to explain it to the...audience. They simply show your face and everyone understands on principal."

Gin grit his teeth. What a stupid thought, how could it possibly be true? It couldn't be! ...could it? Humans are strange creatures after all... maybe they do think I look like a fox! Oh my god I look like a fox! Gin moaned inwardly.

"But I... I'm not a fox..." he mumbled to himself dejectedly, turning and walking back to his chambers, feet slow and shuffling like the living dead.

Aizen glanced over his shoulder, a smirk upon his face at his win. Nobody won against Aizen. Nobody.

He turned back to the computer, retyping ButterflAizen into the search bar, frowning as he examined the results in privacy. Did his wings really look like a butterfly's...? They did have that drippy thing at the bottom after all...

He sighed dramatically, scolding himself, or rather everyone else for questioning him. A ruler does not doubt himself!

He shut the computer down, trudging back to his throne, resting a cheek on his hand glumly. If he'd won, why did he feel as though he'd lost?

Maybe, do I actually have... butterfly wings...?

And thus, neither won, both falling into a depressed stupor with the recent knowledge of their reputations and appearances.

The End.


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