Chapter Ten, A New Start

As Sirius entered his Pup's bedroom he saw the little boy laying on his bed tears running down his face as he curled up into the room. Spotting the sick piles on the carpet Sirius casually waved them away with his wand casting a deep clean to the carpet, the room and everything in it as he made his way over to the bed where is poorly godson sat crying his eyes out. "I-I'm s-sorry Sirius." Harry said through his sobs Sirius pulled Harry on to his lap and held him close as he wiped away the tears. "It's not your fault Harry everyone gets sick, you have nothing to be sorry for." Sirius soothed. "But, I want you to promise me that if you feel worse you will tell me, okay?" He asked firmly but gently.

Harry nodded his head as he rested it on Sirius's chest. Feeling how hot Harry was from just his head on his chest Sirius conjured a wet flannel and placed it on Harry's forehead in hopes to bring down his fever, casting a charm to see his temperature Sirius immediately grew worried at the readings of 103oc he hoped Narcissa would hurry up with Snape. "It's alright Harry Narcissa has gone to get Draco's uncle and he and Andy will give you some medicine and you'll be better in no time." Sirius soothed when he heard Harry whimper he gently rocked Harry back and forth on his lap to soothe him while they waited.

Not too long after Andy knocked on the door immediately bidding them entry Sirius gently laid Harry down on his bed but sat next to him holding his hand as Harry refused to let go off him. "He's been sick a couple of times and has a fever at 103oc, it's come down slightly since putting the wet flannel on his head." Sirius informed them though he refused to look up from Harry where he was running his hand through his hair as Harry's eyes drifted shut. "He probably has a stomach bug though I'll do a diagnostic charm to make sure." Andy said softly careful not to wake Harry. "Severus will give Harry a potion to bring down his fever and a potion to soothe his stomach. We've also agreed to give him his injections both Muggle and Wizard in potion form as the Dursleys didn't take him to get his injections." Andy informed Sirius, she'd made a note of this to add to the case against the Dursleys that Arcturus was putting together downstairs with Narcissa and Cassiopeia.

Severus looked at the tiny little boy in the bed and couldn't believe he believed everything that old coot had told him about Harry. It was obvious upon meeting the boy that he was abused he was far to small and was severely underweight, add to that he flinched if anyone came near him or if he was touched without noticing (from what he'd been told) the boy looked more like four years old then seven and to think he'd be going to Hogwarts in four years time, if he'd continued to stay at the Dursleys and went to Hogwarts they'd eat him alive he had to wonder what Dumbledore was up to and he didn't like what his mind came up with.

'I'm sorry Lily I've failed you, I've failed to protect your son but ill endeavour to do better from now on.' Severus swore to himself. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he just tuned back into the conversation to hear Andromeda tell him and Black that Harry had a stomach bug and was severely malnourished and would need to take Nutrient potions before every meal for the next month before they did another check on him, he also had several bones that were incorrectly healed and Harry will need to be put into an induced sleep to heal them all. Handing over the sufficient potions to Andromeda (he didn't trust himself or Black not to start fighting as soon as they got near each other), he began sorting through the needed potions Harry would need to take over the course of the week to get up to date on his inoculations. "He'll need to take two potions every morning for the next week to be up to date on all his vaccinations. I would recommend starting them tomorrow as soon as he wakes as he won't wake until tomorrow at the latest once all his bones are healed. I'll leave you to it Andromeda while I go and inform Arcturus what we've found." Severus said dryly feeling more exhausted emotionally than he'd felt in a long time.

"Thank you Snape." Sirius's hoarse voice stopped him as he made to leave the child's bedroom. "Thank you for coming to care for my Pup, I know after everything James and I put you through you didn't have to do thank you. And I'm sorry for what I did to you in school, James was sorry too he tried to apologise to you countless times, I hope with time you can forgive us and not take it out on Harry he's an innocent and is his own person, he may look like Lily and James and have traits from them in time but he is own person and I know he'll be better person then James and I ever were." Sirius apologised softly feeling ashamed for what he did in school.

"Thank you Black." Severus said after awhile before he left the room. Andy smiled proudly at her cousin placing a hand on his shoulder before continuing spelling potions into Harry's stomach to heal his bones and bring down his fever and settle his stomach from the bug he'd caught, likely from his lack of immune system.

"How is he Uncle Sev? How's Harry?" Draco asked worriedly as soon as Severus had stepped foot into the Drawing Room running over to him ignoring his mother's words to stop and let Severus enter the room first. Smiling tightly at his godson he addressed the room at large, sending a specific look at Arcturus who nodded grimly and picked up his Quill and ink pot poising it over the long parchment in his lap. "Young Mr Potter has a stomach bug and fever, he likely caught it from his lack of immune system he's been given potions to rectify that and bring down his fever.

Upon casting a diagnostic charm we discovered that he is severally malnourished, has several incorrectly healed bones and hasn't received any vaccinations Muggle or Magical since his parents past, he's lucky he hasn't caught any diseases. He's been given potions for the vaccinations to start tomorrow for a week which will cover all vaccinations and nutrient potions for a month; after a month either I or Andromeda will check on him again to see if needs another dose. Andromeda is healing his bones as we speak and has put Harry in an induced sleep which he will want from tomorrow."

There was a moment of silence as everyone digested the horrible news. It was worse then they feared; they knew that Harry was severely abused mentally, emotionally and physically as Sirius had healed his wounds and scars on the night that they'd returned here. It was just more to add the case against the Dursleys and Dumbledore and they couldn't wait to both away for good. Clearing her throat and wiping the tears from her eyes Cassiopeia stood from the sofa as went to show Severus out opening up the floo for him. "Thank you Severus Snape for everything if you need anything just let Pollux, Arcturus or I know. I hope I can count on you in court to give a medical statement against the Dursleys and Dumbledore." Cassiopeia stated.

"Of course." Severus said inclining his head in agreement Petunia and her husband will pay dearly for what they've done to Lily's son and they'll pay dearly. It couldn't wait until they were in prison and Dumbledore was in Azkaban stripped of all his titles, oh he'd make sure of it. He'd make sure neither of them would see the light of day again, he'd make sure no one harmed Lily's son ever again.

Bidding farewell to everyone in the room Severus stepped into the fireplace calling out Prince Manor and disappeared in a whirl of emerald green flames. "I'll get s copy sent to the Goblins and take a copy to Madame Bones and get a trial started for Sirius." Arcturus said gruffly as he too disappeared in the emerald green flames. The rest of the Black family and Remus, however sat in silence each with a thought of his anyone could harm a sweet little boy like Harry and swore no one would ever dare hurt one of their own again. Draco who sat on his mother's lap tearfully made a promise to himself that he'd hold until the end of his days; no one was going to hurt his little Harry if he had a say in it.