[Author's Note: My Harry Potter story hasn't been updated in a long time and has now hit a rather big road block. I will eventually get around to it, but right now it's stuck. This one is my first Naruto story, so I hope I'll do good =)]



Konoha slept peacefully as always, even as Uzumaki Naruto, Rokudaime Hokage, fought against Madara once to save his village, his remaining friends and his own life. This was by far not their first clash, but Naruto had a feeling that one way or another there would not be another one. The son of the Yellow Flash fought hard, but for some reason he was getting tired much more quickly than usual. Something strange was going on and he had no idea what it was. When he cast his stronger jutsu, it felt like he tried to get the chakra not only from inside himself, but that made no sense… Over the years Naruto matured a lot, but when it came to academic understanding of the world around him, he was still as dumb as ever, which was why his wife, Hanabi, always went with him to important meetings and negotiations.

The ugly smirk on Madara's face only made matters worse, since it gave Naruto the very bad feeling that the immortal Uchiha knew exactly what was going on with him…

"Well, it turns out you still aren't in the ideal partnership with your demon, Uzumaki, if that wife of yours is the only mate you have…" – insert maniacal laughter here – "Or maybe it was that desperate desire of yours to convince yourself you're human…" – and another bout of sinister cackling here.

"Shut up, you freak!" – snarled Naruto, but instead of the fierce voice he always projected during battle, the Rokudaime Hokage sounded much like a cornered animal, than the warrior he was.

"Your Sakura refused to marry you, so you accepted the political marriage with the Hyuuga, only the young girl is not strong enough to successfully mate with a jinchuuriki, is she?" – gloated the Uchiha ancestor.

Naruto cursed rudely under his breath and resolved himself to ignore the maniac's taunting, especially since he didn't exactly understand what it was that Madara was hinting at.

"Shut your trap and fight, damn you!"

"As you wish, brat," – he cackled once again and the sound sent a shiver of fear through the blond. Faster than Naruto could see, the Uchiha appeared behind him and pain exploded in his chest.

The Kyuubi jinchuuriki glanced down and saw that somehow the bastard managed to stick his sword through his chest.

While the blond tried to figure out how the hell Madara became that much faster, the Kyuubi pooled his chakra, getting ready to employ some drastic measures, since it was obvious that one way or another his vessel would die tonight and take him along for the one way ride. That was not something the biiju was willing to accept.

'Hey, fox…' – whispered Naruto mentally, as he felt coldness seep through his body, knowing death was just a few steps ahead – 'I think this is the end…'

'As if!' – snarled the Nine-Tailed Kitsune – 'I'm not about to curl up and die like this!'

'And just what exactly can you do about it?' – asked the blond. He knew his tenant pretty well, even if the fox was never friendly, it was still the only creature that was always with him and never abandoned him, even if that was not of the kitsune's choosing.

'You'll see…' – muttered the biiju ominously as he activated the technique.

In the outside world Uchiha Madara was busy gloating to himself, as he watched the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha die. Finally the blond stopped breathing and the Uchiha laughed maniacally, only to stop in mid-laugh. In front of his very eyes the body of the jinchuuriki glowed brightly with the biiju's chakra and then, when the light was at its' brightest, it disappeared. It didn't blow up or burn down. The body just disappeared. Madara blinked a couple of times, shook his head and went to Konoha. He did after all have a village to destroy.

[End Note: And that's it for the prologue. Not big, I know, but I hope you liked it none the less =)]