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'blah' - biiju mental speech;

'blah' - thoughts & mental communication;

"blah" - regular talking;

"blah" - jutsu / letters;

~Chapter One~

The first thing that registered in Naruto's mind was pain… a lot of pain. With a quiet groan, the bond got to his feet and looked around. The forest was silent and there were clear signs of destruction everywhere. His last memory was of fighting Madara at the Valley of the Endand now he was in the forest, not too far away from the village. How he got there was a mystery he would have to figure out later, not he had to stop Madara.

'Damn, you sure are not that attentive, kit…' – snorted Kurama from inside Naruto's mind, but decided to let the brat figure things out for himself, he was more happy about the fact that he got to stay with his host, instead of merging with the Uzumaki Naruto that was only one day old right now. And maybe, the fox-youkai considered, now they would have the chance to actually bond as they should have, had the man not been so afraid of losing his humanity.

Naruto neared the gate and gaped. The people, the shinobi that he saw recovering after a brutal fight, were not the people he expected to see. Some were much younger than they were supposed to be, while others should have been dead.

'What the fuck?!' – Mentally yelped the Rokudaime. While the years did him good in regards to his mental abilities, he was not the sharpest tool by far. He thought hard at his predicament and the fight he somehow managed to survive. He scratched the back of his head and paused. His hair should not be as long as the hair he felt and the texture was also a bit different. Warning bells rang in his mind and he decided to ask the one who would certainly know what was going on:

'Kurama! What the heck happened?' – he called out to the demon fox, hoping to get a straight answer for once instead of the insults that now came automatically and he was sure were just a way for the fox to entertain himself.

'Now you're asking?!' – came the incredulous snort – 'You're really slow sometimes, brat.'

A different person would become angry, but Naruto was too used to the way the fox behaved to pay the barbs any attention.

'Maybe so,' – he responded – 'but that does not change the fact that I really need to figure this out and something tells me you had something to do with this…'

'Oh alright…' – sighed the Kitsune – 'As far as I can understand, we're in the past.'

'Come again?' – said the Rokudaime calmly, sure he heard something wrong.

'We... are… in… the... past!' – growled the fox slowly, glaring at the blond – 'And from the looks of things, you're no longer in your body.'

Now normally Naruto would not believe something like that, because he really never believed in the things the fox said, always thinking Kurama was just trying to break out of the seal. But his fight with Madara, especially the things the bastard Uchiha said, made him pause in his attempt to shout at the biiju.

'You sure?' – he asked instead, his voice faint and now that he knew that he was not in his body, he could tell the slight difference in the voice.

'Pretty much,' – confirmed the demon fox – 'your chest wound is no longer there, but the body has injuries that should not be there. From what I can see your chakra network is very well developed, though we won't know for sure until you fully recover.'

Naruto leaned against a tree and took a deep breath:

'So I am in the past,' – repeated the Rokudaime Hokage – 'how do we figure out when exactly?'

'If I'm right, and I most likely am,' – replied the fox, surprised that for once his host seemed to take his word for it instead of accusing him of lying – 'this is the day you were born.'

'Okay…' – drawled Naruto, feeling faint all of the sudden – 'I guess I should find a mirror or something…'

Being careful not to be spotted by anyone, Naruto entered the village and looked into one of the windows that somehow remained unbroken. It was then that he received the shock of his life. If he was honest with himself this was probably even more shocking than realizing that he was a Jinchuuriki, because the face that stared at him from the window was the face he knew very well, yet never saw in actual life – the face of his father, the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, the man who gave his life to seal Kurama into him.

"Holly fuck…" – muttered Naruto – "this is certainly not what I was expecting…"

'Well, what are you going to do?' – Rumbled the kitsune in his mind – 'Will you pretend to be him? Or will you go to the Old Man and tell him the truth?'

'Well that is the question, isn't it?' – Chuckled Naruto bitterly, as he tried to consider his situation from different angles for once – 'See I'm pretty sure I can't pull of pretending to be my father. While in the Jutsu and power aspect I'm on the same level, or so Kakashi and Tsunade said, I know nothing about his personality. I think I'll go talk to the Sandaime and ask him for his input.'

'Well, would you look at that?' – Cooed the giant fox patronizingly – 'The brat actually made the right decision on his own. I'm so proud of you…'

'Kurama… do shut up…' – snapped Naruto defensively and turned to make his way to the Hokage tower.

On his way there he made sure to use his special Henge to make his hair red and longer, in honor of his mother Kushina. That turned out to be a good thing, as he came across a lot of people who were stuck under rubble and even though he was no longer Hokage (or was it not yet?) he made sure to help as many people as he could, despite his own not fully healed injuries.

Finally he entered the tower and suddenly sensed Kyuubi's chakra nearby ( a/n: to avoid confusion the Kyuubi from the future will be Kurama, since he's nicer, and the other one can just be Kyuubi for now).

'I think Sarutobi is about to tell people about my mini-me… think we should stop him?' – he asked the Fox. Naruto himself really wanted to save the boy from the unnecessary hatred, but he was not sure if that was the right choice to make.

'Do as you like, brat.' – Stated Kurama – 'I too never understood why he informed them in the first place… We are here to change things, after all, might as well start early.'

"I suppose so…" – muttered Naruto as he walked in the direction he sensed the faint residue of the demon chakra from – "I would really like some time to sort through all this mess… My brain might just explode from all of this…"

'Brain,' – asked Kurama, clearly very shocked – 'you actually have one of those?!'

'Shut up already, you damn fur-ball!' – retorted Naruto, though there was no real anger in his voice.

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