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Part 1: A fortnight with the Dursleys

Both boys stood in front of the headmaster's desk, expressions of shock and denial on both of their faces. The old codger had finally gone and lost it. It was never a sure thing that he had it in the first place, but if he did, it was definitely gone now.

"Headmaster, you cannot be serious." Harry gaped at the headmaster.

Dumbledore lowered his interlocked fingers as he studied the two young men stood before him. "I'm afraid, Harry that I am. You will be going to the Dursley's for the few weeks before your birthday. Draco shall be accompanying you."

Draco watched as Harry opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, finally stuttering to the words, "why?"

Draco could not have put it better himself. Why he had to spend the summer with Potter of all people was beyond him, at Potters house. Why couldn't he just stop here?

"Harry, you and Draco are in grave danger, you know this. When Draco decided not to kill me-"Draco cringed at the ease in which the headmaster spoke of this, "-he signed his own death warrant with the Death Eaters. He needs protection. You need to go to the Dursley's to renew the blood bonds there. When you turn seventeen they will break and none of you will be protected. While you are there I shall be making other arrangements to keep you and they are protected."

"But, Sir. Why... why can't we just stay here? Can't we stick the Dursley's in Grimmauld place and me and Malfoy can stay here, or go... somewhere? Do we really have to go there?"

Draco's brow furrowed. "Surely Potter, the idea of spending your summer with me is not such an intolerable thing?" He was annoyed, very annoyed. How could Potter be protesting, it was only a few weeks.

Harry gaped at Draco's words. "You... you don't understand. It's not you, it's- they're going to kill me. Kill us. This is ridiculous." Harry shook his head, looking defeated at the situation. He glanced up at Draco through his curtain of dark hair. "I'm sorry." Was all he could manage, picking up the hairbrush / portkey on the desk in front and holding out to the other young man. He turned to glare at Dumbledore. "You better know what you're doing. Abode." He breathed the last word and at once the two boys felt the familiar tug behind the collar as they were transported to another place.


A scream tore through the air and Draco found himself being pulled to the floor. "Potter- what-" Smash!

Draco was stunned as he saw something smash over his head. Daring a glance up, he had to once again suddenly as another china... something... was hurled his way.

"BOY!" A bellow was heard coming from what Draco assumed to be the kitchen.

Harry sent an apologetic glance at Draco before straightening up, plastering an innocent expression on his face and in the most angelic voice possible saying, "Yes Uncle Vernon?"

A huge man bounded into the room. Looking somewhat like one of those giant balls that muggles use to destroy buildings with, only this one had legs and arms and a silly face painted on it with a moustache. Unable to do anything else, Draco ogled the pair in front of him as the fun began.

"Don't you 'yes Uncle Vernon' me you stupid little idiot. What is the meaning of this?"

"The meaning of what?" Harry looked positively angelic, there was a gleam in his eyes. Was that humour?

"Appearing in that fashion in my house. It is absolutely unacceptable. What if somebody was here? If somebody saw that... that... episode." The last word was said with such acid, Draco was wondering how Harry's face was still intact and watched in amazement as Harry schooled his features into a look of utter confusion.

"I was under the impression you knew about our arrival." Harry frowned at his uncle, and continued. "You see Draco is not wearing any normal clothing, I did not think you would appreciate us knocking the door dressed like that."

A stab of annoyance went through the blonde as he took in the scrunched up look on Harry's face, as though in distaste. How dare he moan about the way I dress. Draco glared at his fellow student and found he was being smirked at. Eyes were boring into him from the large man who, he assumed, must have been Harry's guardian of sorts. He stared back as the man took in his attire. Normal wizard robes, black, simple cotton, no silver buttons or thread, nothing too flashy. A pair of black dragon hide boots stuck out from underneath, his old ones, they were even scuffed.

His annoyance was soon changed into glee as he saw this idiot of a muggle pale before him. White, green, red and then purple. He glared straight at Draco, Draco defiantly stared right back, a blank expression playing his features. "You boy, do you have nothing else to wear?"

Draco caught Harry pale behind him as the question sprung from his uncles mouth. Wondering what on Earth could be the matter Draco continued to answer the question. "No."

He looked at the face of the monstrosity of man before him. The man was shaking from head to foot, panic seemed to blaze through his eyes. "Right. Right." He muttered to himself. "There's nothing else for it." Draco found himself nose to nose with the ugly walrus like creature. "You boy, will go up to your room, you will not leave unless you need the bathroom. You will not show your freakiness to any of our neighbours."

"Are you seri-"

"Uncle- really – it's fine. I'll lend him some of my clothes." Harry faltered with the look he got from both parties. "I'll get them back, when- when we go back."

"Too right you will boy. You should have sorted this out before you came here, I will be writing to that blubbering fool of a headmaster of yours and letting him know just how this one here turned up. And boy. You make sure you get every item of clothing back, myself and Petunia did not put the clothing on your back just so you could give them away."

"Yes, Uncle Vernon."

"You will both be stopping in your room. You will get the rest of the day to settle in. Make sure he know how we do things round here. You will both be expected to help around here. Now go."

Draco gaped at the room Harry had led him into. It was ridiculously small, probably the size of one of the bigger broom cupboards at the Hogwarts. It housed a single camp bed, a very small wardrobe and a writing desk. All sorts of weird muggle contraptions were spread out around, on shelves, pushed into corners, on top of the wardrobe. Somehow, Draco realised not all of this was Harry's.

He watched curiously as Harry groped under his bed for something. An old cardboard box with some plastic sheet thing inside. Harry pulled out the sheet and found a funny see through plastic thing and started blowing into it. Draco gaped as thing started to get bigger and bigger, until eventually it looked like another mattress, all be it a blue one.

Catching sight of Draco's face Harry snickered. "Air bed." He explained. "I'll let you test the two out and decide which one you prefer. To be honest, the air bed's probably more comfortable, I've had this bed since I was four. The mattress has never been changed." He grimaced down at the poor excuse for a bed and cleared his throat, another smirk playing his lips. "I know this is a lot to take in. We can't use magic here. I know you're of age, but any magic and the Ministry will instantly blame me. You know Voldemort has his spies in the Ministry, well they can use the trace to get to me and through me, you."

Draco nodded, a bit dazed after all that had happened. He had always assumed Harry would be spoilt rotten at home, completely adored by his family. But looking around this room, hearing the way his uncle had spoke to him, he couldn't help but be a little baffled. "I don't think we will have to do chores, I haven't had to do them since summer before fourth year. But it doesn't mean they won't go back to that, especially if they get annoyed."

"Chores?" Draco had never heard of such a word.

"Yeah. You know, cooking cleaning, gardening."

"They expect you to do that?" Draco asked incredulously. So the boy who lived wasn't a pampered prince?

"Erm, well not really since the summer before fourth year like I said. When I came back after fourth year... well you know what happened... they must have seen something different in me. Admittedly, it could also have something to do with me blowing up my Aunt before I left the house." Draco went back to gaping at Harry unable to help himself. He could not believe how much he seemed to do that over the last hour or so.

"Y-you blew up-"

"My Aunt. Yeah. She erm, insulted my parents and I got a little bit annoyed. I essentially turned her into a human balloon. Accidentally of course."

Trying to process this was extremely difficult. Harry Potter had blown up his aunt. Finding this extremely hard to process he decided to change the subject. "So these chores you had to do..."

"Potter, you really expect me to wear this?" Draco stared at a pair of khaki green shorts, obviously been cut from trousers, that were obviously too big for him.

"It's either this or be locked in this room for the entire two weeks." Harry glared at him.

"But... but what happened to the other muggle clothes you wear? You know your blue things and jumpers and whatever other ridiculous muggle clothing you wear."

"I can't wear them here. I have, to my knowledge, two Gringots bank vault filled with galleons and a house." Harry replied cautiously lowering his voice. "The Dursley's would have it all from me in a heartbeat, especially since I'm not supposed to own my own money until I'm of age."

"But Potter... seriously?" Draco wasn't sure if he was asking about the clothing or Harry's wealth.

A light shone in Harry's eyes. "Come on Malfoy, put them on and we can have some fun. I know how much you would love to see them squirm."

Five minutes later and a scowling Draco left the bathroom dressed in the khaki shorts, a scruffy, worn t-shirt that had its neck and sleeves ripped off and a scowl. Harry looked him up and down appreciatively before turning back with a pair of flip-flops. "Potter, you cannot be serious." Draco glared at the offending items.

"Come on Malfoy. You can't wear your dragon hide boots with those, you know that's practically a fashion disaster." Harry smirked at him as he gave the flip-flops to the blonde. Stifling a laugh at Malfoys muttering.

"I'll show you a fashion disaster."

"Now." Harry's eyes had that same glint in them he saw last night when they arrived. "Come with me and play along. Do you have your wand?" At Draco's nod he turned and walked down the hall. Leaving Draco to walk along in his wake, wondering what could possibly have gotten into the weirdo in front of him.

"So you see Aunt Petunia, since Draco is of age, any chores you want doing can be done in a few minutes." Harry was innocence personified at that moment. He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew what the outcome would be and he knew exactly how to play his role.

"No. It's fine." Petunia's voice had a definite squeak to it as she tried to keep her calm under the threat of magic in her home. "You will only be here for a few weeks, not even that now. Enjoy your stay here, you won't be here anymore anyway."

Harry furrowed his brow as though confused of his Aunt's actions and Draco had to prevent himself from grinning like an idiot. "Well, if our sure. I'm going to show Draco around okay. Do you need anything getting while we're out?"

"No. Thank you."

The park. One of Harry's favourite haunts, was empty. Oh, it wasn't empty when they first got there, no. But Harry walks in, head held high, shoulders back and a sneer set in place that would have done Severus proud and the surrounding children flee for their lives as though Voldemort has just made himself present with an army of inferi.

Draco stared in wonder at the fleeing bodies. Why would they be scared of Harry? It was just Harry. He looks over at the other teen, trying to see what was intimidating. Harry's clothes, so much like his own, were all torn, the legs cut off, the arms and neck ripped. Harry's legs, although thin, were also muscular, his biceps bulging slightly. Draco couldn't help but wonder if the young man worked out. He was slightly tanned and when he held his slightly down, the way he was doing now his eyes didn't look nearly as bright. In fact they were quite menacing. The picture of Sirius black from the front of the newspaper when he broke out from Azkaban came to mind.

He collapsed in the swing next to Harry's. "What was that about Potter?"

Harry startled beside him. He seemed to forget he had company for a while because the sneer flashed his face to be suddenly replaced by a mischievous smirk. "What was what Malfoy?"

Angelic prat. "Why did everyone flee when we entered?"

Harry's eyes widened in mock realisation. "Oooohhhhh. Well my dear relatives have told everyone that I go to a school for convicts. Naturally, everyone's terrified. I like to keep up pretences, it does make life quite... peaceful."

Silence followed. It was a peaceful silence, each contemplating the other. Draco didn't want to admit it, but he was impressed by Harry's performance. It was so unlike what he had come to expect from him.

In turn Harry wondered when Draco had become so laid back. Harry expected him to throw a fit when he saw were he would be staying. He would never in a million years, be able to imagine Draco lying on an airbed, on the floor of one of the smallest rooms in existence, or on the ridiculous camp bed. It hadn't even been as hard as he imagined it would be to get Malfoy into the clothes.

Harry knew he had thoroughly shocked Draco with his actions today, but for some reason he found he could trust him. There was a level of understanding between them that could not be explained. He knew from the way Draco had handled the shock from today, he would be able to handle Harry. The real Harry.

"Hey Malfoy!" Draco started, forgetting Harry was there for a minute. "Do you detest all things muggle or are there a few things you would consider trying?"

A bell rang signalling the arrival of visitors. The shopkeeper murmured something about menacing youths and unnecessary distractions when he caught sight of who exactly had walked into his shop. His eyes widened as he saw the darker of the two, the Potter boy, look up at him from under his curtain of dishevelled hair with an evil grin plastered across his face.

It seemed the boy had bought a friend, a friend that seemed way too interested in his surroundings. He also must have been a nasty piece of work for the Potter boy to be hanging around with him. Even the usual yobs round here didn't go near Potter. It wasn't worth it, when the boy got into a temper, things just happened, bad things happened.

The shopkeeper was intimidated by the young man. He would quite willingly give him anything in the shop in fear of being blown up... or worse. At least he always pays. He gulped as the Potter boy approached him. The blonde stood back, by the door, presumably to keep anyone from entering.

The boy approached the shelves lined with spirits, picking up his favourites, finally approaching the counter, he placed the bottles on top. "Just these." The boy grunted, a sneer now playing his lips.

"Of course." The shopkeeper replied. The boy was never one for conversation, so he kept his head down as he packed the boys bag for him. Two bottles of shots, a bottle of vodka, one whiskey and a short exchange later, where the shopkeeper was paid more than the required amount and he could finally breathe again. The boy always gave him the creeps, he could feel the raw power radiate from the boys skin sometimes.

"Again and again you astound me Potter."

"How so Malfoy?"

Draco looked at him incredulously, watching as he pulled out his acquired bottles from the bags, opening the one that was passed to him. "You're bloody Harry Potter! You're supposed to be innocence personified, the saviour of the damn world."

Harry raised an eyebrow, handing Draco two glass tumblers, undoing the top of the first bottle he came to. "Yes?"

Draco continued to stare as a blue substance was poured into the glasses. "In the last, however long we have been here, have taken that image and torn it to shreds, I am sat on your bed, in your room, about to drink whatever the hell you have there. And why haven't you filled these up?"

Harry smirked at the teen in front of him. You have soooo much to learn Malfoy."First things first, not everything is as it seems. You will learn this quickly, especially since Dumbledore wants us glued at the hip and will do anything to see to it. Secondly, this-" he held up the bottle he had just poured, "-is for shots, you throw it back and swallow, as so." Harry demonstrated the correct procedure for drinking as Draco found himself, yet again, staring.

He gave Harry a look that clearly said –you have got to be kidding me- before sipping on his drink and gagging. Receiving an –I told you so- lookfrom the dark one he drank as he was originally told. It was still a shock to the system, being used to fine wines had not done anything to prepare his palate for... this.

"Potter, you really have some explaining to do. This is insane." Draco shook his head, trying as hard as possible to be pulled out of what he was sure was a dream.

Harry smirked at the blonde in front of him. A knowing look lighting his features while he took in every aspect of Draco. It was almost... calculating. Harry set down his glass, seeming to have finally come to a decision. He grabbed the blue bottle and put some of the liquid in each glass, before turning back to Draco. "I have a game we can play." Draco eyed him cautiously, refusing to make any decisions until he knew where this was going. He knew now not underestimate Harry. "If you want me to answer a question, you have to take a shot. I will of course, answer you truthfully. But you need to be willing to accept that if I say I cannot answer something, you should ask something else."

Draco pondered this for a moment, trying to decipher any hidden meanings. "First tell me what you get out of this."

A blank look attached itself to Harry's face, confusion and humour shinning behind his eyes. "Whatever do you mean?" That ridiculously innocent voice was back, Draco was almost convinced that Harry had no ulterior motive when a laugh escaped. "It's simple, I want to see how you handle your drink. For humour purposes of course." His eyes narrowed at the blonde, eyes curious. "I also want to change your opinion of me. I know that the only reason you are tolerating me at the minute is because you have resigned yourself to the situation, at the moment you have no one else. Neither do I." He stated matter of factly. "So... do you accept?"

With a nod of his head, Draco took his second shot that night.

"So Potter, tell me about living here, it's not what I would have expected it to be."

Harry took a deep breath, he did not like talking about his past, but if he was to live with Draco for the remainder of the school year, he would indeed have to spill most things. "I was bought here when my parents died, something to do with the protection of living with my family." Rolling his eyes he continued. "It wasn't all sweets, pampering and living like royalty. The Dursley's have told me I was freak for as long as I can remember, when I was old enough to sleep on my own I slept in the cupboard under the stairs on this bed." He told Draco, gesturing to that which they were sat on. "I had to cook their breakfast and clean their house. I guess you could call me a perfect house elf. If I did anything wrong, and sometimes if I didn't I'd get locked in my cupboard and not allowed food. Sometimes I'd get a beating as well. I only found out why when Hagrid came with my letter from Hogwarts."

Draco took another shot. "Why?"

Harry could tell what he meant from the question. "I was a wizard, Aunt Petunia was my mum's sister, she thought my mum was a freak and hated her for going to Hogwarts. They thought they could beat the magic out of me, stop me from going, make me 'normal'."

Draco nodded. He had never realised how bad it ever was for Harry. He had been jealous of the young man as long as he could remember. "Does Dumbledore know?"

Harry raised an eyebrow and waited for Draco to take another shot, taking his own in the process and pouring himself some whiskey. "I am not sure if Dumbledore knows the extent of it. Last year when he came to take me away, well let's just say he wasn't the nicest of people to them. Don't get me wrong he didn't torture them, he was just rather blind when it came to his over use of magic for the littlest things. I guess it was torture to them in some ways." Harry mused to himself. "He told them that they had neglected me, I assume he thought that's all they have done, I have never wanted to find out, I mean, what if he knew and never did anything?"

"I don't think Dumbledore would have done that." Draco stated. He knew the guy was a more than likely insane, but to allow a child to be abused, he couldn't think it.

Harry grimaced, "you don't know Dumbledore like I do. If he thought it was better for me to be abused than to be somewhere else he would have left me here. He lets Snape spy, he kept my godfather locked up, causing him to go more mental than when he was in Azkaban. You wouldn't believe the things the man has done, sure he does it for the greater good, but he doesn't care about what happens in the process, who gets hurt, even when he's wrong."

Draco had to fight not to wince at these words, he observed Harry glaring at his bed covers, like it was their fault he was here, sipping his whiskey. Draco took another shot, deciding it was time to lighten the mood. He could ask more questions another time. "So, Potter, are you a virgin."

Harry threw a lopsided grin at Draco, appreciative of what he was trying to do. "No."