Gryffindor vs Durmstrang

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The next day Crouch came with his friend Ludo Bagman. "Harry, we'd like you to reconsider being in the Tournament!" said Crouch.

"Absolutely no," said Harry, "and please don't ask again."

Crouch and Bagman left.

Ron was listening to a wizarding wireless.

"And now news of the Muggle world," said the announcer's voice. "At Smeltings, Harry Potter's cousin, Dudley Dursley has gone missing. There has been no ransom note. It is possible that Dudley ran away. He came to Smeltings confused and frightened but of what?"

"Ginny, get Hermione," said Harry.

Hermione returned in a short time and said, "Harry I think it is a deception. It's in the Prophet. They may even believe it. Be careful Harry!"


Harry went to the Boar Gate and raised his wand to call the Knight Bus.

"Stan, a Muggle pay phone in Dufftown," said Harry. "Wait while I make a call and then I need to come right back. Here's a whole Galleon." He handed Stan a Galleon.

"Ern, first Priority, a Muggle phone booth in Dufftown, ordered Stan.

The bus shot away and was in Dufftown in a few minutes. Stan knew where the telephone was and they drove straight up to it. Harry dropped in some Muggle money and soon had Uncle Vernon on the line.

"There is a story that Dudley has gone missing at Smeltings. Is it true or not?" asked Harry.

"I never heard of it boy, someone is telling stories!" said Uncle Vernon.

Harry thanked his Uncle, got back on the Knight Bus and immediately returned to the Boar Gate.

The was an owl post waiting for Harry at Gryffindor Tower.

"Get back into the contest, Mr. Potter, or Dudley dies!

Barty Crouch Jr.

On the run."

Professor McGonagall walked in.

"This is a deception. My cousin was not kidnapped. I just called Uncle Vernon on a Muggle telephone. He would not lie about that even to me!" said Harry.

"Potter this is awful!" said Professor McGonagall.

"Give this to the Aurors. It was written by Barty Crouch Junior!" said Harry

"Harry this is not the last trick he will try," said Professor McGonagall. She took the letter and turned it over to the Auror Department.

Hermione Owled both Madam Bones and the Muggle Prime Minister.


Nothing more was said about Dudley's "disappearance". Harry prepared for the big game.

Then the day came to play Durmstrang. Their team wore greyish white uniforms with a big a red bird on them. Gryffindor was in their traditional red uniforms. The Quidditch Pitch was filled.

"Remember you are representing your schools," said Madam Hooch. "I want a nice clean game from both teams. The whole wizarding world is listening in on the wireless. Oh, I have to wait for their commercial to finish."

In a moment a signal came from the part of the stands where the wireless people were.

Madam Hooch released the Bludgers and the Snitch. She threw the Quaffle into the air and the game was on.

Harry flew high looking for the Snitch. He was about two hundred feet up. He failed to find it so he feinted to make it look like he was in a dive for it. The Durmstrang Seeker followed. When Harry was about twenty feet from the ground he pulled up. The Durmstrang Seeker came so close to the ground his cape touched it. He seemed to be struggling to pull up. As soon as his chasers had the Quaffle Viktor called a timeout.

"Vorkov, you know Potter is very good at feints. Pull up sooner. You almost got ploughed. I can't lose my Seeker," said Viktor.

"Team you are playing well. Harry, pull up just a little sooner on your feints. We don't want to be known for ploughing opposing Seekers." said Angelina.

The teams again took to the air. The chasers went on trading goals while Harry and Vorkov looked for the Golden Snitch.

Eventually both Harry and Vorkov were after the Snitch. They checked each other hard. Harry was glad he had not gone hungry the previous summer.

"It appears Harry and Vorkov are both on the Snitch! Both are checking hard!" called Lee Jordan.

Suddenly Vorkov fell. Harry flew down after him and called out, "Arresto Momentum!" Vorkov's fall slowed down and he landed softly.

Karkaroff ran to him. A quick wand check revealed he had been stunned.

"You had a wand Potter!" said Karkaroff. "I have never seen anything so low down and believe me I have seen low down things."

"It was not me!" said Harry. "If it had been, I would have let him fall and taken the Snitch!"

"He'll be fine. Harry has seen to that," said Madam Pomphrey. "Rest him for half an hour and he can resume play!"

"I am going to take your word Potter," said Karkaroff.

Suddenly there were two specs in the sky. One was a falling cloak. They other was someone on a broom. Ron put his Ominoculars on the speck.

"It's Crouch!" yelled Ron. He came down and showed his Ominoculars to Professor Dumbledore and Professor Karkaroff. They showed them to Kingsley Shacklebolt. Kingsley grabbed Harry's broom and flew after Crouch. Crouch out ran him and made good his escape.

The captains and Madam Hooch decided to suspend the game until Thursday night. They would have gone untill the next Saturday but Ravenclaw and Beauxbatons were scheduled to play that day.

Professor Karkaroff and Professor Dumbledore agreed.


The next week Harry went back to potions, a subject he was enjoying for a change. He liked the Durmstrang potions master.

"Good to see you on time. How do you like the ship?" asked Professor Polansky.

"She's fascinating sir, a small school in a ship. It is very different on the inside than the outside," said Harry.

"You have three classrooms. The Beauxbatons carriage only has two."

Harry took his place as the students filed in.

"All substance is chemical including magical things," said the professor. "At Durmstrang part of potions is Muggle chemistry. On the wall I have the periodic chart. Memorize it. Who can tell be why a gold cauldron is used for good medicinal potions."

Hermione got to answer. "Gold is not very chemically reactive. So little gets into the potion it does not matter. It is just eliminated into our hair. Other metals get into the potion and can make poison out of and good potion."

"Ten points to Ravenclaw!" said Professor Polanski.

The ship was filled with laughter.

"Wrong house," said Draco. "Now it you want to give it to Slytherin we'll take it."

"Your house, Miss Granger?" asked Professor Polanski.

"Gryffindor," answered Hermione.

"Ten points to Gryffindor, I stand corrected!" said Professor Polanski.


On Thursday night magical lanterns were use to light the Quidditch field. The teams flew around and traded goals for hours. Then, when a big waning moon came up, Harry saw the Golden Snitch. He raced for it. Vorkov saw what Harry was doing but by the time he got there Harry had the Snitch.

As he settled down there was a noise overhead. Seven cloaked wizards took off their clocks and settled down on the pitch. It was Oliver Wood and Pudmore United.

"Harry we heard about Vorkov and Crouch and we discussed it with Professor Dumbledore and Professor Karkaroff. We flew over and around the Pitch under invisibility cloaks and silencing charms to keep Crouch from pulling anymore tricks!" said Wood.

"Thanks, Wood, and good luck!" said Harry.

After celebrating for an hour in the locker room Wood and his friends flew away.


Fake Moody was polite and no one suspected anything. How good it was to impersonate Professor Moody. Not even his stupid father suspected anything. Fake Moody grunted to his quarters and put up a sign that Defense Against the Dark Arts was cancelled for Friday. He locked everything tight and had a very long nap.


The next day, there was roaring and firelight in the Forbidden Forest. Charlie and other Dragon keepers delivered four Dragons to the Forbidden Forest. Each was a nesting mother.

"We only needed three," said Hagrid. "Why a Hungarian Horntail? It's a right nasty piece of work!"

"The order was for nesting mothers," said Charlie. "I had to bring the Horntail."

"Harry is not in the contest so you can send that Horntail right back to Romania! There are only three champions and I don't want one of those fine people to draw the Horntail!"

"They will take what animal they get!" said Crouch. "I don't know why you are still here Hagrid, you were expelled!"

"That expulsion was recended!" barked Hagrid.

"I don't recognise recended expulsions. If it was wrongful It's just your hard luck!" barked Crouch.

"What's going on here?" barked Professor Dumbledore.

"Hagrid is leaving!" said Crouch "Get out before I have you sent to Azkaban.

"I run this school!" said Dumbledore. "It is my decision who is hired and who is banished from the grounds! I would suggest you retain counsel. The body in your son's grave was your wife. We opened your wife's supposed grave and found an empty casket!"

"You can't prove anything. She could have been stolen from her casket and buried at Azkaban. I don't know how my son got out! My wife's body could have been transfigured to look like my son and put into his cell!" said Crouch.

"A lot of remotes! We have three champions not four. Send that Horntail back to Romania. If the Muggle Prime Minister sees that creature he'll cancel the tournament!" said Professor Dumbledore.

"Charlie, you can send the Horntail back. We won't be using her," said Crouch.

I'll just keep her here and we won't use her," said Charlie. "I can't send some of us with that Horntail and the rest stay here. We must ALL be here to make sure these dragons are properly contained."

"Very well," said Professor Dumbledore. He looked at his students. "No one takes any garbage from Mr. Crouch. I could have him arrested!"