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Once upon a time, there was a zombie apocalypse.

But it wasn't called that at the time.

The people who were involved in it called it "The period of time when Jesus wakes up and roams the Earth looking for people who have done bad and sinful things and then he makes them walk around without rest forever."

Just kidding.

They actually just called it the time when the dead rose.

Now, let me tell you my side of the story.

My name is Tyler. I was a simple guy. I was seventeen and lived in the suburbs near green bay and had a wonderful Mom, Dad and younger sister which I loved. They all died when the dead rose.

I was watching my favorite show on T.V. after school on a warm, dry, September day when I first found out about the zombies. The screen went black and then flashed on to show the president who was addressing the country. He said, "There are reports of people who are being bit and come back from the dead to infect others and there is mass confusion. But I am here to help you out. Stay in your homes and lock your doors and don't let anyone inside your home. If someone has broken into your house who is trying to bite you, do not let them. Attack them and destroy the head. They seem to stop attacking if their head is destroyed. Then you will need to-!" His face showed surprise and then the screen went black again. That was when I heard the moaning. I looked out the window and there were cars on fire and people who were shuffling around attacking and biting people who were trying to get out of their homes. There were five in the street that were attacking a woman who was screaming at the top of her lungs. I looked closer and I saw her face. That's my Mom! I quickly went and got my 9mm pistol that my dad keeps next to his bed. I ran outside and shot the zombies (in the head) that were attacking her. They all fell and I got my Mom and brought her into the house before I assessed the damage.

She was bit in three places and bleeding profoundly. I patched her up and asked her where dad and my younger sister were. She said that our Dad was in the car with her when they crashed head on with another car. She managed to get out, but he was killed on impact. She also said that Sally, my younger sister, was still at school. I told her to rest. Then I locked the doors, went into the garage, and got in the car and drove.

When I got to the school, I got out of the car and ran into the school looking for Sally. I then stopped dead in my tracks. There were at least 20-30 zombies that turned toward me at the same time. They scared the crap out of me and I tried to contain a gasp. They all started shuffling towards me and moaning. I quickly searched the crowd with my eyes for Sally and I didn't see her so I grabbed my stuff and ran.

I got home, unlocked the door, and walked inside. I went upstairs to check on my Mom. She wasn't in bed where I left her. I got my pistol ready and called out her name. Nothing. I called her name again. Still nothing. I called her name one last time, and heard shuffling footsteps coming from the bathroom. I checked in the bathroom and found her. She was standing in the middle of the room moaning with blood flowing out from her mouth. I shot her in the head twice and sat down and cried. I must have been crying for a while, because when I went to go check on the condition on the street, the cars had stopped burning and there were about two zombies walking around and searching the cars.

I gathered supplies throughout the house such as food, water, the first aid kit, clothes, and anything that could be used as a weapon. I then got into the car and drove away from my home and I haven't seen it since.

I drove into Fleet Farm still sad about my Mom but I knew that I would need ammo and more food to survive this. There were about eight zombies in the store and I easily killed them with my knife so I could stay stealthy. I found that the gun section was not disturbed at all but I knew other survivors would be coming soon so I hurried up. I grabbed all the ammo they had for my 9mm, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun and all the ammo that they had, and a hunting rifle with all the ammo they had. As I was putting food and water into my cart, I heard voices at the entrance. I slowly put the rest of the food in the cart and walked toward the voices. I had my pistol ready in case anything went wrong. I saw them before they saw me. There was one black guy wearing a black t-shirt and cargo pants carrying an assault rifle. The other guy was white and he had a semi-auto shotgun. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a gray sweatshirt tied around his waist. They both had sodas in their hands. They had calm but alert looks on their faces. I put my pistol into my belt and said,

"looks like you guys could use some help," They both swung around, dropped their sodas, and had their weapons aimed at me in a split second. They said,

"Who are you?" I said,

"Well, my name is Tyler and I was coming here because there are dead people rising and attacking other people and I need some ammo to survive. What about you?" The black guy replied,

"Same, except for the names. My name is Buck and my friend here is Ethan." I got a shock when he said that.

"My Dad's name was Ethan. He died in a car crash earlier this morning." Buck replied,

"I'm sorry for your loss." I asked him if I could join him and Ethan. He said,

"Sure, as long as you don't shoot us." We laughed a bit at that. I showed them my supplies that I had gathered and told them I had a car outside. They said that they had to walk here because their car broke down. We gathered up more supplies because we had more people. We got five of the best tents they had so we had backups if we needed them. We grabbed all the guns they had, and also all the soda. We took five sleeping bags for each of us so we could stay warm. We got two knives for each of us, and a machete for everyone; and we almost forgot the gas cans. We then got in the car and left.

We didn't have any certain destination, so we just drove north. We knew that the farther North we got, the safer we would be because the zombies would freeze when they tried to go north.

We got to a good spot to stop at about 4:00am the next day. It was a clearing in a forest near some mountains. We set up camp, made dinner/breakfast, and went to sleep. I woke up at sunrise and I didn't know exactly why I was awoken. So I grabbed my machete and slowly zipped open the tent window. I saw four or five zombies walking around in the clearing. Whoa! I didn't know they would be here also! So I slowly and delicately woke up Buck and Ethan. I put my hand over their mouth when I woke them up so that they wouldn't make noise. I silently showed them the zombies lurking within 500 feet of our tent and car. The looks on their faces I will never forget. Ethan looked like he could throw up, and Buck looked shocked and surprised. They both had wide eyes and looked to me for guidance. I signaled to them to get their machetes by showing them mine. They understood, and carefully grabbed their machetes. We somehow got out of the tent without the zombies noticing, and Ethan grabbed a rock and threw it at a tree at the edge of the clearing. The zombies started to walk toward the noise, and we snuck up behind them and took out three before the other two turned around. When they were fully facing us, their faces were met by the tip of a sharp machete stabbing them through the eye. Then, we were tired so we went back to sleep.