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When we entered the airport, I looked around at the pristine condition that it was in. This was the nicest building I had seen since my house, and it was probably cleaner than that! I saw a group of at least 15 people hanging out at the entrance. Some girls, some guys, but they all seemed to be 25-35 years old. The disturbing part that I will never forget was the chain of zombies that was trying to get at them, but then saw us and started to come after us. That shocked me so much I froze and didn't move. At the same time, every person from the group pulled out some type of gun and they were aiming them at us. The zombies kept coming, and we slowly backed away for fear of one breaking loose. I thought to myself, 'Nice security they got there. But when those zombies finally break the chains during the night, their security wasn't going to be so helpful to them.' I looked at the zombies. These ones had teeth and nails, and they were defiantly moaning, so they weren't the same as the zombies on chains that we saw a while ago, but they still made me freak out. We put our hands up and set our weapons down as a leader from the group of survivors told us to do that. Someone was instructed to cut one end of the chain and he went to go get a bolt cutters. I couldn't really see the face of the leader that well, and the voice of said leader sounded like one of those bank robbers when they talk on the phone. We sat there with our hands up and the zombies trying to get us until the guy came back with a pair of bolt cutters. He quickly cut the chain on one end, and he grabbed the chain and pulled the zombies in an arc until they were up against the wall. He then magically attached the chain to the wall and walked away. After he rejoined his group and was aiming his weapon at us, the group leader spoke again.
"Walk forward" We did. "State your names." We went down the line and told her our names, until all 6 of us had told them. I asked,
"And what would your name be?" the leader stepped forward from the group.
"My name is Aleta, and I am in charge here. What do you think you are doing breaking our gate and then strolling in like we will just let you right in?"
"We saw a plane." She was silent for a while. She realized that nobody was saying anything, so she replied.
"That was our plane. We thought nobody could see it… we took every precaution…." Her voice got quieter and quieter, and we couldn't hear her over the moaning coming from the zombies. I watched her think. She had blonde hair that went to her shoulders, she had glasses on, and she looked to be about 18 or 19. She stopped talking to herself and quickly gestured us inside.
"You have more weapons in your car?" We nodded. "Go get them. Sam, Bob, and Brody." As she said the names, she looked at a different person. "You guys go and lock the gate again, and make sure there is no way in." They left. We didn't because we didn't know why she was telling us to get our weapons. She explained, "If you could see the plane, then so could the zombies; and we flew in a straight line over a very very long distance." Buck and I figured out what she meant before everyone else did, and we rushed towards the door to go and get the weapons. "Wait!" she cried out. We stopped and whipped around. "Drive your car in front of the entrance so it can be a barricade." We ran outside. I saw the zombies trying to push the gate over when we got out the doors. Buck got in the driver's seat, and I jumped in the bed of the pickup and started to move the weapons towards the back. When we arrived back at the entrance, I had about half of the weapons in the very back of the pickup. Buck backed up towards the entrance, and a giant group of people came rushing out the doors. The ones that had weapons weren't part of our group; and the ones that didn't opened up the trunk of the pickup and started to take the weapons out, leaving the ammo sitting on the tailgate. I kept putting our weapons in the back of the pickup, and they kept getting taken by people in our group. When we finally had all the weapons out of the pickup, every member had at least four guns and two hand to hand weapons, except Joe, who only had two pistols. Bonnie had three pistols, a shotgun over her shoulder, a rifle in her hands, and knifes sticking out of her shoes. She was prepared. They grabbed a bunch of ammo and walked toward the fence to kill the zombies before the fence gave in under the pressure. I had my 9mm and a Beretta 10mm pistol in my belt, a hunting rifle over my shoulder, and I was kneeling in the pickup shooting the sniper rifle at the zombies while the rest of the group was advancing on one part of the fence. They quickly killed most of the zombies and moved on to another part of the fence. I shot the few zombies that they missed, and then continued to shoot the zombies farther along the fence than the group. I was switching back and forth and reloading as fast as possible, and when there were about 5 sections of fence left for the group to go to, the fence broke on the very end and zombies started to flood in. I shot them as fast as possible, and used 25 rounds in the sniper rifle, before they got too close for my shots to be accurate, so I put the sniper down and started to use the hunting rifle. We had lots of ammo for hunting rifles, and most of it was already in separate clips, so I went through it very fast. I set the rifle down and pulled out my 10mm Beretta. I shot the zombies and I hit my mark every time. But they were advancing. Slowly advancing, but advancing all the same. I had to get out of the truck because I didn't want it to be ruined by the zombies. So I grabbed some more clips of ammo and shoved them in my pockets before I leaped out of the truck and ran to go and help the rest of the group. When I got close, I started shouting so they would know it was me and didn't think I was a zombie. I got there and figured out their system pretty well. Half the group shoots while surrounding the other half of the group, who is reloading. When they are done shooting and reloading, they switch. Actually a pretty good system. We were shooting and switching and shooting and switching and the zombies were losing numbers pretty fast. Once we had killed them all, we put together the weapons and ammo our group had left. We didn't have much. We had a pistol for each of us and about three clips each, (We had backup ammo for my 9mm in the glove box) two machetes, a crowbar, and a pump action shotgun. It wasn't much. Of course, we still had the actual guns from before, but we didn't have any ammo for them. We drove the pickup away from the door and walked inside the airport.

We all sat down as if nothing had happened. I asked them where the plane was. They told me that it was in the hanger. I asked to see it. The leader told Joey, the same person that moved the zombies away, to show us to the hanger. He chauffeured us to the hanger. When they opened the doors, we saw the plane sitting in the middle of the hanger. It was painted gray on the top and when we walked closer... I saw that it was the color of the sky on the bottom of the plane. That is a smart idea, I thought to myself, because almost anyone could look up at the plane and not know it was there unless they were looking really hard. But, then I thought about how we saw the plane, and stopped thinking it was a good idea. The guy, Joey, showed us around the plane. He showed us the cockpit, the storage space, and where he fueled it up. He told us that this plane took premium gas and the airport had a underground tank containing premium gas just for their planes. Since their cars didn't take premium gas, they decided that they might as well use one of the planes the airport still had. This plane was in storage and looked to be never used, but the engine started and they somehow got it to fly. Buck asked him if they had a pilot. He told them that they did have a pilot and the plane was easy to fly once they got it running. Then, I heard the explosions.

We ran out of the hanger and the first thing I saw was the fire. It was hot, bright, and crackling loudly as it consumed the airport. It had thick, black smoke wafting into the air and creating a horrible smell of smoke. I could make out two figures running through the runways of the airport towards our group. I watched them slowly get bigger as they got closer to us. Everything caught up to me at that moment. I ran towards them to see who they were and to ask them what just happened to the airport. I saw her blonde hair before I saw her eyes behind her glasses.

"Aleta!" I cried out.

"Tyler! There are zombies! We need to go! Now!" she said. I looked at the person running next to her. I think it was Bob, from before. I turned around and ran toward the rest of our group, screaming at them,

"RUN! RUN RIGHT NOW!" They didn't argue before they turned around and started to run away from the hospital.

"Wait!" I heard someone call out behind me. I looked back and saw Bob. He wasn't moving. He was just standing there. I ran back to him and pulled on his arm, yelling at him to get going. He calmly said,

"I will hold them off as long as possible." He walked up to me and shoved a small box into my hands. "Good luck" he said before he was running toward the fire of the airport and the zombies that were undoubtedly there. I hesitated a little before I shoved the box into my pocket and started running away, thinking about how brave he was, knowing that it was a suicide mission but that someone had to do it. I got to the chain link fence and climbed over it in one, swift movement. When I landed, I turned back to see flaming blotches that were getting closer to me. I didn't know what they were, but I didn't want to find out, so I kept running. I slammed into buck, and he grunted before Aleta said to me,

"Good. You're here. Okay; about those zombies. They broke through the fence again and Bob and I were running to tell you guys before the airport exploded. By the way, where is Bob?" I didn't answer her, and she seemed to understand. "He was always the brave one." She stated. "Now, we need to get out of here before those zombies catch up to us." As she said this, she handed out weapons. "I grabbed these weapons from your truck before we came to tell you so that I could arm you guys right away. Now we really need to run, because those zombies are on fire! She pointed. I looked to where she pointed. I realized just then that the zombies were on fire and they had broken through the back fence. I turned around and ran away from the airport, the truck full of our supplies, and Bob, the bravest person I have ever known. I felt the heat of the fire on my back as I ran, I felt blood in my mouth and my legs felt like they were going to fall off, but I kept running. I kept running because I didn't want to die. I kept running because I didn't want Suzan to live without me in her life. But mainly, I ran for because Bob gave his life for us, and I didn't want to let him down.