"It is unfolding exactly as I have foreseen it. Once again, you have done well Lord Tyranus. Soon she will no longer pose a problem for us. Without her voice of opposition, the Senate will soon be reduced to pawns."  The cloaked figure spoke slowly, with a cold emotionless voice that belied a presence much more powerful than physical appearance alone would suggest. 

Beside the figure strode another similarly cloaked figure, whose presence was not quite as intimating, though still far from inviting.  "Yes my Lord.  The Selonian Senator will be a worthy adversary.  She is as strong willed as Senator Amidala, and will not fall into our trap willingly."

"She will help us. I have foreseen it. Skywalker will join us and she will help lead him to us. She is already playing into our hands. The Senator and Skywalker are growing closer, Senator Amidala is the leash by which young Skywalker will be controlled" as he spoke the dark cloaked figures walked side by side under cover of the shadows, lit only by the eerie purgatorial glow of the setting sun peering thru the hazy smog of the various factories located in the underside of the industrial section of Coruscant. "Soon the galaxy will be under my domination and our vengeance will be complete." 

"What of Senator Organa from Alderaan, My Lord? He will not fall easy. He is already suspicious of the Chancellor, and while not open about it, he is clearly opposed to the Clone Wars. I am afraid he has already figured out too much. He poses a danger as well." Even though he had decades of experience at controlling his emotions, it was clear from the tone that the younger man was clearly intimated by the older man, even though he appeared on the outside to be the stronger of the two. A ruse, the elder figure had used to his advantage on more than one occasion.

"Senator Organa will not pose a threat. His voice, while respected, does not carry the weight of Senator Amidala. Once she is finally eliminated, Skywalker will turn to the dark side, and the Senate will be easily turned against Organa and his insignificant band of supporters. When chaos once again descends, I shall be the voice of reason that rises up to take control of the anarchy." 

"My Lord, many of the Jedi will die in the Clone Wars, their numbers greatly diminished, those that remain will be certain to oppose us."

"Once Senator Amidala is out of the way, Skywalker will be under our control. The Jedi order is collapsing under its own weight. Once Senator Amidala is eliminated, Skywalker's need for vengeance will finish off what is left of the Jedi order.  There will be no one to oppose us. By continuing to stir the brewing fires of the Separatist planets, the Clone Wars are assured to be a long and bloody series of conflicts, which will keep most of the Jedi occupied and unaware of our true line of attack".

"My Lord I will not disappoint you.  The Jedi and their misguided philosophy will soon be destroyed. I will continue my efforts to keep then engaged in battle with the Separatist factions. Those who would pose a threat to us will be eradicated. I will continue my efforts. There are those on Ord Mantell who will unwittingly help us for a price."

"Follow standard protocol and contact me on my private channel in twelve hours."

"Yes My Lord"

Walking determinedly over the narrow skywalk that led to the hanger, the robed figures disappeared into the hanger bay where a small shuttle was parked.  Stopping at the base of the entrance ramp, the younger of the two men departed up the ramp. The elder more ominous figure turned away from the ramp and disappeared in to the dark shadows as the shuttle took off out of the hanger.

Walking thru the hallways at the Senate, Bail Organa's uneasiness and sense of dread was at the highest point it had been since the start of the Clone Wars. From the beginning he was the first of a very small group of Senators to sense that something was definitely wrong with the entire situation. Yet he couldn't place exactly what it was that was not right. Everything just seemed almost like an elaborate plan, the Clone army fully trained and ready to go just when they needed an army.

 The majority of the Senate had been opposed to creation of such an army fearing it would send the wrong signs. Nobody knew the existence of such an army, a defense force that would have been created with out authorization from the Senate. Yet the Senate had been too quick to change its mind and embrace such a militia when a sudden and too convenient need arose. It simply did not make sense. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Why would those who should logically be the most opposed to the creation of a Republic Army appear to be behind its very creation?

 The Jedi had always been able to protect them and keep peace in the galaxy, but now it seemed like they too were falling apart. The once peaceful Republic, which had stood for over a millennium, appeared to be crumbling apart from within, and almost nobody seemed to care or even notice.

Coming around the corner he stopped at the door and pushed the buzzer. As soon as the door opened he entered.

"Greetings Senator Organa. I have been waiting for you." Chancellor Palpatine looked up from behind his desk, directly facing the door.

Bail Organa approached the Chancellor's desk as behind him, the doors slid silently shut.