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~so, a couple years ago, this storyline was part of one of my WitFit compilations. I've had requests over time to separate the storylines into their own standalone stories, and this one has come up a few times. so anyway, this might be new for some of you, old for others. enjoy!

Dear Neighbor,

Please do not leave your trash bin out all night without a lid. The animals got into it last night and spread trash all over my yard.

Thank you,


Dear "B",

Duly noted.

Also, try closing your gate. Maybe then "the animals" would stay out of your yard.





Dear E,

Please refrain from sunbathing nude in your backyard. My bedroom window faces right into it.

Thank you,


Dear Ms. B,

Maybe you should try it sometime, embrace your inner flower child.

Otherwise, it's my yard. Please refrain from looking into it.



Dear E,

No need to be a jerk. If you like showing your goods off to the neighborhood, be my guest.


Dearest B,

Does "B" stand for what I think it stands for? I'm beginning to think so, by the tone of these little notes.


Hi, B.

Hit the nail on the head, did I?



More like you were hit on the head, and probably as a small child. Don't bother responding. This is becoming a headache.


I'd just taken a rack of cookies from the oven when there were three sharp raps on the door.

Shedding my oven mitts, I made my way to the front of the house, pausing only to squint through the peephole. Incredulous as to whom I saw, I swung the door open.


"B?" He grinned this cocky grin, his eyes flickering down my body really quickly as he held up a bottle of aspirin.

"What…" I took the bottle hesitantly.

"You said the notes were becoming a headache, so I brought a painkiller." He shrugged, looking further into the house. "You baking in there?"

these will all be fairly short puffs of silliness, jsyk.