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He said

There was a knock at the door. A series of knocks, actually. I peeked through the window.

Emmett leered back at me, holding up two twelve packs of beer.

I opened the door, grinning. "Took ya long enough."

"Yeah, whatever. Wait, don't close it – Jasper's coming."

Leaving the front door open, we went to the kitchen to add Em's beer to the ones cooling in the refrigerator. Jasper walked in with several other people right as we popped the first beers of the night. I glanced out the kitchen window, wondering if Bella was home yet.

See, some of us were morning people. But others?

Were night owls.

She said

I turned the corner onto my street and groaned.

There were cars parked everywhere. Some of them were even encroaching on the curb in front of my house. Ugh, whatever. I was too exhausted to care.

I had oodles of work to do before I could turn in, too. I'd spent most of the day trying to arrange home care for Mrs. Richards, who had Alzheimer's. Her husband had died recently and her children, while attentive, had full time jobs and families of their own. I'd be mired down in paperwork 'till at least eight.

As long as I was in bed by nine, though, I'd be okay.

Another round of chanting.

Ugh, what the hell were they doing over there?

This was Edward's way of getting back at me, I just knew it. I hated him. I hated his stupid perfect face and his toasty little buns which he still insisted on tanning every weekend.

Snatching another pillow up, I smooshed it on top of my face, hoping to mute out some of the rowdiness from next door.

But that didn't help. Song after rambunctious song blared on, seeping right through my reinforced windows. I could hear the high pitched giggles and the throaty shouts and good God was that the smell of marijuana?

Ripping the sheets off, I stormed to the guestroom on the other side of the hall, hoping the lack of proximity would alleviate my sleeplessness.

Nope. The noises were slightly fainter, but not by much.

By midnight I'd had enough. Someone had a whistle and would tweet it at intervals, as if refereeing some sort of game.

I'd given him his time but this was ridiculous. I felt like taking a hammer to his stereo system.

Pulling a sweatshirt on over my tank top, I marched downstairs, outside, and to the house next door. There were people everywhere, spilling out into the yard with their cigarettes and red cups and bottles and God knows what else.

"Hey girl," one drunkard slurred. Another one tugged my ponytail as I passed.

"Nice shorts," someone said. I tugged my pajama bottoms down a little, realizing how short they were now that I wasn't in bed.

But Edward was nowhere to be found. "Excuse me," I asked some girl sitting on the kitchen counter.

She looked down at me. "Yes?"

"Is Edward here?"

"Well, it's his house," she laughed.

A really cheesy nineties song about thongs came on.

"Obviously. Do you know where he is?" I clarified.

She shook her head and turned back to the beer bong.

I took one last trip to the living room, trying to avoid the jeers and catcalls.

Aha! He was next to a pool table, chatting up some girl.

Smoothing my admittedly ridiculous shorts, I made my way over to him. His redhead noticed me first. She gave me a dirty look as Edward turned from her to me.

"Yes?" He cocked his eyebrow.

"Think you could turn it down? Just a little?" I asked.

"Nope." He grinned and took a long swing from his bottle.

"You're just mad because of yesterday," I fumed, folding my arms. "I'm sorry about that, okay? But this is a weeknight. People have to work tomorrow."

He cocked his head, studying me.

"What?" I asked, irritated and really tired.

"I just can't figure you out," he said. The girl beside him huffed impatiently and walked off, wobbling in her hooker heels. "You've got to be the most uptight frigging person I've ever met."

I bit back what I wanted to say in return, noticing the music had finally stopped.

"Never mind," I said. "Good night."


I turned around, almost bumping into the redhead, who was back.

And spilling beer on me.

I gasped, jumping back.

"OhmygoshI'msosorry!" she said, but she was obviously trying not to laugh.

"Aw, crap – Bella – " Edward's voice was right behind me but I ignored it.

I went right out the way I came, raging and stinking of cheap beer.

Back in the safety of my own home, I tossed my soiled clothes into the washing machine before taking a quick shower. By the time I came out the music still hadn't come on again from next door. I peeked through the blinds, shocked to see two police cars parked out front, their red and blue lights flashing.

I guess I wasn't the only one having a rough time sleeping; someone must've called the cops. Well that sucked.

For them that is, not me.

He said

That witch called the cops.

This was war.


...which would piss you off more? morning inconsideration or nocturnal douchebaggery?

thanks for reading ;)