Chapter 1

The night was darker than a raven's breast as it flies through the chilly air of the autumn months. Kiba watched silently in the darkness of the shadows. He signaled Hige to move. Hige jumped down and quickly hid behind a dumpster. Tsume sneaked to the side of the building while Blue and Toboe watched Cheza. Kiba was readying to jump down when suddenly, a shadow approached. It was just a little girl who probably lived on the other side of the ally way, but they had to be precautious. They slumped down until you could barely make out their shadows as the girl walked by. Kiba sniffed the air to make sure she was gone before proceeding. He jumped down and went behind the dumpster with Hige. Tsume quickly made a signal that meant the coast was clear. Kiba went first. He raced to the crimson door and hid behind the dumpster in front of it. He was soon joined by Hige and Tsume. Hige checked to see if there were any unwanted visitors by sniffing the air before walking up to the door. Kiba couldn't quite see what was happening because Tsume and the dumpster were in the way, but he could hear. Tsume watched Hige go to the door. Kiba suddenly heard a scream from Hige. He shifted himself to ask Tsume what was happening. Kiba saw a look of fear on Tsume's face. One of his emotions he rarely used.

Kiba sat straight up. He was panting while the sweat rolled down his face. He knew it was just a dream, but he had dreamt that same dream several nights in a row now. He went into the bathroom beside his closet and looked in the mirror. He looked terrible. There were bags under his eyes and his hair was in a frenzy of tangles. He took a rag and washed off his face before checking the time. It was about two in the morning. He sighed and sat down on his bed. He couldn't sleep because he knew he would just have that dream again. He never knew what is meant. He didn't even know the other people's names. He had never seen them before. He smoothed his hair down so it wasn't as puffy and got dressed. He slipped on a white tee shirt with some blue jeans and sneakers before sliding on his black jacket. He went into what was called the "living room" of his small apartment. It only had an old chair and a decent sized TV. He flipped on the news to see what the weather was going to be like before drifting off into his dream again.

With Hige

Hige lazily slumped off the couch. It was that dream again. It was always that stupid dream. He would always get to the door and scream before he woke up. He never knew what was through the red door. Hige stood up and rubbed his neck. He had definitely not slept on it the right way last night. It was aching to a point where he actually got up and placed an ice pack on it. He did that right after he got some chips out of the cabinets. He sat back down and looked out the window into the street. It always was a peaceful street. Not very many people lived in his neighborhood, so it wasn't polluted like most of the others. There were a few trees here and there along with some flowers. It was nice to take a second and look at it. He liked the flowers the best though. It was odd that he liked only those flowers. He wasn't really the kind of guy who liked flowers, but those, just those, smelled so nice, he had to like them. He wasn't sure what they were called, but they reminded him of the moon.

With Tsume

Tsume didn't like the fact that he had that same dream over and over. He didn't like the fact that he never knew what was through the door. He would just see a guy open the door and scream. He never knew what was there. Tsume got out of bed and put on his usual kind of bad boy clothes before heading outside. He needed to get out before he lost his mind from that stupid dream. Tsume walked over to the place where his gang usually met at about noon. He knew it was pretty early in morning because the moon was still in the sky. He suddenly noticed a shine of a reflection. He jumped off the edge of the rock he was on and went over to it. It was a strange flower. It was white and reflected the light from the moon. Tsume wasn't sure why, but a tingly feeling suddenly sprang up in his chest. He didn't like it, so he went back to his rock, but the feeling was still there. He thought he saw someone once or twice from the shadows, but he waved it off knowing that no sane person would be up this early, that is, beside himself.

With Toboe

Toboe screamed. He wasn't sure why he had that dream, but he would always wake up screaming. He was clutching a pillow that if were alive, would suffocate. He started shaking violently. He got up and went to the bathroom down the hallway. His foster parents wouldn't be up at this time in the morning, so he took a long shower. It was warm and when he got out he felt better. He sighed and went back to his bedroom. He lay down on his bed and looked at the ceiling. He had a few drawings of flowers that he had taped up there. He wasn't sure why he had drawn them, but his mind just wandered one day and he ended up drawing them. For some reason they had always comforted him. He had never colored them, but he imagined them white. With that thought going through his head, he only barely noticed the noise from out his window. He sprang up which lead to his bracelets to rattle against his wrist. He slowly walked over to his window. When he looked out, he didn't really see anything. There was a breeze blowing, so he waved the noise off think that it was just some leaves. He went back to staring at his flower pictures.