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Chapter 13

With Kiba

Kiba was being pushed into the ground by the strength of Darcia. No matter how much he tried to bite his hand, he was never successful.

"Giving up already, I thought for sure that you of all would fight longer, but I guess I was wrong," Darcia smiled a wicked smile at Kiba. Kiba growled louder as his windpipe started to be crushed. The pain was unbearable. Kiba started to close his eyes. No air could get within his lungs, so he was slowly suffocating. The only thing he saw was Darcia's evil killing him.

With Hige

Hige tried to escape the prison, but he couldn't. He pounded on the force field until his hands ached. He ran into the wall and head butted it, but he couldn't. He couldn't save Kiba. He was gone. Kiba didn't twitch or growl. He just lay there, not moving nor breathing. He was dead. Hige released a few tears as the realization sunk in. Toboe was already letting the tears flow. Hige didn't think that Toboe knew what they were talking about and about them being wolves, but Toboe had learned to like Kiba. Now Kiba was gone.

With Tsume

Tsume all of the sudden remembered everything. He remembered Kiba, Hige, Darcia, Cheza, and even Toboe. He was too busy processing these thought to notice that his form had changed.

"Oh my god! Honey, step away from it. Come here Melody," the woman who had come out of the house grabbed her daughter and started to ask questions, "What are you? Who are you? What happened to that man?" Tsume wasn't sure if she would understand if he actually spoke to her or changed into a human, so he just sat down. "Melody, are you okay?"

"Mommy, I told you there was a big doggie! The other one at the market was white! This one is grey!" Melody laughed and waved at Tsume. If she had seen another wolf, it could have been the others! He jumped the fence surrounding them and ran. Although he didn't know that a little someone was following him.

With Toboe

Toboe had fallen asleep after watching the horrid scene of Kiba's death. He now awoke, only to see it again. That guy who killed him was long gone. Toboe let loose another tear.

"Toboe, why don't you go scare those crows off?" Hige asked. Toboe looked and for sure, there were several crows on Kiba's corpse. Toboe's stomach churned. He had never liked crows.

"Why don't you?" Toboe asked with a little smile.

"Because I can't, see, WHOA," Hige's hand went through the force field. He changed into that weird wolf form again and ran out there to chase away the crows. After the pests were gone, he walked back inside the force field. Toboe suddenly heard a sobbing from behind him.

"What's that?" He whispered to Hige.

"It's Cheza. She's been crying ever sinceā€¦," Toboe knew what he meant. He walked over to the sobbing form of Cheza and sat down.

"Hey, it's okay. Kiba may be gone, but Tsume is coming. I bet he'll walk through that force field any second," Toboe tried to cheer the crying form beside him up.

"Speak of the devil," Hige muttered just loud enough for Toboe and Cheza to hear. Toboe looked down and saw Tsume staring at the corpse.

NOOOO KIBA! Short chapter, I know, but something BIG does happen.