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(Gray's POV)

It's been a few days since we got back from Akane. Natsu is better but not completely cured. He still has his fear of yelling and violence but we're going to start therapy for that. He also still has to wear the healers bandage on his chest since his bones aren't completely healed yet. Erza is back to her old self which is a good thing. I suppose anyway. I'm doing ok though, thanks for asking. The court hearing starts in few hours and I'm sure Natsu is getting nervous about it. After his talk with Gajeel he's seemed depressed but not as depressed as before. I heard Juvia is taking this well which isn't a big shock to me. When we got back to Fairy Tail everyone was shocked to hear what had happened with all of us and especially Natsu. They brought get well gifts and some stayed with him to keep him company. He appreciated seeing his family again after all this trouble. He told them his story about the abuse and what happened on the job. He even spoke of our new born relationship and how he almost never gave up on me. The only time he had his doubts was when Gajeel flooded his head with lies. He really thought he was just trash and that I wouldn't come back for him. I was upset but I forgave him because it wasn't his fault. I looked over at Natsu; he was getting his suit ready for the hearing. He's been extremely quiet all day and I'm getting worried. I sighed and placed my suit on the bed and walked over to him. I put a hand on his shoulder and he looked back at me with sad eyes. "Are you going to be ok? You have said a word all day?" I asked.

He sighed, "Yeah, I'm just worried. What if he gets sentenced to life? I don't want him to be in there for the rest of his life. I want him to be in there at least until he's realized what he did was wrong." He said sadly.

"I know Natsu, but the council will decide what's best based on what they hear." I said. Natsu nodded and sat down in the chair I had in my room.

"Man, this sucks." He complained. He placed his head in his hands. "If he's guilty he gets locked away possibly forever and I would feel bad about it. If he's innocent than I get stuck with a crazy stalker."

"Just think of this way. If he gets convicted than he stays in one place and gets a space to think. And he may get out early for good behavior." I said.

He smiled and looked up at me. "Thanks; that makes me feel a little better." He said. I smiled and he sat up from the chair and hugged my waist. "I appreciate you supporting me on this. Even after all the crap he put us through."

I ran my fingers through his hair as his tears shed down his face. "I'm always with you." I said. We stayed like this for a few moments until he finally decided to pull away. "Come on we have to get ready for the hearing." He nodded and we continued to change into our suits.

(Erza's POV)

"Lucy, are you almost ready? Natsu and Gray are counting on me to be there to speak." I asked. Lucy looked over at me from the mirror; Cancer was finishing up her hair.

"Yeah, I'll only be a minute." She replied. I nodded and looked at myself in the mirror. I rarely ever get dressed up so I'm always self conscience on what I look like. I always feel safer in armor but this is a time that armor is not very appropriate. My dress looks good on me but I feel more at ease with armor. I'll just have to live through it. My dress was short but not too short. It was black with a white bow on the top and has a white streak down the side and the bottom as a border. "Alright, I'm ready." Lucy was wearing a dress similar to mine. It was also black and white but the neck - line a little too revealing for my tastes. She walked over to me and I looked her up and down.

"Are you sure that's appropriate?" I asked.

She pouted, "What do you mean?" She asked.

I sighed, "Never mind. Let's just stop by Gray's place since there both there." I said. She nodded and we walked out of her house and headed for Gray's place.

(Gajeel's POV)

This is unbelievable. I'm being sentenced today and I'm actually nervous. Gajeel Redfox doesn't get nervous; ever. I sat back in my cell, which has been tortuous by the way. I can't use my magic and I can't bust out either. So, I've been stuck in here by myself in the silence. I must say it may have been annoying but it has also given me time to think. My mind keeps replaying that moment in the hospital. Natsu said all this mushy forgiveness shit but I stuck to me like an annoying fairy flying around you. He said he hoped it would "shine some light on me." What a dork? I smirked and sat up from my spot on the bed. "That little punk is soon gonna pay when I get out of here. I don't care how long it takes." I said. I chuckled evilly and looked over at my side table. There was a bowl of iron bolts that I have been keeping by me. They come in every once in a while to fill it up. I grabbed a hand full and popped them into my mouth. "In due time Natsu…In due time."

(Natsu's POV)

I looked at myself in the mirror; the suit looks good on me. But, for some reason I don't feel good in it. My eyes saddened and I sighed. This sucks, ever since Gajeel made that statement about me being trash I haven't been able to feel good about my body or in anything I wear. It makes me feel really uncomfortable all day. Gray told me it will take some time once I start counseling but I wish it would end now. I feel so depressed when I look at myself in the mirror. I frowned and sat down on the bed. I put my face in my hands, this isn't good. I felt arms wrap around my waist and I took my hands away from my face. "What's wrong Natsu?" Gray asked.

I sighed, "Nothing let's just wait for Erza and Lucy so we can head to the court house in Era." I said. He nodded but didn't let go of my waist. "Gray, you can let me go now." He didn't answer and I sighed. Why is he so clingy all of a sudden?

"Natsu, you seem so depressed." Gray said. We stayed silent so I think that's all he has to say.

"I know." I said. He squeezed my waist and I sighed. "It's just been so hard for me right now. My mind is still adjusting and my heart feels so broken but I'll be fine eventually." Gray stayed silent as expected. "Gray, are you alright?"

"No, I'm not alright." He immediately shot back. He let me go and forced me down on my back. I gasped in shock and he looked down at me. "I know you're really upset right now but you have to remember the task at hand. We have a court hearing a couple of hours and you need to snap out of it."

"B-But Gray." I said shakily.

"No buts Natsu. This is serious business." He said. I felt my eyes tearing up from being scared. I put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes.

"Please stop…I can't take all the yelling and demanding." I cried. The tears fell down my face quickly and I was shaking from fear. "I-I can't t-take it." A hand was placed on my cheek and it began to rub it tenderly. I slowly removed my hands from my eyes and saw Gray looking down at me. His eyes showed sadness and regret.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you." He apologized. A tear rolled down his face and landed on my cheek. My tears rolled down my face while his rolled down his own. "I know you're mind isn't psychologically ready for something like this but it has to be done. We'll all be with you; supporting you in this fight."

"It's not a fight; it's a goal to get a friend better." I cried. He looked down at me with sadness. He leaned down and kisses my forehead lightly. He pulled away and I blinked.

"Come on. Erza and Lucy will be here any minute now." He said. I smiled for the first time in a while and sat up. Gray grabbed my hand and he pulled me out of bed. There was a knock at the door and Gray looked back. He let go of my hand and walked over to the door. He opened it and Erza and Lucy were waiting for us.

"Ready to go?" Erza asked. I wiped my eyes and nodded. Erza frowned and walked past Gray and over to me. "What's wrong Natsu?" He asked.

I looked over at Gray, "It's nothing, and I'm fine now." I said. She nodded and we all walked back to the door and we left for the train station.

(Master's POV)

The hearing is in 3 hours so the kids should be coming any minute. We cannot be late for this hearing or the council will have our heads. I have already purchased all 5 of our tickets all I have to do now is wait for the children. I was looking around from the bench at the entrance of the train station. We have to get on the train as quickly as possible. I saw them coming into view and I stood up. "Over here." I called to them. Lucy looked over and she pointed me out. They quickly made their way towards me.

"Gramps, thank goodness. We need to hurry and get to Era." Gray said. I nodded and we all walked over to the train and got on board. We sat down in a booth together and Natsu immediately leaned against Gray. His motion sickness stays calm with his cold touch. The train blew it's whistle and we headed off to Era.

(Natsu's POV)

When we finally got to Era I was getting scared. Since we're getting closer to the court house I noticed that since Gajeel will be there and probably glaring at me the entire time. I can't handle that much pressure on me. But, I just hope Gray stays by me the whole time. I don't want Gajeel to get a hold of me when he's not there. I don't know what he'll do to me if he got a hold of me for even a minute. We walked through Era as we walked towards the court house. I was getting nervous and I had a strong urge to turn back. But, I knew this had to be done but I just don't know if I can go through with it. I bit my lip and looked over at Gray. He's been silent almost the entire time and I'm wondering what's going on in his head. I looked down at the ground as we walked. This is not going to end well I just know it.

(Gray's POV)

I got a bad feeling about this court hearing. Something just doesn't sit right. Unfortunately we have to go through the hearing to find out what the bad feeling is. We walked inside and it was very nerve racking. I can only imagine how bad Natsu feels right now. I grabbed his hand and he looked back at me. I gave an encouraging nod he smiled. "Don't worry; I'm sure we'll be fine." I said.

"I know, but it's normal to worry." He replied. We walked down the hall, our shoes echoed through the halls. I know Erza and Gramps know where they're going; I think Natsu remembers the way. I've never been to the court house in Era so I have no idea where I'm going. This place is huge; how the hell are we suppose to find the court room.

"Do you guys know where we're going?" I asked nervously.

"Of course we do or we would have asked for directions. Remember me and Gramps have both been here. And Natsu if you count the time he got us both thrown in jail." Erza said. Natsu blushed at the memory and I chuckled.

"He was only looking out for you." I said. Erza smiled and we walked into the court room. There were tons of rows for guests and press. Although this is a private hearing so there won't be any press since Natsu isn't mentally ready for that. The magic council seating is up above and it's currently empty since we're about 20 minutes earlier. So, we all sat in the first row and we waited for the lawyer, council, Gajeel and Juvia to arrive. The room held a dead silence as we sat and I must say it was boring. After 10 minutes the lawyer for Natsu as well as the magic council made their way into the court room. The lawyer stopped at our row and Natsu walked over to him.

"Hello I am your lawyer for today. My name is Mrs. Jade nice to meet you." She said. Natsu nodded and shook her hand. "I presume your Natsu."

"Yes, I look forward to you helping me." He said. She smiled and they walked down the rest of the way to the table where they would be for the rest of the hearing. I know Natsu really needs my help right now but this is something he has to do on his own. I'll still be here cheering him on, but the trial itself is all him and the facts.

(Natsu's POV)

This is it the hearing is about to begin. I look back at Gray; he made eye contact with me and gave me a thumbs up for good luck. I smiled and turned back around as the council got seated. A side door opened and some guards brought in Gajeel and Juvia. Juvia seemed to be fine but Gajeel was a mix of emotions. I couldn't tell if he was mad or if he was nervous. They sat them down and we all looked up at the council. I saw Seigrain glancing over at Erza every once in a while. But, I knew it wouldn't affect her since she only likes Jellal. "Please rise." The judge ordered. Everyone rose and she nodded. "You may be seated." She said. Everyone took their seats once again and she looked around. "Ok, so the file tells me that this is the abuser case."

"Yes, you're honor." Seigrain said. She picked it up and began to read through it.

"So, it says that you Natsu were abused by Gajeel for a few months. How many months was it exactly?" She asked.

"It was almost 2 months. The last two months of our relationship; if you could call it one." I said. She nodded and read through more of the file.

"It says that Gajeel threatened to you that if you fight back that he would kill your friends. So, tell me how did you get out of the relationship?" She asked.

I sighed, "I made an offer to him when I and Gray went on our mission. I told him we would fight, If I win he leaves me alone and I put a I get a restraining order on him. But, if he won then I would give up and I would go back with him." I said.

"And you won correct?" She asked.

"Correct your honor." I answered.

"I see. But, it's said that shortly after he came back to that house you were watching. He was rushed to the hospital from a gunshot wound. Can you explain please?" She asked. I closed my eyes; that was a memory that I have regretted for a while now.

"It was in self defense your honor. He came back and tried to bring me back with force. I had recently bought a magic gun that can focus my fire magic into powerful bullets. He told me that I was too scared to fire it. I lowered it and he struck a nerve and told me that was the reason my father abandoned me. I was so angry I unconsciously shot him. It was an accident but it was in self defense." I explained.

The judge stayed silent for a moment. "I'm not sure. It sounds like self defense but then again you did lose your temper so it could have been a purpose shot." She explained. I was getting scared; if I get charged then I may be getting jail time as well. I didn't expect this at all. "I will think about it and I'll see what we can do for that." I nodded. "After that he was returned to the hospital after being stabbed. What's your story for that?"

"My friend Erza saved me actually. Gajeel was trying to make an offer to Gray and I told him to refuse each time until he finally gave up and decided to kill me. That's when Erza showed up and stabbed him in order to save me." I explained.

"What kind of offers did he ask for?" She asked.

"He offered Gray that if he left us alone that he would let me live. I told Gray to refuse so he made an offer that if we killed Happy, my cat. That he would let me live and he would walk away forever. I refused since Happy is like a son to me. I raised him from the egg he hatched in." I said.

"Ok, Gajeel do you have anything to say?" She asked. Gajeel stayed silent so the judge just sighed. "Very well." She turned back to me. "So, can you tell me what happened from the time of the first to the last kidnapping?"

I felt a tear trickle down my face. "Before the plan of attack I left for the place we knew Gramps was being held. I wanted to make sure he was alright so I made him a dinner. Since I couldn't get him out of the cuffs it was the least I could do." I stated. She nodded and I continued. "So, when I got to him and feed him the dinner I got tired and fell asleep which was a horrible choice in my opinion. I woke up to find myself chained to the wall as well. A short while after I woke up Gajeel and Juvia walked in. Gajeel said he wanted to have some fun and he began to beat me non - stop. It was torturous and painful. Gramps told him to stop but he just kept going. I was grateful that Juvia told him to stop. Sometime after that Gray and Erza came to stop and them and they battled for a really long time. Sometime during the battle Gray was able to get Juvia to unlock the cuffs. I almost immediately passed out afterwards. I don't know what happened after that but all I know is that I woke up in a dark room again chained to a wall." I explained. She stayed silent and I knew that my face was completely wet with tears by now. I could feel the hateful aura from Gray behind me.

"I see. Do you remember anything after that? Did anything happen while you were in that room or after that?" She asked.

I wiped my face with a handkerchief that I kept in my pocket. "He did try to rape me once but I was able to fight him off. Gray saved me maybe a day after that. I was able to get away when Gray told me to run but I passed out again about half way out of the building." I said.

"I see. Is that all you have to say?" She asked. I thought for a moment for anything I could say. I nodded and she banged her gravel.

"Gajeel do you have anything to say to fight back against these statements?" She asked. Gajeel stayed silent so she moved on. "Alright Juvia do you have anything to say?"

Juvia stood up from her spot, "Gajeel had called me from jail when he was arrested. He told me about the relationship of Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster. I was heartbroken that Gray had chosen him over me. So, I was more than happy to help him. I thought the mission was just to eliminate Gray so that he could get to Natsu. But, over time it changed. He wanted to make sure he eliminated Gray and even Natsu if the means were necessary. So, I followed orders because I believed he was right. I had also developed feelings for Gajeel over time as we worked together. But, once the battle was over he abandoned me to take Natsu away and to leave me to be taken away to the council. After that I had no more respect left for Gajeel and I was ready to be turned in since I know my crimes for almost killing Natsu back at the house and even in the battle cannot be erased." Juvia explained. The judge slammed her gavel onto the pedestal.

"Thank you. We will take a short recess and then the witnesses will talk there sides of the story. You have 20 minutes of recess." She said. She stood up and walked out of the room through the side door. I and the lawyer stood up from our benches and she looked over at me.

"You've done well Natsu. This case is running smoothly. However the shooting incident is what I'm worried about." She said.

I sighed, "I know. I just hope this all works out." I said. She nodded and I bowed to her. "Thank you for helping me so far."

She bowed to me, "You are welcome." She said. She stood up straight and walked away. The others immediately walked over to me and Gray wrapped his arms around me.

"Are you alright?" Gray asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said. He pulled away and looked at me.

"You did great. But, what about the shooting problem?" He asked.

"I don't know. We'll just have to see what happens." I said. He nodded and we all walked out of the court room and headed outside to take a break from all of this pressure. We found a bench outside the court room and we all sat down together. I sat down next to Gray since he usually helps me calm down. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I leaned on his shoulder. "Are you all ready to talk because we can't mess this up?"

"I'm ready because I won't let them lock you away but I defiantly won't them let Gajeel and Juvia walk out free." Gray said.

"Don't worry Natsu, we're fine. Everything is going to work out." Erza said.

"Yeah, three witnesses should be plenty since they only have each other." Lucy said. Yeah, Lucy isn't a witness since she doesn't really know what happened and she wasn't there. Gramps stood in front of me and I looked at him.

"Be calm my child. This hearing is going fine. Remember Gajeel hasn't said anything and Juvia pretty much sold herself out. You'll be fine." Gramps said. I smiled and Gray removed his arm from my shoulder. I leaned down and hugged Gramps tight.

"Thanks Gramps. That makes me feel a little better." I said. He smiled and I pulled away from him. He looked down at his watch.

"We have 5 minutes. We should head back inside." He said. I nodded and we all stood up. Erza, Lucy and Gramps made their way to the double doors. Gray held me back and I looked back at him.

"What's up?" I asked. He pulled me into a hug and I gasped.

"I needed to do this. If they do take you away…then I won't see you for a while." Gray said.

I closed my eyes and felt a tear roll down my face. "Gray. I know with your help I won't be convicted." I said. He pulled and I immediately saw the sadness in his eyes. I frowned and leaned into him. "You need to focus. If you inform them properly about what happened then everything will work out." He had tears falling down his face now as well and he leaned in the rest of the way and pulled me into a loving kiss. I felt a blush color my face. He pulled away and I was totally shocked. He smiled and began to drag me to the court room.

"Come on we need to get back before the council." He said. I came back to my senses and we literally ran to the double doors. We ran through the doors and I went to the front while Gray went with the others. I sat next to my lawyer she looked over at me.

"What took you so long Natsu? You about just made it." She asked.

"Uh, long story." I said. She smiled and nodded probably catching on with what I'm saying. The side door opened and Gajeel and Juvia walked out along with the council.

"All rise." The judge said as she walked back in.

"I'm sorry your honor but the rise isn't necessary the second time." Seigrain said. She nodded and we all sat down. "Can we have our first witness Gray Fullbuster to the stand?" She called. Gray stood up from his seat on the bench and walked down the aisle to the front of the council. "Do you swear to tell the truth; the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Seigrain asked.

"I do." He answered. A guard walked him over to the witness box and he sat down.

"Can you please explain what happen with you and Natsu during your mission?" The judge asked.

(Gray's POV)

"Of course your honor." I said. I cleared my throat and looked over at Natsu. He always gave me hope and made it easier to talk. "When Natsu came into the guild after a few months I noticed he seemed different. After he left for a mission I followed him back to his house where he was living with Gajeel. I watched from his window since I knew he was acting strange. But, not long after that Gajeel walked into the house. I don't know what he was staying but he started yelling at Natsu and began beating him and throwing him around. I was shocked and angered that he would do that to him." I started. I took a second to catch my breath. Natsu looked shocked, I never told him that I was actually watching him that day. I just told him I knew what I was going on. "After that he escaped and made his way towards the train station. It was there that I confronted him and we went on the mission together since I knew that Gajeel would try something. We got to Akane and confirmed the job with the client. After the first 3 days Gajeel showed up and tried to take Natsu back with him. I defended him but Natsu ended up taking over and running into the forest to fight Gajeel. He told me to go back to the house and I listened. He told me that he won and that we should be safe. But, Gajeel came back the next afternoon and tried to take him back again. Natsu had recently bought a magic gun and he pointed it at him. I didn't think he would actually shot it so I thought it was just to scare him off. After that didn't work Gajeel told him that he was weak and that was the reason Igneel left him. I assume that hit a nerve and he shot at him. He immediately regret it and ran over to him to make sure he was alright. We even we over the next morning to check on him. But, before that he was in the bathroom scrubbing his hands; crying that the blood wouldn't go away now or if Gajeel died in that hospital." I took another break. The judge seemed intrigued with story and listened closely.

"What happened after that?" She asked.

"After we went to go and check on him we found out Gajeel had escaped again. We left the hospital Natsu was dragged into an alleyway with a knife held up to his throat. He called to me and that was when he started the offers that Natsu always refused. He would have died if not for Erza. After that was some peace for a while with him in the hospital. But, it didn't last long when Juvia shot as us from the window. Natsu was pretty traumatized from that but he soon got over it. Soon after that Gramps came by after his talk with Erza. He came to help us with Gajeel but was soon captured by Juvia. We went out looking for him and we found him in an abandoned building. His cuffs were anti magic and only the one who put them on could take them off. So we had to wait until the next day to get him out when Gajeel and Juvia were there. I assume in the middle of the night Natsu snuck out to see Gramps. That's when he was locked up and we came back to fight to set them free. When we did set them free he passed out shortly after and I went to go and help Erza since she was badly injured. The police soon arrived and Gajeel made a break for when I was knocked unconscious by Erza. When I came through I was in the ambulance. It was later I heard that Natsu was taken by Gajeel. It took days before we were able to locate him. I got out of the hospital to get Natsu back. We got the location and we split up into groups and I found Natsu first. He was lost in a trance and I was able to get him out of it by mentioning the ring I gave him. He came through and we left to escape but Gajeel came out of hiding I told Natsu to run and don't look back. He listened and ran out of the building. I stayed back to fight Gajeel. When I defeated him I ran after Natsu since I heard him cry out in pain. I found him passed out on the floor and he was rushed to the hospital. We left the hospital a day later for Natsu to be transferred to Magnolia hospital. There he was able to heal as much as he could before we got here." I stated.

She stayed silent and soon nodded. "Alright, you may step down. Next witness Erza Scarlet." She said. Gray walked down and Erza came up to the stand. She made her testimony and was sent back and Gramps told his. "Alright, the jury will be back to tell the verdict. Please wait here until they return." Everyone stayed silent and the council left the room as well as the judge. Natsu stood up and walked over to us.

(Natsu's POV)

"You never told me you watched outside my house." I said. Gray blushed and stood up.

"I had a good reason." He said.

"To see why I was acting weird." I said. He walked over to me and I eyed him. "Thanks. It's thanks to you that I was able to get free in the first place." He smiled and I embraced him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I looked back at the others. They were smiling and I was smiling. "You guys are the best."

"Of course." Erza said. I looked down at my left hand. The ring was still there. I haven't taken it off since the day I got it and I don't know when I plan to take it off. Gray saw this and put his hand over mine.

"I know what you're thinking." He said. I chuckled and pulled away from him.

"Of course; it's like you read my mind." I said. We all laughed and I looked over at Gajeel and Juvia. They've been silent almost the entire time. Gajeel hasn't said a word the whole time and Juvia has just been sitting there. The council came back in and we all walked back to our seats.

"The council has reached a verdict." The judge called. Seigrain stood up from his spot on the council.

"The council finds Gajeel Redfox guilty of Abuse; kidnapping and attempted murder. The council also finds Juvia Lockser guilty of attempted murder and kidnapping." Seigrain said. I smiled and they seemed unaffected. They must have known it was coming. "Unfortunately we also found Natsu Dragneel guilty of attempted murder."

I paled and was shaking with fear. I can't go to jail. I didn't even mean to do it.

"Your honor is it really appropriate for my client to go jail now. He still needs to heal and needs psychiatric help?" My lawyer asked.

The council began to discuss with each other. Please be better. "Very well. Natsu Dragneel will be fined for his offence and when he is cured of all problems he will spend one night in jail." Seigrain said. I was still scared. I don't like being in jail. That one time with Erza was horrible. I was so over-joyed when we got out I was running around all day.

"The council has spoken. Case dismissed." The judge said and slammed her gavel. They stood up and walked out of the room. They took Gajeel and Juvia away and I was just stuck in my chair. I heard the others coming my way and I stood up.

"Natsu." Gray said. I looked back at them. I had tears prickling my eyes but I also had a smile on my face. "You gonna be ok?"

"Yeah. Gajeel and Juvia got convicted so everything is fine now." I said.

"But, how do you feel about the one night in jail?" He asked. I frowned and wiped my eyes.

"It will be fine. I was in with Erza that one night so it won't be so bad." I said.

"Yeah, but that night you had someone with you. How will you handle it?" He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess I'll figure that out when we get there." I said. Gray grabbed my hand and looked down at me.

"Well let's not stress on it. Let's go home and get this off our heads." He said. I nodded and we walked out of the court house and headed home.


A few days later Gray offered to move in with him since I can't stand being alone. I accepted and Gray has been helping me pack my stuff. Walking back into that house was like a memory wave that crashed way too hard each time. It was hard to see all the broken pieces of different things all over the floor and holes in the wall from when Gajeel abused me. Gray has helped me through this and he's been helping me distract myself from the memories. We're almost done now and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to stop coming in here to pack myself. Way too many memories. I placed the box in my hand near the door and wiped the sweat from my forehead. I felt arms wrap around my waist and I looked back at Gray. "What are you thinking about?" He asked.

I smiled, "I was just thinking about how much I can't wait to move in." I said. He smirked and turned me around.

"You can't wait to see me every day." He said.

I smiled, "Yes." I said.

"So, you don't mind when I walk around in my underwear?" He asked.

I chuckled, "No, I won't mind. I mean come on. How many times has that happened?" I said. He silently agreed and I looked back at the boxes. All of my things were accounted for. All we have to do now is bring them to Gray's. I walked out of Gray's embrace and picked up a box. "Come on. The sooner we get done the sooner I can leave this place forever."

"Of course this place has a bad vibe." He said. He also picked up a box and we walked out the door to the Gray's house down the block. We walked in and I placed the box down on the floor. We went back and grabbed the rest from Gajeel's and placed them all on the floor. "Welcome home glomp." I was knocked to the ground by Gray and I looked up at him.

"Seriously?" I asked. He smirked and leaned down on me. "W-What are you doing?"

"Something." He said. He leaned down the rest of the way and his lips connected to mine. I kissed back and he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. This is the farthest I think we've gone so far. He slid his hand down my chest and I gasped. He pulled away and I was flushed.

"What was that?" I asked.

He smiled. "Our first kiss in a home that we live together in." He said. I blushed and smiled at him.

"That's sweet. But, what was the other thing?" I asked.

He smirked, "I wanted to make it rememberable." He said.

I chuckled, "Well it was defiantly rememberable." I said. He got off of me and I stood up from the floor. "I should probably unpack."

"Yeah, let me show you your room." He said. I grabbed a random box and he led me to the room I'll be staying in. He turned on the light and I was surprised. It was pretty big.

"Nice." I commented. He smiled and he led me in.

"You'll be staying in here until that time comes when we get to share a room." He said. I blushed and he chuckled.

"Keep counting because I'm nowhere near ready for that mentally or physically." I said.

"I know I'm just being realistic." He said.

"Don't worry. It will happen eventually." I said. He nodded and he helped me bring in the rest of my stuff. After that was settled I sat down on my new bed and looked up at Gray. He was smiling and he sat down next to me. "Thanks again for letting me move in Gray. I don't think I can handle being alone the way I am."

"No problem. I don't want anything happening to you anyway." He said. I smiled and leaned on his shoulder. "I want to tell you something. It's really important." I looked up at him and he grabbed my hand. "I love you." I smiled and blinked at him.

"I love you too." I said. He gave me a chaste kiss and I smiled. "Maybe we should head to the guild and celebrate."

He stood up and grabbed my hand. "Well come on. I'm sure they're dying to see how you're doing." He said. He stood me up and we left the house together. After this experience my life with Gray has been unbelievable. He's been sweet and very supportive with helping me get back on track. I do still have to go to jail for one night but I'm sure Gray will help me out. But, besides that my life may have been tough. But, the right love can always bring you back.

-The end