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Chapter One: Before the Beginning

Many centuries ago, before the Human World was the modern world it is today, powerful creatures roam the lands called demons and brought death and ruin in there wake. There were humans that could challenge them but in the end, they fell to the more powerful ones.

However there were other beings that could compare to them, the Shinigami.

For many years after the first murder of a Captain by the hands of an S-class demon, the two great and powerful species clashed endlessly and brutally each one being led by very familiar leaders.

Captain Commander Yamamoto whose Bankai can burn the very existence of the thing it cuts versus Raizen the Warrior God of the demons and whose strength is unmatched in the Demon World.

The two may have been different in many ways but they respected one another and always made sure to fight whenever neither of there allies are nearby to get hurt or killed by the ensuring conflict. A century after the first blood of the war known as "The War of Gods and Demons" something happened to Raizen that changed the entire outcome of the war.

He fell in love with a human woman no less.

After one of his and Yamamoto's great battles, he was tired and wounded and would have died if the healer didn't decided to heal his wounds and after that he would have ate her, just like any other demon would have. But she showed a fearlessness to him, despite knowing what he almost did to her and it was because of the fearlessness that he fell in love with her and her to him.

But it wasn't just because of that love that changed the outcome of the war, it was the promise he made that day, to never eat a single human being again was his promise to her to show how much he loved her.

His promise, however, wasn't without consequences as the years went by, his hunger eating his own body and the growls of his stomach could be heard across the land. Despite his generals begging him to eat to regain the strength he was losing, he remained firm to his promise to the woman he love and still fought as the leader of his army against the Shinigami. Then something happen that would be a main factor for the defeat of the Demons.

His wife became pregnant and, nine months later, gave birth to his child. Although his wife died in childbirth, he held true to his promise but something within him unease him. Raizen didn't wish for his child to be raised during a war or more importantly being at risk by the Shinigami who could kidnap or murder his child and he knew that there was only one way to end it completely. One that made him shred a tear at the thought.

Raizen, himself, went right up to one of Seireitei's Gates and demanded for Yamamoto. Any captains and lieutenants that tried to kill him was defeated, not killed, in half a minute and the old Shinigami knew what he wanted.

"One last grand battle!" Raizen yelled at him with a smile on his face. "Until one of us bleeds out all the blood in our body and bones are shattered."

Yamamoto agreed and the two clashed for the final time in what would be later known as the Sahara Desert. The two fought for a full week until Yamamoto finally delivered a crippling blow and Raizen, no longer able to fight, asked Yamamoto to do something with his dying breath.

"Take care of my child Yamamoto," He begged as Ryūjin Jakka's Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, burned his body from existence. "I beg, not as an enemy but as a father, for you to take care of my child." A second later and Raizen was no more and the war was won. The demons abandon the Human world and retreated to there homes either in the Spirit World or Demon World.

As the Shinigami rejoiced over there victory, Yamamoto took his three most trusted pupils to find Raizen's child in the Human World. Before Raizen died he left Yamamoto a way to find his son. The scars he left on Yamamoto's chest would throb in pain whenever his son was near and through that, he found the child high in the mountains and guarded by one of Raizen's most trusted friends and gave him to them before passing on from old age.

However the Captain-Commander and three other captains did not enter the Seireitei with a half demon child unnoticed.

Once the elders and Central 46 found out that he was a half demon, and Raizen's son no less, they demanded for the death of the child as did many other shinigami including several captains and lieutenants. The scars of the war ran deep and almost every shinigami lost someone close to them during the conflict and wished to put the blame on someone but Yamamoto, along with his three pupils, stood firm and told them that the child would live and if anyone tried to take the child's life, or reveal his secret to the new generations of Shinigami, they won't just be killed. They'll be begging for death to take them once they were done with them.

But for the child to stay within the Seireitei, his demonic blood and power would have to be sealed away, and they allowed for that to happen. After that Yamamoto placed the child in Unohana's care and, to protect him, gave him the name of her lieutenant and helped raised the child.

There was a reason, however, that Yamamoto put him in Unohana's care where he would no doubt become part of the Fourth. He was scared of the seals that the child had wouldn't hold back his true power if he was pushed to his limits. Scared that if he was placed in the front lines and saw the blood and death, he would unleash his true power. Scared that once his power was free, he would seek revenge for his father's death.

And Yamamoto was scared that he won't be able to stop him from bringing death and ruin in his wake.

But years went on and, despite the elders and shinigami who lived through the war making his life a living hell, the child grew into a Shinigami who wanted nothing more than to heal others. Bullied, abused, and taunted but none of those trigger what the four feared and allowed themselves a peace of mind for years to come...

However peace never lasts forever.

And who is this half demon child of who was once the most powerful Demon in existence you asked? Well its none other than...

"Well if it isn't the squirt!" Seventh Seat of the Fourth Division, Hanataro Yamada, mentally sighed as the usual group of bullies came up to him. Several minutes later, he was sore, bleeding, and on the ground as the Eleventh Division members walked off laughing. He quickly healed his wounds and continued his duties, despite the broom he was holding broken in half by the members.

'Just another day.' He thought as he finished and went back to his apartment between the Fourth and Fifth. He never figure out why Captain Unohana insisted in living in a place so close to the Fourth.(Really it was just a five minute walk between the two) But the rent was cheap and the rooms were spacious if not lonely.

'You have me.' His Zanpakuto said within making Hanataro smile. 'Don't worry Hanataro for as long as I am with you, you'll never be truly lonely.'

'Thanks Hisagomaru.' He felt his Zanpakuto nod and returned to its slumber as he went into his apartment, changed into his PJs and fell asleep once his head hit the pillow.

His Zanpakuto, however, wasn't actually sleeping in fact it was wide awake as he observed his wielder fall into sleep. The small robot Zanpakuto sighed and walked up to one of the many lakes that inhabited Hanataro's inner world and looked at his reflection.

Hisagomaru then raised his right arm and opened it, revealing a complex number of buttons. After pressing a few, his chest opened to show another gauge, much like the one on his face, but it was almost filled, about three quarters, with white energy that felt unnatural and terrible to the Zanpakuto but he held it all in for Hanataro's sake.

'I have to tell Minazuki about this when I see her again.' The toy thought but for now his chest closed and he went to slumber underneath the shade of a tree, despite the energy he held within making his dreams become nightmares.

But for Hanataro, it reminded him of someone he never got to me, someone from his earliest memories, and the thought of him put a smile on his face.

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