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Chapter Three: Staying Secret

A Day Later

Hanataro was released from Fourth Division yesterday and returned to his usually duties. Cleaning out the sewers, sweeping around the Fourth, helping out with the usual Eleventh Division members who were hurt during the usual noon brawl. Yet, during all of this, he felt like something was missing within him...

He also could feel that something was wrong with Hisagomaru, not once since he left the Fourth had he heard his Zanpakuto speak.

Opening his fridge, Hanataro sighed as he saw that there was barely any food inside now. 'I have to shop again.' He hated to shop since the owners would always glare at him and charge him three times the real price but he couldn't argue against it otherwise they just throw him out of the store. Thats why he had a small garden and kept his own chickens but he couldn't live off eggs and vegetables forever and took off for the market with his money in hand.

At the Market

Hanataro ignored the glare he was receiving from the owner of the store and filled his basket with the food he needed before getting behind someone in line.

"Hello Matsumoto-san. Its nice to see you again." He looked in front of him to see that the person in front of him was the Tenth Division Lieutenant who smiled at the owner. "Hi Jiro-san, just here for my usual products."

"Ha of course." The owner, an old man with blue eyes and grey hair, scanned her items, which was mostly food and beauty products before saying. "That will be 210 kan in total." She paid the amount and left with her items in plastics bag before he turned to Hanataro, the smile on his face gone the moment he saw him.

"You again. What do you want?" He said in a harsh tone and Hanataro, avoiding his gaze, placed his basket on the counter for it to be scanned. "A waste of good food if you ask me." He scanned the items, taking his time as he did and even 'accidentally' dropping his milk on the ground once he scanned it, the liquid inside it spilling onto the floor. Jiro looked at him with a cruel smile. "Oops. Don't worry I'm sure that you can pay for that."

He didn't complain since he knew that if he did, he'll get thrown out of the store so he just kept his gaze on the ground. Finally Jiro was done and he said.

"Well that will be 2000 kan." Just as Hanataro reached into his robes to get out his wallet, someone yelled. "Wait a minute!" They turned to see Matsumoto stomping toward them, an angry expression on her face, and she glared at Jiro who froze in terror. "Why are you charging him so much?"

Jiro held his tongue, knowing what will happen if he spoke, and instead glared at Hanataro like it was his fault. His attention was drawn back to her when she slammed her fist down hard enough to crack the counter and he said, "I can't say but I can charge him as high as I want. My store, my rules."

The Lieutenant was about to open her mouth when Hanataro spoke up. "I-its o-okay L-lieutenant M-matsumoto. I-i c-c-can pay f-for it." He pulled out a green wallet in the shape of a frog and opened the mouth to reveal, much to Matsumoto's surprise, a large amount of kan inside it. Hanataro placed the amount Jiro said who just took the kan and put the items in plastic bags before they left.

Hanataro got a few feet away until he heard Matsumoto run up beside him. "Hang on uh..?" She trailed and he said. "H-hanataro of the Fourth Division."

She smiled at him. "Hanataro, do you know why Jiro charged you so much? He's usually so nice to everyone." Her answer was a shrug. "I h-h-honestly d-don't know Lieutenant M-matsumoto."

Matsumoto stared at the smaller shinigami and saw that he was indeed telling the truth and sighed. "Alright then. Oh here you go," She took one of his hands and placed most of the kan he spent to buy his food into it. "I managed to convince Jiro to give you your change." Hanataro blushed, unused to such nice treatment except from his captain and some of his friends.

"T-thank y-you Lieutenant M-matsumoto." She smiled at him. "Just call me Matsumoto." Hanataro nodded and the two went there separate ways and back at his store, Jiro was knocked out with a huge bump on his head.

Later At SWA HQ A.K.A Kuchiki Manor

The members of SWA were bored to say the least. Soifon was playing with a toy black cat, Nanao was rereading a book, Hinamori, Kiyone, Isane, and Rukia was playing with some cards and Yachiru was finishing up her usual batch of candy that Nemu brought her.

For once, they weren't in danger of running out of money nor were they planning anything and only came to the meeting due to it being the usual meeting day.

Finally the door opened and Matsumoto walked in. "Hi everyone sorry I'm late. I got caught up with something." She then noticed the dull atmosphere that dominated the room. "Uh? What are you guys doing."

"Playing goldfish." Rukia said before asking Kiyone if she had a three of clubs which she did.

"Petting with Yor- I mean this black cat." Soifon said as she petted the stuff animal.

"Rereading this book." Nanao said, turning a page in said book.

Yachiru swallowed the last of the candy. "I was eating candy!" She said while Nemu said. "I was giving her candy."

Matsumoto frowned at the dull atmosphere and said, "Don't we have anything interesting to do?" Nanao then looked at her, fixing her glasses. "And that would be what exactly? There haven't been anything interesting since Ichigo regained his powers and we already did a scoop on that."

The Tenth Division Lieutenant thought about this before remembering her encounter with Hanataro early today. "Oh! I think have one." She then explained what happened to Hanataro at the store and how Jiro, who was normally so nice to everyone, overcharge him five times the real price. At the end of the story, she had everyone interest, even Soifon and Nemu.

Nanao closed her book. "That's odd," Everyone turned to her. "I remember him being kicked out of the library back when I was the fifth seat of my squad for being too loud yet he wasn't make a sound. I know since I was sitting right next to him reading. I told Captain Kyoraku about what happened and," She shivered, surprising everyone. "that was first time I seen him get mad, even if he didn't show it, and the next day there was a new librarian. The new one said that the old one decided to quit."

Rukia then spoke up. "Hang on I remember something also. Hanataro was always being bullied by everyone in the Academy, even Renji and the teachers but he stopped when I told him to. Whenever Hanataro asked for help, the teachers would just give him vague answers or purposely tell him the wrong answers to make him fail."

"I remember that," Hinamori said. "Then after that, Unohana went there and called for a full staff meeting and everyone got a free day. I only remember that because Renji thought it would be funny to try to listen in but when we went when it was almost over and Unohana came out right as we got there."

Kiyone collected her cards and asked. "What happened next?" Hinamori paled and gulped as if remembering a bad memory.

"S-she asked if we heard anything and we said no but that wasn't the scary part. The scary part was that she didn't have her smile and looked," She shivered as she recalled that time in her life when she and her friends were truly scared for there lives. "well she looked mad."

Now everyone was completely interested. Seeing Captain Unohana who always had a smile on her face with a frown and looking mad was as rare as a blue moon.

"After that, most of the teachers were on suspended leave and when they came back, they avoided Hanataro like he had a plague."

As time went on, everyone threw in what little of they knew about Hanataro and the abuse he suffered. Kiyone said that he was kicked out of a restaurant for no good reason that her captain decided to have a small party at and the next day that restaurant was shut down, Nemu recalled watching from one of Mayuri's cameras(before they were destroyed by Renji's Zanpakuto) that he wasn't allowed at public festivals for some reason and Soifon remembered that he wasn't allowed at a clothing store when she went to buy some clothes for a trip to the World of the Living.

At the end of this, the SWA now had a story but they were still missing one vital clue which Nanao brought up. "But why is he being treated like this? Is there any connection between all of these abuses?"

Everyone then turned to Isane who shrugged. "Sorry everyone but I don't know either but I think my captain knows something."

"Probably Captain Kyoraku and Captain Ukitake as well." Soifon said as Nanao thought about something for a second. "Hang on. I think I see a connection between the abuses. Matsumoto, Jiro is an old man right?" She got a nod for her answer. "Rukia and Hinamori, most of the teachers at the Academy are old as well right?" She went on and soon everyone saw what she meant, most of the people that abused him were the of the older generation.

Yachiru then jumped on the president's chair. "Alright everyone! We got a story on our hands and I need more candy so lets begin the adventure of the Secrets of Hanataro!"

The Next Day At The Fourth

Unohana and Isane were walking the Fourth, making sure that everything was in order but the lieutenant couldn't help but noticed that when they passed Hanataro, she noticed that her captain's eyes gained a slight worry in them.

Once far away enough from him, Isane then asked. "Captain? Why is it that Hanataro is bullied by so many people?" Her captain looked her with a questioning look and she continued. "I mean, I noticed that he seems not only being abused by the Eleventh Division but by the general population and I was wondering-"

She was cut off when the look in Unohana's eyes suddenly harden and the smile on her face disappeared. "Lieutenant Isane, I believe you shouldn't bring up things like that up again nor ever. Am I clear?" Isane couldn't do anything but nod and her captain's face returned to its usual expression. "Good now lets continue our rounds."

They went on around the Fourth Division and Isane never regain the courage to ask the question again. Unohana, however, made a mental note to tell Yamamoto about what Isane asked.

Eighth Division

Nanao finishing up the day's paperwork while her captain sat nearby drinking. Once finished, she turned to her captain. "Captain could I ask you a question?"

Her answer was a nod and smile.

"Do you remember when I was the fifth seat of the Division and I told you about what happened at the library with Hanataro-san?" Kyoraku stopped drinking and nodded again, this time without a smile. "Well I wish to know why you decided to take action and if possible how does it concern Hanataro-san."

Kyoraku then stood up and went over to his lieutenant before dropping a hand onto her head and then she saw that his eyes were cold and hard. "Now Lieutenant Ise," She mentally swallowed, only hearing her say her name and rank when she told him about Hanataro. "You shouldn't ask questions like that. I believe that we don't need to talk about that so why don't you take the day off?"

Unused to hearing her captain speak like that, she nodded and quickly left the room and division, heading back to SWA HQ while Kyoraku called for a hell butterfly to sent something to Yamamoto.

Thirteen Division

"Ah thank you Rukia." Ukitake said as she placed down his tea on the table. "I must say, its a lot quieter since Sentaro came down with a stomach flu but I do hope that he gets well. Ah thank you too Kiyone." He said as said third seat placed down some cookies.

She blushed and nodded her head before mentally slapping herself. She was the one who gave Sentaro the stomach flu by giving him a pill that she got from Nemu to make sure that Rukia and her could ask the question in private.

Rukia then decided to ask. "Say Captain Ukitake could we ask you a question?" He looked up at her with a smile and nodded his head. "Do you remember the time that Hanataro-san was kicked out of that restaurant that you had a small party at? You never actually went into detail why that place was shut down. Was it because of Han-!"

Rukia and Kiyone froze in fear as the smile and gentle look in Ukitake's eyes was gone in an instant and replaced with a hard and dark look.

"First, that incident wasn't Hanataro's fault in anyway. It was owner's fault for denying him to eat there and second this question will not be discussed again nor any other question like it? Am I clear?" The two nodded and Ukitake's smile returned. "Good now have some cookies."

The two didn't want to make him mad again and quickly began to eat.


"That was the most terrifying experience of my life." Kiyone said as they gathered back in the SWA HQ with Rukia nodding in agreement. Currently they were in the room with Nanao and Isane who had similar luck with asking the question about Hanataro.

Nanao fixed her glasses and sighed. "I never thought that I would see that look in his eyes again. What is so important about Hanataro that makes them become like that?"

"I think we might have a lead about that." They looked at the door and saw that Soifon and Nemu was standing there, the latter with a file in her hands. Nemu pressed a button on the wall and a table along with some chairs came out of the floor and they sat around it as Nemu placed the file on the surface, revealing a picture of Hanataro pinned to the front.

"This is Hanataro's folder, everyone shinigami has one which holds everything about him." They all but torn it open in an effort to see what was so important about him but was met with a disappointing surprise.

"Captain Soifon," Rukia said, holding up one paper. "Most of this is censored." True to her word, nearly every sentence had censor lines on them and the same could be said for the rest of them.

However the Second Division Captain only nodded her head. "Exactly my point. Nearly everything about Hanataro's birth and early childhood is completely censored, not even the most hidden prisoners in Seireitei have this much of there past censored like this. Nemu, however, managed to find something interesting.

Said person pulled out something from her sleeves, revealing to be a much thinner folder. "It doesn't explain why Hanataro's past is censored so much but it does give us a lead to start from."

"I managed to receive it deep within the Council of 46 achieves and even then it had the highest level of security I've seen protecting it. This is all I managed to get before the system took me out."

She opened it and they began to read off the three thin sheets of paper and Nanao was the first to speak. "So Hanataro was born around the end of the war with the Demons but why is that so significant that they censored nearly everything about his past?"

Soifon shrugged "Maybe something happened and he or maybe his parents was involve with something that ended the war." Nanao narrowed her eyes in thought before standing up. "We'll come back once we have more info. Rukia, Kiyone, and Isane lets go to the library to see if we can find any books about the war and Soifon and Nemu, you two try to find more info about Hanataro's past."

They nodded and went off in separate directions to find out what was so important about Hanataro's past that it was such a secure secret.

Later at the First Division Office

"So your lieutenants asked about Hanataro and why he was being bullied?" Yamamoto asked Unohana and Kyoraku who was sitting in front of him. Currently the two just arrived to tell him about what there lieutenants asked.

The door opened to reveal Ukitake with a serious expression on his face but before he could open his mouth, Yamamoto said, "I suppose that your lieutenant asked about Hanataro as well?"

The thirteen captain was surprised and said, "Yes and my third seat as well but how did you know?" Unohana then explained that her and Kyoraku's lieutenants had asked similar questions about him and then said.

"I believe that the SWA have taken an interest in Hanataro's past if the fact that all the people that asked us is in that club." The three nodded, it made sense that they would ask similar questions and Kyoraku spoke up, tipping his hat down a bit. "So what should we do?"

Yamamoto was silent for a few seconds before he said, "Erase all of their memories of that last meeting and today. We cannot allow Hanataro's secret getting out otherwise it might cause panic within our ranks and not to mention Hanataro."

The trio nodded and went off in different directions once they left the division.

At the Library

"This is so boring!" Kiyone said as she put down what must be the tenth book she read and groaned when she saw Nanao put down more on the table she, Rukia, and Isane was sitting on. Turns out that the War between Shinigami and Demons was huge topic with hundreds of books that held info about them.

And they had to read EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Nanao sat back down and opened her thirtieth book open. "Come on, don't you wish to know why Hanataro's past is so hidden?" Kiyone almost cried when another book was placed in front of her.

"Yes but I didn't think that it would require so much reading." Unlike her, Rukia and Isane was deeply absorbed into the books, never actually reading about the War before.

Rukia turned a page and said, "Hey look at this," She placed down the book to show a detailed painting of a young man with a lean body, a tattoo under one of his eyes, and long white hair. "It says here that this was Raizen and leader of the Demons. He was considered a Warrior God among them and matched Captain Commander Yamamoto in abilities."

They continued to read about him for a couple minutes before Kiyone read out an unusual sentence. "'And it has been rumored that he had an odd interest in flowers of all kind.' Say doesn't Hanataro's name mean flower?"

Isane smiled and said jokely. "Yes it does, maybe he's related in someway to him." Isane, Nanao, and Kiyone shared a laugh as Rukia noticed something at the way bottom of the page that caused her eyes to widen. "Uh? Girls." She pointed to the way bottom of the page at a certain sentence.

"And, although this hasn't been confirmed true or not, he had a child that goes by the name of Hanataro."

The four was completely in shock before Nanao broke it, standing up and taking the book from Rukia hands. "This has to be the reason why Hanataro is so bullied so much by the older generator. Come on, we need to tell the rest of the SWA."

"Now now Lieutenant Ise," A voice said from behind them that sent shivers up there spines. "you really shouldn't look into matters that never concern you." They turned to see the grave face of Kyoraku who had a familiar in hand and, before any of them could react, he erased all of there memories while knocking them out.

He took the book from his sleeping lieutenant's hand and threw it into the air before slicing it to pieces. Kyoraku then disappeared, heading to find the rest of the SWA.

With Soifon

The Second Division Captain was heading toward the SWA HQ with speeds that made her a blur to other shinigami and in her hand was a folder. 'This explains why Hanataro is abused so much but why would Yamamoto take in the son of his enemy?' Suddenly she was hit a powerful binding kido and fell into an alleyway, glowing chains around her body.

"What the?" She then heard footsteps and looked up to see Unohana standing in front of her, folder in her hands before it disintegrated by the force of her Reiatsu. "Captain Unohana? Your in on this as well?"

She nodded and said, "I'm sorry Captain Soifon but some secrets should stay secret." She pulled out the memory wiper and erased Soifon's memories about what she learned and of the two meeting.

With Nemu

The Twelfth Division Lieutenant printed out a copy of what was on the screen and made her way to the door. 'The SWA will wish to know about this as soon as possible.'

When she opened the door, her memory was quickly wiped and she fell to the floor with Ukitake standing above her. "Sorry Nemu-san but I had to do that." He carefully avoided any members when he came in and made sure to find the right room she was in and was lucky when he decided to take a guess.

He went up to the computer screen before entering a delete command with wiped out all about Hanataro's past and more importantly whose his father really was.

By the end of the day, the entire SWA would have there memories wiped clean and be scratching there heads trying to recalled what they spoke about in the next meeting.

With Hanataro

The small shinigami was making his way back home unaware of a pair of eyes following him. Mayuri was hiding within some trees with a special sphere in his hands that made him blend in with the leaves perfectly.

'I have to make sure that I capture him when no one will miss him. Perhaps on a day off?' He laughed slightly as Hanataro felt a shiver go down his spine for some reason.

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