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Megan Hunt, medical examiner, was leaving work to pick up her daughter-Lacey- when someone called her name. It wasn't just anyone, it was Peter. She would recognize that voice anywhere thats why she didn't stop, thats why she just got straight in the car and backed out of the parking lot speeding off into the distance. He's the reason for anyone else she would have stopped. She just left Peter standing there looking after the car helplessly. One reason she didn't stop was because she only just got back into her daughter's life so she wasn't going to be late in picking her up. The other reason was because earlier that day her and Peter had got into an argument about why she was so mad that Kate and Todd we together in which he accused her of still been in love with her ex-husband which ended in her storming out and him saring after her. She was angry with him for ever think such a thing doesn't he realize that she loves him not Todd. Why didn't he just ask me the reason I was so angry instead of accusing me straight away? wondered Megan as she pulled up outside her ex-husband's house. She would have told him why, she would have told him anything.

She snapped out of her daze once she realize she had reach the front door. Before she could knock Lacey was already opening the door. "Hey mom is it alright if you pick up Carley and Rachel on the way to horse riding" asked Lacey.

"Sure, as long as you can direct me to where they live"Megan replied.

Once they were in the car an akward silence settled overr them. They were still getting used to having each other in their lives. The whole journey to Carley's house was silent apart from Lacey directing her to her house. Once Megan had picked the girls up the car was much livelier with introductions and the girls catching up with each other. Megan was happy with Lacey's friend they seemed nice enough girls but it was over all too soon as they arrived at the stables.

After a quick goodbye Megan was on the road again heading back towards work hoping that Curtis wouldn't notice she was gone. She was just thinking what he would say to her when there was a sudden flash of light about a mile ahead of her. Once she arrived at the accident she jumped out of the car and rushed towards the already gathering crowd. It was a car crash. 4 cars were involved 2 of those where on fire and one close to it. It had to be the worse crash she had ever seen, even worse than the one she had been involved which resulted in her having parasthesia. After she had got over the initial shock off seeing the crash and the damage it had done she started to tune into what the others were saying trying to pick up on how it happened.

"Nothing could have survived that explotion, so what on earth is that climbing out of the car!" exclaimed one of the many onlookers. Megan looked towards the wreckage and thats when she saw...

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