Megan sank slowly into the chair, dread settling in her heart. Her face becoming more distraught with every unbearable thought that crossed her mind, thoughts of what could possibly be a complication or how he died. That last thought made her breath catch in her throat and her pulse to quicken like she was on the verge of a panic attack. Bud noticed the sudden difference and instinctively move closer to her thinking whatever was to come he will help her though it, she was part of his team. The doctor took the seat beside her and explained the situation, "Hi I'm Dr Venerelli, I have been treating Mr. Dunlop and i can positively say that he is going to recover..."

Megan released the breath she didn't realize she had been holding and if possible sank further into her chair. Relived that she hadn't caused another death and that Peter was going to be ok. She didn't hear the rest of what the doctor was saying but knew that Bud was listening so figured she could get him to repeat it later. Just then Peter's 3 sisters flowed into the room asking "Is Peter alright? When can we see him?"

The doctor turned to look at them "and you are?"

"Peter Dunlop's sisters, I'm Diane this is Nancy and this is Libby" replied Diane.

"Ok so as I just explained to Dr Hunt your brother is going to be fine he has a few broken bones and a head wound with a few minor lacerations but we have sorted it. He will be moved into his own room in a few hours or so and then you can visit him. We will come and find you when it is time" with that he walked out of the waiting room giving them a chance for it to sink in.

After a few minutes once the initial shock wore of the 3 sisters took the seats opposite Megan and sat there. "So your Dr Hunt?" asked Libby.

Megan looked up hoping to go un-noticed and forgotten about "Yes, that's me, please call me Megan" she replied.

"We've heard so much about you" expressed Nancy. The looked that crossed Megan's face made her laugh, "don't worry it is all good"

"I didn't realize that Peter would talk about me to anyone never mind his sisters"

"Yeah whenever we are on the phone to him he will always mention you about how you just cracked a case or how your relationship with your daughter has grown so much stronger than what it was when he first met you"

Megan was shocked she hadn't realized that he thought so highly of her but she couldn't take this right now. Not when she was the reason he was in hospital but his sisters were saying all these nice things about her. She couldn't handle it because if they really knew her they would just think of her as been cold hearted and not care for anyone, she had to get out of there. "Well talking of my daughter I have to go and collect her so it was a pleasure meeting you but I really have to go" she was running away not something she is used to she's all for the stare the problem straight in the face but this time she ran.

"Oh ok bye would you like us to call you when you are able to visit Peter?" asked Diane.

"No it's ok I'm sure Bud will" Replied Megan sending a smile over her shoulder as she walked out of the waiting room. Bud knew something was up with Megan but he didn't know what all he knew was that she didn't have Lacey to pick up. So he followed her out, reassuring Peter's sister's that he would be back soon.

He didn't have to go far, he spotted her as soon as he stepped out of the hospital. She was sat on the bench just by the entrance with her head in her hands. He walks over and talks the seat beside her asking "What was all that about?"

"I just couldn't handle it, them been so kind to yet I'm the reason he is in there" sighed Megan.

"Megan..." Bud started but was cut off by the ringing of his phone. "Detective Morris"

"Hey Bud we need you to come back to the station, we need your help on this case. Oh and Kate said tell Megan to stay there and update her with any news"

"Ok well there has already been a development...Peter's going to be ok I'll give you the details when I get back"

"Ok I'll phone Kate and let her know, bye" with that she hung up.

Bud turned to face Megan who was sat up now only hearing his half of the conversation so wanting to know the rest. "Kate said you have to stay here and keep them updated on any developments" Bud told her.

At that Megan's face just fell not wanting to stay there and tarnish the view that Peter's sisters have of her. "Do I have to stay?"

"Yes! I thought out of everyone you would be the one wanting to stay here. He is your partner if it was Sam in there I would be pestering the doctors staying till I knew she was definitely alright" snapped Bud.

"Ok ok but how would you like been sat in there with relatives who think you some nice, caring person but you know that you're the reason they are there" was Megan's cold reply before storming back in the building leaving Bud sat on the bench gob smacked.

Once she got back to the waiting room she couldn't go in, she couldn't face it. She was about to turn away from the door and get as far away as possible when Nancy noticed her. Nancy said something to her sisters and made her way out of the waiting room to find Megan slumped down by the door way against the wall. "Hey" whispered Nancy.


"Why are you out here and not in there?"

"Because I can't stand the fact that you all think so highly of me when I'm the reason Peter was there in the first place" Whispered Megan letting the tears flow freely something she had done too much today. "We had an argument but it wasn't finished and he tried to sort it but I...I just ignored him so he followed me which is he ended up there" by the end of her explanation Megan was out right sobbing so much so her whole body was shaking.

"Hey you can't blame yourself for this he chose to follow you, you didn't force him to" replied Nancy as she crouched down next to her pulling Megan into a hug. After a few minutes Megan pulled back and asked "So you don't blame me"

"No of course not it was just really bad look come lets go back in there and wait with the others"

Megan and Nancy made their way back into the waiting room when Diane looked up and asked "I thought you had to pick your daughter up?"

"Oh err... I sorted something out with my ex-husband" replied Megan. She sat down with them and for the next hour or so they exchanged funny stories to pass the time, Libby was half way through telling Megan about the time they covered Peter's bedroom walls with girly posters while he was out and when he came back with his friends he had the most horrified look on his face, when the doctor walked into the waiting room and walked over to them. "You may visit Peter now but he is still recovering so only 2 at a time, he is in room 202" and with that he left.

Sorry for the abrupt ending I kinda got writers block for the next bit so I thought I would end it here and in the next chapter have them visiting Peter :) also I would like to say thank you for all the reviews :)