Chapter 1

(Clove's POV)

"Ready for school, CC?" My twin brother Finnick Odair asked. He's older than me by 10 minutes.

Finnick calls me CC because my first name is Clove, and my middle name is Callie. I call him Finn.

People wonder how Finn and I are even related, let alone twins. We look nothing alike.

We're fraternal twins, so it's okay if we look nothing alike.

"Yep." I told him. I was wearing my favorite outfit of all time. It was just a basic shirt and shorts ensemble, but it was super cute. (A/N: Clothing links for Clove and her girl friends are on my profile.)

Finnick and I got in his car, and he drove towards our high school, Panem High School.

"I am so pumped for after school! We're playing the Sharks, and we actually have a chance of beating them this year! Are you coming to watch?" I asked.

"Hell yeah! Annie's on the soccer team! And so is my baby sister, so why wouldn't I come watch?!" Finnick exclaimed. Annie is Finn's girlfriend. She's really nice and really pretty.

"Finn, don't call me your baby sister. You're not that much older than I am." I told Finnick.

Finnick pulled into the parking lot of Panem High. We got out of the car and I found my boyfriend Cato and my friends Katniss, Rue, and Jackie, who I call Foxy because her last name is Fox. Katniss's boyfriend Peeta, Rue's boyfriend Thresh, and Jackie's boyfriend Marvel were there too. We're all best friends.

"Katniss, you're actually on time!" I exclaimed in amazement. She's hardly ever on time for school because she has to drive her little sister Primrose to the elementary school. That wouldn't take that long, if it wasn't for the fact that Prim liked to sleep in and it was a hassle to get her out of bed.

"I know!" Katniss exclaimed. "By some miracle, Prim didn't sleep in!"

The girls' outfits were all super cute. I told them so, and they smiled.

"Thanks Clove!" Rue exclaimed. "It's so nice to get compliments from a fashion genius like you!"

"We got them at that new store in town, Steamed Up Style. That store is now officially my favorite place to shop!" Foxy exclaimed.

Thresh groaned. "Can we please talk about something else?" Thresh is not a fan of talking about clothes.

Katniss spotted the cheerleading squad and their boyfriends coming towards us. "Uh oh, guys. Here comes the bitch crew."

The head cheerleader, Glimmer, put her arm around my shoulder and furrowed her eyebrows "you had better make sure that your team beats the Sharks, or I am going to make more fun of you than I already do." She smirked, and the goons of her crew laughed. Glimmer's boyfriend Gloss laughed loudest.

In case you're wondering why Glimmer said "your team", I'm captain of the girls' soccer team. I'm also the Striker. Foxy and Rue are Defense, Annie is Midfielder, and Katniss is Goalie.

"We are going to wipe the field with them!" Foxy exclaimed.

"Good." Glimmer said, and she walked off. I heard the annoying click of her super high stiletto heels. How she walks in those is beyond me.

"I am going to murder her." I grumbled. I hate Glimmer with a burning passion. She's such a bitchy slut! She's been with nearly all of the guys in school, except Finn, Cato, Peeta, Thresh, and Marvel. Thank God for that.

"Babe, don't do that. You'll get kicked out of school. And you know how unhappy that would make me." Cato's face took on a super cute puppy dog pout.

"Aww, you're so cute when you do that." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"AWWW!" The girls squealed.

The bell rung and we all headed to class. We all have the same classes at the same time. Awesome, huh?