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"Come on Lu... I've already promised them all a fresh set of eyes." Joan murmured softly into her young charges ear, feeling her tremble against her side, one hand clutching a bit of her cardigan as though it was only thing keeping her to the planet. Deep down, she knew that it would help her in the long run, help her to open up and show her that the gift she owned wasn't a bad thing, that it wasn't a bad thing to think in the way she did but that place had done a lot of damage to her; scared her into believing she was wrong. Watson knew, from a previous charge and her current boyfriend, that her outlook on the world was useful but the thought of simply throwing her into an investigation didn't appeal to her in the slightest.

"J-Joan, I'm not a... I'm..." she mumbled, looking at her feet as she reluctantly shuffled towards the large group of police officers who were gathered around yet another corpse that was left behind by the murderer stalking the streets of New York. To the side of them, Sherlock stood, carefully observing the young teenager that his girlfriend was approaching with. From where he stood, he managed to conclude that she was clearly frightened, nervous and obviously Watson's newest charge. The way she held herself differed to that of the ex surgeon, keeping her arms wrapped tightly around herself in an attempt to offer comfort and keep herself closed off from the rest of the world. That or it had become habit from constantly having her arms in such a way.

With a small nod to himself, he moved to meet them half way.

"It's about time you got yourself here Watson. Ah, this must be the fresh set of eyes you promised captain Gregson." he stated, quickly scanning her again, allowing himself to pick up a few more details about her as Joan wouldn't tell him anything , no matter how much he pleaded. She nodded, carefully placing a hand on the girl's lower back so she could gently push her towards Holmes.

"Go on honey, introduce yourself."

"J-Joan..." she whimpered quietly, attempting to move back to the safety that her companion's side offered her but she held firm, keeping her at a distance while trying to ignore the tears that were beginning to build up in her eyes. 'It's all for her own good.' was the only thought that span around in her head.

Sherlock, seeing the expression on their faces, sighed quietly then offered a hand though the action was too fast, resulting in the young teenager flinching away from the sudden movement. "Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. Consultant detective to the NYPD and ex consultant detective to Scotland Yard." he introduced, somewhat expecting her to take his hand but all she did was stare warily at it, fear filling her eyes. "Well..." her deep sapphire eyes snapped up to stared directly into his, like a rabbit might look at a hungry fox.

After swallowing her fear, she reluctantly took hold of his hand, giving it the tiniest of shakes. "L-Luna Goodwin. Ex p-private detective." Her voice was delicate, something that seemed to mirror her almost pathetic appearance. Dull mahogany coloured curls pulled up into a messy ponytail and her complexion was like that of a porcelain doll. Similar to her friend, she wore a thick grey cardigan which seemed to be at least three sizes too big for her.

"There. That wasn't too bad, was it? There's no need to be afraid of Sherlock. He looks all mysterious and frightening but really, it's nothing more than a great big act." Joan asked, rubbing her back soothingly in hopes of comforting her slightly while Sherlock turned to look at her, his eyes questioning. "Come on. I'll take you to meet the rest of the team."

"You know... When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pirate. Captain Sherhook, what do you think?" He asked, moving to stand on her other side. Despite the fact that she sunk into Watson's side, she still gave him a small twitch of her lips which he considered to be a victory. He could tell that she wasn't used to showing much emotion as, when he got closer, he could see how dead her eyes truly were. However, at his remark, his partner shot him a look over her head.

"What?" he mouthed.

"Captain Sherhook? Really?"

"I thought it might make her laugh and break some of the tension in the atmosphere." At that, she gave him a slight inclination of the head. It had worked to an extent; that was the first she'd seen Luna smile since her release.

"Ah, there you are. You have three minutes then I want to know everything you've got." Gregson demanded firmly, his tone showing no nonsense and the lack of sleep he'd had over the last week or so, before he moved away so she'd be able to get a good look at the body. Not knowing what else she could do, she simply stared down at the body, refusing to thing about anything in connection to what she saw about the poor soul though, when I thought slipped through, she winced subconsciously, something Sherlock didn't miss.

"Come on Ms Goodwin, give it a go. We could use a little help. Fresh set of eyes aid those which are weary from exhaustion." Sherlock said, his hand slowly to take hold of her wrist in a gentle grip as she took a couple of constricted breaths. He could feel her heart racing beneath his fingertips, as well as the trembling of her hands but he didn't comment on it. Instead, he gestured to her with his eyes so Watson would be aware of her current state before clasping her left wrist more firmly which caused panic to set in.

"You're safe here... they can't hurt you any more." he murmured, making sure his whispers were soft and quiet enough so they wouldn't be heard over the busy road beside the small park where the body had been discovered.


"Why don't you try now? And then, we shall get to know each other when we go to dinner with Joan. Do we have an accord?" When she showed no signs of agreement, he moved to hold her hand in his. "We'll go somewhere without a crowd."Finally, she nodded then took a few shaky steps forward, her eyes darting over the body while she hugged herself with her spare arm, the one which wasn't held by the consultant detective.

"He-He's married... but n-not happily. E-Ex soldier. He's a s-serial... a serial..."

"Come on, you can do this." She couldn't explain why she listened to him but she did so taking a deep breath, she carried on, much to amazement of Joan who watched her partner with soft eyes.

"A serial c-cheat. H-His ring proves it. Undergone d-dramatic weight l-loss in the last month."

"Good... Can you explain?" Joan tried but Sherlock shook his head when he felt her hold tighten on his hand.

"Best not to strain her so much love." he explained, offering the girl a gentle smile. "You did good. Very good in fact so, I believe I must hold up my end of the bargain. Come, We shall inform Captain Gregson of your discoveries then I shall take you both to lunch... My treat."

Half an hour later, the trio found themselves in a quaint little café with only a few other occupants so it was easy to distance themselves in a little booth near the back where no one would over hear them, as well as providing the youngest with the space she so desperately needed. Luna had placed herself between the pair though neither of them seemed to mind; Joan knew about her trust issues and Sherlock deduced the need of security.

"So, now you know my past. How about a glimpse into yours?" He inquired calmly, munching on a French fry. Without realizing it, Lu picked up one of her own, her eyes fixated on the wall opposite while she chewed thoughtfully. If Joan didn't know any better, she would've believe that she'd put herself into a trance but then she began speaking, her voice void of any true emotion.

"I g-grew up i-in Chic-cago, a-a mother and a f-f-father, just like ev-everyone else."

"Oh come on, it's in my less than humble opinion that normal, dear, is extraordinarily boring. Anything interesting ever happen there?"

"At seven... my f-f-father began t-to home school me w-while I worked a-as a pr-private detective a-and c-clairvoyant." she stuttered, taking a deep sip of the cooling flavored tea, allowing it to slip down her throat.

"So your father used you to con people out of money?"

"Yes... b-but they always w-went away happy." she assured though it was more to herself then the pair she dined with. "H-He said it helped them, in the long run so I-I continued to d-do it until I w-was nine."

"Why, what happened when you were nine?"

"Sherlock..." Joan warned, fully aware about what the girl had undergone after her ninth year of life but also remained fully aware that she was beginning to display closed off behavior. Over the time they'd spent with Sherlock, she seemed to relax and calm down considerably but the moment he asked her, she quickly wrapped herself up in the large cardigan, a self comfort exercise.

The detective looked at her for a few seconds before nodding, silently agreeing to drop the subject they'd been on but the young teenager carried on speaking, despite the discomfort she was in. She just wanted someone to understand, she was desperate for someone to understand.

"My f-f-father cheated so I told my m-mother but she left and h-h-he was angry; h-h-he put me in a foster home but t-they didn't know what I c-could do." She explained, her shaking becoming more violent so, out of pity, Watson continued.

"The care home believed that her gift of observation was the manifestation of a mental illness which lead to her being taken to an institution-"

"Where she was subjected to electroshock therapy." He interrupted, not able to control the slight outburst but when Luna gasped, he knew he got it right.


"At the crime scene, you had a look of concentration on your face but your eyes didn't move a single inch meaning you were attempting to keep your thoughts away from the murder but when it failed, you winced out of habit. Your temples are also a few shades darker than the rest of your skin, showing minor scarring that could only come from burns but if it were fire, there would be bubble scars to indicate blistering but there isn't. So, you've been burnt, on the temples with something that wasn't fire... Answer: Electroshock therapy, prescribed by a doctor who misunderstood obvious observation skills for the symptoms of Schizophrenia."

"Yes... A-A few w-weeks ago, I-I was r-released i-into the c-custody of J-Joan who is b-being paid by t-the st-state of New York f-for malpractice." she shared, glancing down to her food before pushing it away carefully, no longer feeling hungry. Instead, she reached for her flavored tea and took a few calming sips of that.

"Well, that about settles it, does it not? Luna, you're to move in with me and Joan." Holmes remarked casually, taking a large bite from a burger, allowing most of the cheesy filling to drop onto the plate. At this, the young girl's eyes widened and she began to splutter, unable to form words. Luckily, Joan didn't have that problem.

"Sherlock! You can't just randomly invite people to live with you! It isn't practical." Throwing an apologetic glance to the teenager, he pulled Joan from the booth and into the furthest corner of the cafe where they wouldn't be heard.

"Oh, when have I ever been practical? You're being paid to help her, help integrate her back into society but you don't know the first thing about helping to home the senses once more. She's been trapped for years, having nothing else to do but try and dampen their sensitivity to avoid another round of harmful treatment. With time and patience, she could be great."

"New York doesn't need another one of you wondering about the place!"

"No, that's exactly what it needs at the moment. Please, allow me to aid you. I mean, you are always saying that I should try and take an interest into your life without simply deducing it." He told her, causing her mouth to shut as she tried to think of an answer but after a minute, Sherlock knew that he had won the discussion so he strode back over to the booth and slapped down a couple of $20 notes. "Come along Luna. We're going to your home to pack."


"No buts. I believe your powers of observation are at par with mine... nearly. I wish to help in any way I can and it's obvious that you trust me to an extent so don't even bother trying waving it off. Now come along." With a shaky sigh, she drained the rest of her tea then got up, allowing him to take her by the elbow and lead her back into the busy street where Joan was waiting with a cab.

"Do you want this Luna?" She asked cautiously, making a promise to herself that she'd convince Sherlock if the young girl didn't want to move in but she was surprised when her charge nodded, letting out the breath she'd been holding.

"Good. Welcome to the family." Holmes announced, holding the door open for the ladies.

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